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Add A Little Bow Wow To Your Big Day…

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…By Including Your Dog, In Style!

Dress your four-legged pet up in style for your walk down the aisle!  Or, simply include them in pre-wedding picture fun like we did, for our wedding…

Minnie our dog dressed up for our wedding by its a jaime thing dotcom

(Photo credit: From our wedding, taken by Portrait In Time)

Above is a photo of my mom’s chihuahua Minnie, dressed to the nines, just like my bridesmaids!  Hey, she was one of the girls too!  My, did she prove it – can you believe she got right in there with all of us girls and posed for every photo with a smile?  It was the sweetest thing.

 dress up your dog for your wedding with a stylish leash

(Photo credit:  Simply Eventful) 

 Lassie never looked so good!  Consider dressing up your dog’s leash for your big day!  A simple and easy DIY idea, all you’ll need is some ribbon.  Cut the ribbon and tie little bows all the way up the leash.  After your vows are said and your big day is over, you can show of your stylish doggie dog around town.  Bow-wow-wow, yippee-yo-yippee-yay!

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DIY Wedding Week…

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…Get Inspired To Create!

It’s DIY Wedding Week over at Intimate Weddings and author Christina Friedrichsen has invited a handful of wedding bloggers to help inspire you.  Today, she featured a few of my personal favorite projects…to see, click HERE!


To find even more DIY wedding inspiration, click HERE.  Are you planning a DIY wedding?  What are your favorite projects?  Please do share, we’d love to hear.  Happy crafting!

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Rocked Up In Rhinestones? Check.

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Gorgeousness?  Check.

Way cool?  Check.  As your checking off your list of things to get done before your wedding, what if you just added one more?  If you’re a crafty nut who loves getting creative like I do, you might just enjoy this DIY decor idea that popped into my head last night.  Allow me entertain you with it for a second…but first, take a look at this photo that provoked the idea…


(Photo Credit:  Curtis Smith Photography)

Now, what if you lined your wedding ceremony aisle or runner with rocks?  Not just any rocks, but ones either rolled or dusted in glitter?  If not glitter, maybe they could be fancied up with sparkly rhinestones applied on each.


(Photo credits:  Jupiter Images via Family Life, Ehow Article)

I feel like it would almost give off a magical look, similar to the twinkling walkways at Disney World!  Just imagine the sun hitting the rhinestones or glitter and seeing a bunch of twinkling going on as you walk down that aisle to say your vows…can it get any more dreamy than that?  Happy planning!

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Cotton Candy Cocktails & Drink Garnishes Galore!

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More From My Sister’s Bridal Shower…

Looking for ideas to quench any bridal thirst?  For the bridal shower we recently hosted for my sister, we decided to have a little fun with the cocktails and beverages by dressing them up a bit! 

Take a look…


(Majority of photos thanks to Denise Johnson of Bellis Studios)

Previously, I showed you the fabulous customized Jones Soda bottles we served.  Well, as if they weren’t adorable enough, we also decorated straws with white paper confetti flowers for guests to drink with!  I cannot take all of the credit for that idea, however – as the crafty ladies over at Prim & Pixie originally inspired me to create with images of their butterfly straws.  It seemed like an easy enough DIY project, so you know I had to do it!

Beverages also included a pink grapefruit champagne punch and a bowl of mimosasFlutes were rimmed with pink sugar and filled with cotton candy, which dissolved as guests poured their punch ~ for a little added sweetness!  We also created pink and orange beaded wine charms for each flute glass, with a heart-shaped charm in the middle that said, “LOVE”.

Keep checking back, as I’ll be posting more pictures and details from the bridal shower!  If you’ve missed the previous posts, you can find them HERE and HERE.  Cheers!

DIY Toasting Flutes…

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…Made Stylishly Simple!

Last week, on the Savvy Scoop Blog, I featured the toasting flutes I created for my sister’s upcoming wedding!  They were so easy to make, I just had to share them with you here too!  Take a looksie…


What do you think?  I gave them to her as a gift at her bridal shower and she seemed really excited about them, as I created them in her wedding colors.  It was nice to give her a gift that was some what handmade, from the heart.  Not to mention affordable

To see how I created these along other ideas for your own DIY toasting flutes, head on over to my guest blog post on by clicking HERE.  Cheers!

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DIY Wedding: Paper Decor Ideas…

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…Bam!  Just Like That?

