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Sew Happy Together…

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…Pure Happiness In Vintage French White!

Dreaming of a soft white wedding?

by etsy seller lapomme sew happy together board created by itsajaimethingdotcom

It doesn’t get any softer than this…products by French Etsy seller Lapomme!  Imagine using handmade cloth flowers instead of real ones, a swan to sign instead of a guestbook or cloth apples as decor describing what love is!

To read more about these lovelies, visit my recent guest blog post over at the Wishpot Wedding Blog by clicking HERE


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You Rock My World Coasters…

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…Great Gift Idea For Music Lovers!

Have you ever seen Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist?  These letterpress record coasters remind me of something straight out of that movie.


Imagine giving these as a gift to your fiance!  Or, perhaps you could use these to decorate the bar at your wedding.

The creative lil’ miss over at Maida Vale actually turned these coasters into a mini scrapbook!  To see how she did it, click HERE.  Now that would be something very cool to recieve, don’t you agree? 


I could also see these being given as favors to guests!

 To grab your own set of letterpress record coasters, visit Etsy seller sarahparrott825.  Also, be sure to check out the designer’s refreshing blog,  Things Are Better With A Parrot.  Rock on!

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Bachelor Pad Meets Newlywed Love Nest!

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…It’s Easier Than You’d Think!

 Marrying an amazing man but your plans are to move into his bachelor pad?  How on earth are you going to mesh your girly stuff with his guy decor?  Let’s face it, his ideas of home decor may not at the top of your design dream list. 

He loves you, so I’m sure he won’t mind you adding just a few touches, right?  It’s not like you have to stick flowers everywhere and paint the walls pink, for goodness sake.  I suppose you could…but why not compromise instead and combine your style with his?  One of the reasons you’re getting married is because you mesh well, right?  So I’m sure your walls can too…


(Photo credits: Top & Bottom Middle ~, Bottom Left & Right ~ Geezees)

With a little help from Etsy seller Geezees, you’ll have your newlywed love nest redesigned in no time!  Use your wedding vows, love letters or wedding pictures to create different sized custom canvas wall art.  Stylish, unique and affordable wall design…that will work well with no matter what strange things your man previously decorated with!

When you invite your friends and family over, you’ll be proud to show off the place you’ll now call home!  You’ll love it, he’ll love it, they’ll love it.  Maybe you can even create smaller ones as gifts for your friends, family or bridal party.  A little something special they’ll never forget.  Cheers!

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What ~ Your Groom Doesn’t Want To Wear A Tie? Fine…

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Give Your Man This “Thing” To Wear Instead!

It’s your wedding.  Your man.  Your decision.  Depending on the style of your wedding, you may or may not want him to wear a tie.  However, if you truly feel it’s a must and he’s feeling he’s too cool to wear a tie come the big day, I’ve found the perfect answer!  He can’t argue this awesome “accessory“.  In fact, he’ll probably love it!

“This Is Not A Tie” ~ by Etsy seller Toybreaker:


“French: Ceci n’est pas une cravate. English translation: This is not a tie.” – Toybreaker

This, uh, “accessory” as we’re calling it, comes in other colors as well, so you can coordinate them with your wedding!  If your groomsmen are also crying about having to wear a tie (boys will be boys), let them in on the fun too.  Have them each sport one of these handsome pieces!


You know they’ll love it and so will you…when you get your way!  There.  Now everyone’s happy, see?  Find these styles and more by visiting the Toybreaker shop now.  Cheers!

Written by Jaime

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Stop What You’re Doing & Send Him A Love Note…

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…It’s Important.  Plus, He’ll Love It!

Ah, yes…the anticipation of your wedding day!  The countdown.  Meeting with vendors.  Watching movie marathons and eating Ramen Noodles for two years so you can save and put aside money to pay for your wedding.  Emotional break downs.  Planning.  More planning.  Breaking down in the middle of it all and buying a new TV because you figure you’ve earned it, it’s cheaper than most vendors and it’s keeping your sanity


But there’s more!  Signing contracts.  Downloading and listening to hours upon hours of music trying to decide on songs.  Adding spaghetti sauce to your Ramen Noodles thinking it’ll make them taste better because you’re sick of eating them already, but they’re cheap so you eat them anyway.  Making flower choices.  Changing your flower choices.  Smiling and jumping up and down because finally, finally one of your favorite vendors decided to give you a break in the form of a discount.  Finding those perfect pair of shoes.

Up, down, up, down, up, down!  Yep, you’re engaged and you’ve got wedding planning fever.  Some days are exciting, other days are stressful.  In the middle of it all though, don’t forget to remind yourselves what’s really important…the fact that you’re marrying your true love

So take some time out of your busy wedding planning days to send a love note love note to your soon-to-be-husband.  Reminding him it’s all worth it…because he’s worth it.  Reminding him that while you probably shouldn’t have splurged on that TV, it was indeed, a good idea in the end.  Now you can use it to cuddle up and watch romantic movies together…or, if you must, a good ol’ action flick.

While you’re at it, you could also send your bridesmaids and family a love note!  Remind everyone you love.  Visit the Unique Art Pendants shop at Etsy to view more and get your love notes ordered.  They will even arrive in an adorable little gift box.  Enjoy!

Written by Jaime

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Follow Your Heart…

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…A Little Reminder For All Of Us!

It’s the week of love.  What a better way to celebrate than remebering to follow your heart, in not only love but in all aspects of your life!

“Follow Your Heart” 5×7 Print by Etsy seller Shartreuse


Visit her shop or stop by her blog at for more creative and inspiring pieces!

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Those Darling Black & White Dresses…

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…We Love Them Too!

Have you seen these popular wedding photos taken by Sugar Love Weddings photography?


The dresses were created by designer Leonie Grace, who recently launched her designs in Australia.  So many brides have fallen in love with these dresses and I can understand why – they are top notch elegance!   However, if you’re not located in Australia and are looking for similar designs, I’ve found a few others for you to swoon over…

Wedding Dresses by Romona Keveza & Bari Jay:


Bridesmaid Dresses by GaGaVida’s new handmade Etsy shop, Gingercream:


Finish the look for your bridesmaids with black patent peeptoe pumps and bouquets filled with green hydrangeas.  Soon you’ll be singing, “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah…she’s got the look”!  Happy dress shopping, ladies!

Written by Jaime

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