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If The Shoe Fits…

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…Get Fit With The Shoes!

You know I’m all about high heels and pretty little shoes.  However, if you’re looking to show off those legs of yours with a fabulous pair of heels on your wedding day (or any day!), consider getting these shoes which I guest blogged about this week on the Wedding Blog

The Fit Flop from Victoria’s Secret:

Get a workout while you walk around. Engineered to engage muscles, lessen joint impact and absorb shock, these flip-flops burn calories and tone legs with every step.” – V.S.

Victorias Secret Patent Walkstar III flip flops 59 95

Reebok Easy Tone Shoes:

With built in balance pods, the Reebok EasyTone will help you firm and sculpt your legs and rear while you go about your busy day.  These balance pods create a naturally unstable platform as you walk, causing your muscles to activate and adapt.” – Reebok

reebok easytone shoes

With all of the running around and shopping brides do with wedding planning, shoes like these are the perfect way to get fit in time for your wedding day, even if you feel you don’t have the time to excersize.  Hot legs, nice butt?  These are great for any fabulous multi-tasking woman!


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Bridal Coffee Talk Time!

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Sorry, I’m Out Of Splenda ~ But Here’s Some Sugar For You…


(Above:  Gorgeous bone china to serve your coffee in style – love it?  Register for it at Bloomingdales!)

Have you played with the new Set Your Table tool over at  It’s fun, addicting and super helpful for all of you darling brides looking to register soon!  Enjoy, dearios.

Get your custom handmade veil made by the oh-so-talented GaGaVida from her shop Blush Wedding!

Magnet Street Weddings is giving away 150 free save-the-dates to one very lucky couple!  Hurry up, the giveaway only goes through Sunday, April 19th.  Good luck!

Terrica, of Fabuluxe Events shares with us recyclable luggage for your honeymoon!  Way cool.

You must see this glamorous Phantom of the Opera theme created for an event by top floral designer Martha Andrews – it’s truly stunning!

Got some crazy groomsmen?  Chuckle with me while reading wedding pranks to play on the groom by The Man Registry.  It’s just too funny!  Hey, it’s all in good fun.  Good, hilarious, innocent fun – right?

Welcome a new bride as she shares her engagement in a beautiful way, on her blog…you must see it, it’s lovely!  While you’re there, be sure to congratulate her and check out the rest of her inspiring blog, Unruly Things.

The Blissful Bride shares a yummy little secret with us you’ll definitely want to try!  She also shares with us a more affordable and easy way to get the colored shoes  you need…in the form of DIY!  Now that is something I think any bridesmaid would appreciate!

Now that Easter is over, what are you going to do with those leftover marshmallow peeps?  Your guy might think it’s funny to make them fight with toothpicks, however I think this idea from Evite blog is much better!  I know, sugar on the brain…it helps to stimulate inspiration though, right? 

 Catching up with, learn how to stream your wedding live for guests unable to attend and find eco-friendly shoes for your something blue  green!  Also, be sure to enter their weekly Savvy Steals for chances to score some really cool stuff!

Coco + Kelley shares with us some of the latest bridal gown trends of the season…including some silver and grey ones!  I have to admit, I think I actually like the idea of a silver/grey wedding dress…what are your thoughts?  I suppose it’s all about your own personal style and taste…while some may love it, others may prefer the traditional white/ivory look.  To each their own, right?

Now, it’s time to jam!  Did I hear, “It’s Time For The Perculator”?!  Oh yes…always old school at heart.  Love!

Badgley Mischka Bridal Shoes…

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…Surprisingly Achievable!

