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DIY Wedding Week…

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…Get Inspired To Create!

It’s DIY Wedding Week over at Intimate Weddings and author Christina Friedrichsen has invited a handful of wedding bloggers to help inspire you.  Today, she featured a few of my personal favorite projects…to see, click HERE!


To find even more DIY wedding inspiration, click HERE.  Are you planning a DIY wedding?  What are your favorite projects?  Please do share, we’d love to hear.  Happy crafting!


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A Look Back At Wedding Inspiration From 2008…

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…While We Look Forward To Wedding Style In 2009!

Happy New Year!!!

This week, I thought we could take a trip down memory lane together and look back at some of my favorite entries from my blog.  While many of us are happy 2009 is here, 2008 was a great year indeed – when it came to wedding talk!  So please, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and join me as I dig up some fun for you.  I hope you enjoy!


1.) What To Do When The Planning Is Over:  Some brides who enjoyed planning their weddings from start to finish, begin to go through wedding planning withdrawal issues once the wedding is over.  So what’s a newlywed to do?  Enjoy this video posted by a bride who took actual dialog from a wedding message board and turned it into her own hilarious skit, reenacting real conversation between newlyweds!  Ready to laugh?  Click HERE.

2.) Letterpress Gift Tags: In February, fabulous letterpress gift tags became popular and were featured in the Bride & Bloom Magazine, including gorgeous ones from letterpress expert & designer Denise Johnson of Bellis Studios.  To see these beauties and read all about it, click HERE.

3.) Decorate Your Entrance With This Whimsical DIY Project:  Mimi from Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions completed a fantastic DIY project which was a true labor of love.  She wrote in different languages, “Joy”, “Love” and “Welcome” on circles then hung them with ribbon, inside a doorway leading guests to the wedding.  To see this simply lovely project and get inspired to create your own, click HERE.

4.) The Most Creative Guestbook Ideas:  Instead of the traditional guest book, this couple chose to create something that would also work as a piece of art in their home  and be cherished forever after.  They punched holes into pieces of colored plexiglass and hung them on a metal frame.  At the wedding, guests enjoyed decorating and signing the plexiglass with metallic ink pens.  The couple then illuminated the hanging art with light for a spectacular treat!  To see, click HERE.  I also came up with another creative guestbook idea – on a shower curtain!  To see this idea brides loved, click HERE.

5.) Darling Black & White Damask:  In March, I finally jumped on the inspiration board train and created my very first board, grabbing inspiration to share for a black and white damask style wedding.  Damask is still popular, so if you’re looking to get inspired for your own wedding, click HERE.  Also, find more black & white damask inspiration on my blog by clicking HERE.  I got a little excited over this trend! 

6.) Wedding Invitation Assembly Guest Blog From Denise Of Bellis Studios:  So your invitations came back from the printer, now what?  Is there a special order they should go in when assembling them?  Turns out, there is.  Some printers will include a mock-up for you.  But in case yours didn’t, here’s an instruction sheet.  You can download it in pdf format by clicking HERE.

7.) A Wine-Themed Wedding Shower:  In April, I featured how to get free and stylish wine labels and also how to create wine charms to use as favors.  Find out how to get your labels by clicking HERE.  Learn to make those charms and how to throw a vino inspired shower by clicking HERE.  Cheers!

8.) Suit Up Sexy For Your Honeymoon: In May, we highlighted some very sexy retro swimwear inspired by Marilyn Monroe.  To get with the trend, click HERE.

9.) Meeting and Angel Sanchez:  I still don’t know how I got so lucky, but last year I was honored and totally thrilled to be invited to the Wedding Bloggers Luncheon at the Conde Nast building in NYC!  There I met Editor-In-Chief of, Michelle Preli, celebrity wedding gown designer Angel Sanchez and a small group of very creative wedding bloggers!  To read more about my amazing experience, click HERE, HERE and HERE!  Man, was it great time!!!

10.) Vera Wang Luxe Bride Barbie Doll Introduced:  Barbie is simply stunning in a dress inspired by one of the gowns in the Vera Wang Luxe Collection.  You knew I was a Barbie girl, didn’t you?  To see her in her gorgeous gown and find out where to find her, click HERE.

11.) A Sunflower Sun Shower & Wedding:  Over the summer, I helped plan my cousin’s bridal shower and wedding.  Her shower was a hit, both with family and the blog!  To see pictures of this very sunny event and get inspired for your own, click HERE.  To see how beautiful the wedding turned out, click HERE

12.) Bridal Boudoir Portraits Became Popular:  Last year, this became one very sexy trend for brides…and a great gift idea for their grooms!  To learn about it and see some fabulous shots, click HERE.