Stuck?  Me too.  I haven’t finalized my sister’s shower decor details yet.  I want to get crafty but I’m overwhelmed with ideas.  Funny how one day, you’ve got nothing and the next day, your inspiration just flies through the door and knocks you over like a big gust of wind!  Graceful, I am not.  It’s ok, I’m back from falling off my chair to share these ideas with you…


(Photo credits:  Top ~ Love Joy Vodka labels via Hip Hostess, Letterpress flower pins by Linda And Harriett.  Middle ~ Pinwheels via Once Wed, Paper Mobiles via Green Wedding Shoes.  Bottom ~ Flower pins via Once Wed, Vellum glass covers from Save On Crafts, Conversation starters from Pottery Barn.)

This is just some of the inspiration that flew through my door and into my lap!  Many of the items shown above are ones you can actually purchase if you wish to (I mean, maybe you’re just too busy to get crafty, right?  I hear ya!).  However, I bet if you looked closely enough you could find a way to create these beautiful decor pieces yourself.  All you need is some creativity, patience, time and paper.  Ok fine, maybe just a few other supplies too.

To see how to either purchase or create these items, click on the links below the pictures.  If you need help along the way, just shout!  I’m only a few keys away…we can try to figure it out together.  You know, get our “creative juices” flowing.  Good luck!

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Make Your Own Veil…

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…DIY Style, Baby!

Veils can cost quite the pretty penny. If you’re looking for affordable ways to cut back on the cost of your bridal accessories, create a custom glam veil, personalized just for you, by you!  

The blog 100 Layer Cake (one of my new favorite reads) is teaching brides everywhere just how to pull off this lovely little task!

Starting with a few supplies


You could create and personalize a beautiful piece like this…


When the big day comes and everyone “oohs” and “aahs” over your veil, you can go ahead and grin knowing you made it yourself.  Well now, aren’t you just the crafty lil’ DIY bride


Intrigued?  Want to learn how to make it?  To find instructions and more pictures to help you, click HERE.  Happy DIY-ing!

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DIY Flower Pop Up Cards…

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…One Very Crafty Way To Ask Your Girls To Stand Up!

Last week, on the Wedding blog, I guest blogged about these fun little DIY treasures.  Brides, if you’re looking for a creative way to ask, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”, why not make each of them a flower pop up cardhandmade with love by you?

  Hibiscus :


You could create cards using paper in your wedding colors in patterns of your wedding flowers!  Or, get personal and view other patterns that might remind you of each of your friends.  You’ll have plenty of options to choose from…

Tiger Lily :


If you’re feeling really crafty and have the extra time and patience, you could also totally use these as thank you cards.  What a sweet way to show your guests how special they are and that you truly do appreciate everything!  According to the site, they’re very easy to make

Visit Easy Cut Pop Up to view more from their wide selection, get your free pattern download or purchase any of their extremely affordable patterns!  Happy crafting!

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Caffiene = Wedding Inspiration & Link Love!

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…So Grab A Cup-A-Joe & Let’s Get Some Ideas Flowing!

For some reason, drinking coffee helps me focus and get creative.  It motivates me.  Perhaps I drink a bit too much of it and need to cut down.  For now, however, I continue to enjoy it…even more so that I recently broke out our espresso machineFrothing is fabulous.  Even saying the word “froth” is fun!  Go on.  Say it.  “Froth!”. 

Let’s take a look at what’s brewing around the wedding industry and froth up some ideas, shall we?


(Love this coffee print?  Get it at the Etsy shop by Pictorial Boom)

Here’s what’s up…

Bliss Weddings Market:  Shares with us ways to go paperless when it comes to favor and gift styling.  Using fabric, enjoy the Japanese art of Furoshiki wrapping!  Seriously way cool.  Thanks to this idea, I can finally put my old bridesmaid sashes to good use!

Isn’t She Lovely:  Shares with us her gorgeous wedding band she’s decided upon…in the shape of a horseshoe!  I don’t think a wedding band can get much more unique, do you?  I think this is a great idea for brides who want to show off  “feeling lucky” to be marrying the man they love. 

The Blissful Bride:  Makes us laugh with hilarious but harmless pranks for friends and family to play at your wedding…ooooh too much fun!

Perfect Bound:  Inspires us to coordinate our wedding food with our wedding colors.  I’m especially loving the jewel-toned wedding palette…yum!

Sonia Roselli Esthetique:  Sonia invites girls over for a bachelorette party, in her brand new Chicago shop!  A perfect way to have a little fun or get dolled up before that night on the town.  Let Sonia help you customize 2 of your own personal flavored & colored glosses, do your makeup via airbrushing techniques, apply temporary individual lashes and get glam, currently starting at under $100!  For a little extra fee, you can get your hair styled too.  Ooooh la la!