If you scroll through my blog, it’s no surprise I’m a sucker for adorable wedding shoes!  While I try to feature fairly affordable shoes, once in a while a designer pair calls my name and I just have to share.  No matter the price.  Because for me, at the end of the day, shoes are like art

Well, today I nearly fell off my chair when I found designer shoes that are not only hot, but modestly priced too!  Shoes by none other than the fabulous Badgley Mischka…who would have thought?  Take a look…

Badgley Mischka ‘Costa’ ~ currently $200 at


Badgley Mischka ‘Chaz’ ~ currently $215 at


Badgley Mischka ‘Caroline’ ~ currently $225 at


Ok, so I know they’re still a little expensive – but a lot less expensive than some other designer pairs which can run you anywhere from $500 – $1000 and up.  I’m impressed!  It’s a little easier to save around $200, than it is $1000, that’s for sure!  What could you cut back on to save a little extra dough if you absolutely had to have a pair?  Cigarettes?  Fast food?  Restaurants?  Fancy mocha-chocha-lata-ya-ya’s?  Hmm? 

Hey – I know, times are tough for most everyone right now.  I’m not trying to make you splurge on a pair of expensive wedding shoes.  I’m just pointing out some options for you!  

Still don’t want to spend that much on a pair of shoes?  I don’t blame you…it never hurts to shop around!  Visit to find shoes that are similar to the ones you love, but a lot more budget friendly.  Or, visit the Wedding Guide at Piperlime to find selections fit for most any budget.   Happy shopping! 

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Grab Your Very Own Pair Of Personalized Heels!

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…Really, Can You Be Any Cooler?

One of my favorite blogging buddies, Kat of Rock ‘n Roll Bride, sported these hot personalized shoes on her wedding day!  However, I think every girl deserves a pair to wear, even if it’s just with a hot pair of jeans!  Let me introduce to you fabulous shoes by Shoe Missy!


Hot, hot, hot to trot, trot, trot! 


(Photo credits: David M McNeil, Rock ‘n Roll Bride & Shoe Missy)

To see more of Kat wearing these on her wedding day, click HERE.  I think these might possibly be some of the coolest shoes ever!  Think about it.  After the wedding, you could wear these babies anywhere – out to the bars, clubs, Las Vegas…or to bed!  Whoops, did I just say that?  Hey – I can’t help it, these shoes are killer!

To see more styles or to grab your own pair, visit Shoe Missy today…I think I might just have to head over there myself.  Cheers!

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Lace, Fishnets & Tulle…

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…Now That’s One Sexy Combination, Girl!

Would you dare style your wedding gown with a pair of sassy fishnets?  I say go for it!  This bride sure did.  She rocked the look, with a hot pair of peep-toe pumps


(Photo by Chelsea Elizabeth Photography in CA)

Hotsy totsy!  Pure awesomeness.

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Boo-Boo Kisses For Bridesmaids…

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…Heels Are Hot, Ouches Are Not!

More often than not, wearing a hot pair of heels for the first time can become very painful…especially when you’re in them all day and night!  I’ve recently come up with ideas on how to help prevent this pain, however it’s always nice to have a back up plan

Hugs & Kisses Bandages:


Include these with your bridesmaid or flower girl gifts for a little added comfort in case those annoying blisters do happen.  Ouch!  Find these and more at Creative Bride.  Kiss their boo-boos goodbye, Dr. Bride!

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Stiletto Survival…

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…Who Said Anything About Cold Feet?

Maybe you’re not afraid to walk down that aisle, but your feet might be!  Especially in those crazy gorgeous bridal shoes you’ve decided you want to wear on your wedding day.  Fear not darlings, Confessions of a Shopaholic styler Patricia Field offers this Stiletto Survival Kit to high heel lovers everywhere, to ensure happy feet!


This fabulous kit comes with all sorts of comfortable life savers for your lovely little feet!


You’ll get their signature shoe bag to carry your shoes and all your foot petals!  Inside are petals to help provide support,  keep you from slipping in and out of your heels, ones to keep your feet from sliding forward, to add comfort to those sexy strappy shoes and of course to protect your soles from wear and tear, keeping those fab shoes looking fabulous, while also helping to keep you dancing instead of falling! 

Seriously, these things are amazing!  A small price to pay for comfort.   To learn more about them or grab your own set, visit Patricia Field’s site by clicking here.  Make your feet happy.  And yourself happier!

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