Snippet & Ink:  Popular for her inspiration boards, Kathryn is also the queen of sharing discounts and cool giveaways from around the web!  She also shared with her readers about my very first giveaway, a chance to win a signed copy of the book, “Intimate Weddings” by author Christina Friedrichsen!  If you haven’t entered yet, you have until March 4th.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Snippet & Ink yet, do so now!  Thanks, Kathryn!

ABCD Design:  Introduces the idea of  hosting a house-cooling party instead of a house-warming party since she’s moving out of her house soon.  I love it.  Be sure to check out her ideas to see her plans for this awesome party idea!

Truly Engaging:  Offers an extremely affordable but adorable idea for DIY wedding or shower favors. Simply print out tiny pictures of you and your soon-to-be husband or wife and cut them into circles to apply to the bottom of Hershey Kisses!  For the favor tags, write: “What’s Under A Kiss” – how sweet is that?  So creative.

Bubbly Bride:  Caroline realized that while everyone is a not cake person, most of us do love Rice Krispy Treats!  What’s the next best thing?  Rice Krispy Treat wedding cakes…feast your eyes over a few of the ones she’s featured…so yummy and well, “krispy”!  Save a piece for me, please.

Prima Donna Bride:  Features a Marie Antoinette Inspired Party, a fabulous idea for your bachelorette party or bridal shower!  Without a wig, I bet you could just tease that hair up and hairspray the heck out of it…maybe stick some pink bows in there.  Your man might think you look like Marge Simpson, but your girls will think you look ultra fab!

 Tickled Pink:  Offers brides loads of truly affordable wedding dress ideas…each one of them absolutely gorgeous!!!  Save your dough, yo.  After you’re married, you might want to use that extra money to decorate your house with, if you’re anything like my sister (or a million other brides, for that matter…).  I mean, you could actually just save your money too…

Happy planning!

Floral Design ~ How Did They Do That?

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Easy DIY Tricks From A Pro!

Julie Mulligan, from 1-800-FLOWERS, has been an expert floral designer for more than 25 years.  Her work has been featured on many TV shows and in several magazines!  Now she’s created a blog filled with floral design inspiration for your home or event.  There she shares with us not only inspiration, but often instructions on how to create her fabulous pieces, step-by-step!

Take a look at these lovely designs posted recently on her blog:


Love them?  Me too!  Especially the button pom idea, which can be used either as a centerpiece at your wedding or as a ring bearer pillow.  To see exactly how to make these lovely creations, click HERE and HERE.  Or, just visit her blog by clicking HERE.  Who knows, maybe you’ll discover you have a hidden talent for floral design too…enjoy!

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Innovative, Sexy & Sparkling Decor Ideas!

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…Bling That Thing, Baby!

Ooooh, look what I’ve found!  Seriously, I love it when I come across things like this.  This decor idea is different, unique and sexy.  And I bet you it would be really fun and affordable to make, too!  Take a looksie here with me, will you?  I’m so excited to share this with you, I feel like a kid at show and tell!

Gorgeous Garland For Your Gala…


All you’ll need to make this DIY project above is white ribbon (or maybe even ribbon in your wedding color!) and a bunch of fun charms.  To make it charming, of course!  Imagine the possibilities.  Head over to your favorite craft store or go online to Save On Crafts to grab your ribbon and charms to create this look.

I’m also loving how these raindrop ornaments are displayed on branches, which you know are very popular at weddings right now…

Raindrop Ornaments 

 Set of 24 (which are on sale right now for $7.99)


Also, these scattered crystals would rock (no pun intended) inside a vase, on a table, or anywhere at your wedding (well, except for the dance floor of course!)…

Scattered Crystals 

 Set of 72 (on sale right now for $11.00)


Don’t these just put a little twinkle in your eye?  Your ring is sparkly, so why not make your wedding sparkly as well?  Just like they said in the movie, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days – “Ladies, frost yourselves!”.  Now go get frosty.

(Photo credits: Bridesmaid Stuff and Smith & Hawken)

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Bounty Paper Towels Turned Into Wedding Decor…

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…Bounty, I’m So Proud Of You!

Do you remember listening to Bounty  paper towel commercial when you were little?  That Bounty song would get stuck in your head for days.  It’s still with me!  Whenever I spill something, I’ll say to myself in that very happy Bounty way, “That’s okaaaaay…”, as I grab a paper towel to clean it up.  Then of course I’ll start singing, “Bounty, quicker picker upper…Bounty!”.  I know I’m not alone on this.  Admit it!

Well, deario cheerios, now Bounty has found another way to get into our heads.  They’ve created, on their website, a section filled with craft ideas and inspiration!  Sure, most of it is geared towards kids…but let’s face it, every idea starts from somewhere!  So why not turn their ideas into something of your own creation, even if you have to tweak it a little? 

Take a look at some of my favorite ideas from their site which I think just might work a fun little party, a bridal shower or even a wedding.  Keep in mind you could make it a little more modern by adding your own personal style to the items…. 


To see more and get instructions on how to make these items, click HERE.  Happy paper towel crafting!

(I promise in no way is this an advertisement…we have Home Made Simple to thank for inspiring us on this one!  What other odd places do you find inspiration?)

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All Bottled Up…

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…Got A Lot Of Bottled Up Energy?  Put It To Stylishly Crafty Use!

My sister keeps telling me to recycle.  So while I may not have a bin yet (I’m working on it!), I do have an entire closet filled with bottles, corks and jars that I’ve been saving for over 5 years now!  If you didn’t know me well, you’d think I was a lush or something if you ever opened that closet.  No worries, my friends and family have been helping me collect these items too. 

I plan on making beautiful things out my collection someday!  For now, let me inspire you to do the same.  Create with me useful items and decor out of bottles, corks and jars.  Together, we can save the planet and create crafty, unique events all at the same time!

Bottled Up In A Jar!

Imagine the possibilities.  Need to make a special, sentimental gift for your bridesmaids?  Get out some empty bottles, cut out pictures and phrases from magazines that remind you of your friend, tape to bottle and cover entire bottle with Modge Podge!  Once dry, decorate with ribbons, crystals or any other little trinket

Need an affordable way to decorate your day?  Use old bottles, jars or empty candle holders and turn them into fresh new vases or votive holders


(Above Photo credits:  Left – Bottle I created, Middle Top – Living Small, Middle Bottom – The Knot, Right – The Hope Jar)

Cork It!

How cool would it be to make your own cake stand using wine corks?  Or menu and placecard holders, anything your little heart can imagine.  Get creative… 


(Photo credits:  Top L – Details Details, Bottom L – Craft Stylish, Middle – Je Mange La Ville, Right – Natalie Moser Photography)

Fantastic Plastic!

I bet it would be time consuming indeed, but if you’ve got it in you, could you create something with your old water bottles like designer Michelle Brand did below?   Seriously, would you have ever guessed those gorgeous, airy designs were made from plastic water bottles?  Amazing, isn’t it?  Imagine that as your backdrop for your wedding pictures


(Photo credits: Plastic bottle art by Designer Michelle Brand via Green Design Girl)

Have other ideas?  Please comment below and share, we’d love to hear.  Happy crafting, everyone!

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Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Favors…

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…How Can You Go Wrong With These?

Something sweet, something fun, something yummy for your tum!  Stuck on what to give as favors for your wedding or shower?  Why not keep it simple, affordable and delicious?  I love the idea of giving guests homemade chocolate chip cookies, especially when they’re personalized and packaged like these:

Discovered at Stuff:



 If you really want to go all out, personalize each bag with the guests’ names.  Or, perhaps make special sugar-free cookies for any diabetic guests…what a thoughtful way to show your appreciation and thanks!


I mean, come on – who doesn’t love cookies?  Compared to love and shoes of course, cookies are the next best thing!  The gal who originally made these claims she can’t cook – but she apparently can bake!  To see how she created these lovely bags, click HERE.  Happy baking!

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Crown Your Wedding Or Bridal Shower…

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…With Royal Touches!

Crown thine tables, my lord, with these fairytale accents from Wisteria!

Seed Pearl Crowns – Set of 3:

These are regal indeed!  However, if you’re on a tighter budget, perhaps think about turning this into a DIY project, using metal wire and beads from your local craft store.  Get your girls together and ask them if they’d like to have a royal night of pampering first, then crafting.  It’ll show them that while you may feel like a princess, you definitely don’t think of them as peasants!


Royal Radiance & Dainty Crown Votives – Set of 6:

Great for setting a mood, these majestic votive holders give a stunning effect!  Brides on a budget, recreate this look by cutting out crown patterns using clear vellum paper…just be sure to make the crown wide enough so when the candle flame flickers, it doesn’t burn down the table, or your event!



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