13.) Marvelous Braided Updo In Less Than 10 Minutes:  Weddings are expensive, but your hair doesn’t have to be!  See how to create this simple but stylish ‘do for your own wedding hair by clicking HERE.

14.) Vintage Weddings Hit The Roof:  Oh yes…you know you loved it!  Ok, well most of you did and I can understand why!  Take a look at some of my favorite vintage posts on my blog by clicking HERE, HERE, oh and well, HERE too!

15.) Breakfast At Tiffany’s Theme:  Whether for a bachelorette party, bridal shower or wedding, these Breakfast At Tiffany’s style invitations can’t be beat!  To see them, click HERE.

16.) High Style For Expecting Brides:  Maybe you’re expecting a baby AND a fabulous wedding!  If so, you’ll love these maternity wedding dresses I featured back in September…to see, click HERE.

17.) Bridal Jewelry For Your Contact Lenses:  I think it’s safe to say that while this might have tried to become a new trend, it failed miserably.  It’s the strangest thing ever, you’ve got to see it to believe it.  To do so, click HERE.

18.) It’s A Jaime Thing Interviewed On The Wedding Planning Audiocast Show:  This past fall, I was so excited when Ralph Mucci interviewed me but I cannot tell a lie – I was a tinsy bit nervous before the show.  However, Ralph was very easy to talk to and he’s a such a nice fella, so it actually ended up being a joy.  To take a listen to my show segment and read more about what you can find over at The Wedding Planning Audiocast, click HERE!

19.) Wedding Dresses, Designers and Styles:  Find unique dresses “outside the box” by clicking HERE and get to know the designers behind some of the most popular lines by clicking HERE!

20.) Wedding Shoe Art Gallery:  Wait!  I saved the best for last…don’t walk out that door until you look at these drop-dead-gorgeous wedding shoe photography shots…you will drool.  Get ready to “oooh” and “aaah” by clicking HERE.  Enjoy!

itsajaimethingsquarelogoI’ve got some exciting surprises up my sleeve for 2009, so stay tuned!  As for now, thanks for reading and of course, have a very happy, safe and creative New Year.  Cheers!

Sincerely, Jaime



It’s In The Details…The Gorgeous Details!

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Easy, Creative and Awesome Wedding Ideas!

Details Details Wedding and Event Planning creates truly beautiful soirees with their talented team in California.  Visit their site for loads of inspiration for your upcoming wedding or event!  Below are just a few pictures of details from different events they planned which I couldn’t resist sharing.  I hope you find them inspiring.  Enjoy!

Save The Dates & Invitation Idea:

Guests “received the fur handle Save the Date fan”  and “the black lace gold rhinestone buckle silk panel invite.  All to entice guests to reply ‘yes’ on the rsvp!” 

If you don’t know the couple but wished you could have attended their wedding after seeing these, no worries – their photographer created an AWESOME slideshow set to music that you can enjoy by clicking HERE.  You’re going to LOVE it!

(Photo & slideshow by: Bob Ortiz Photography)

Placecard Display Idea:

I had this idea about how the whimsical flowers would be blossoming on branches.   They created die- cut pieces, same shapes as flowers on invite, and had hand calligraphy for each flower identifying guest name and table assignment.”

(Above photo by: Ira Lippke Studios)

Guestbook Idea:

Shelly and Kevin had a very unique and thematic guest book, which comprised of smooth rocks. Guests wrote wedding wishes on rocks for the couple to keep and be displayed forever.”

(Above photo by: Ira Lippke Studios)

Still looking for more inspiration?  Be sure to check out their GALLERY filled with boards created from real weddings this company has produced, such as this gorgeous wedding:

Visit Details Details Wedding and Event Planning online to see more by clicking HERE.  Happy planning!

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Halloween Wedding? It’s Got To Be A Trick…

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…Nope, It’s A Treat!

(Photo credit: Mankato Free Press)

It’s that time of year again, where many of us start wondering what we’re going to be for Halloween. If you’re a Halloween lover who’s engaged, perhaps you’re even toying with the idea of having a Halloween wedding. If that’s the case, here’s a little inspiration I’ve gathered for you to show you just how fabulous a Halloween wedding can actually be! You’ve heard it – “couples that play together stay together”, so why not? If you and your fiance really want a Halloween wedding, I say go for it. Then let the planning begin!

Looking for ideas on what to dress up as? Check out these fun couples:

(Photo credits: A Masked Ball, Christina Aguilera as Corpse Bride with her husband Jordan Bratman, Couple wearing goofy glasses from Rock ‘n Roll Bride, White Hot Wedding from Inside Weddings, Bride with Black Veil from Rock ‘n Roll Bride and a Flapper wedding)

If you wish to have a Halloween wedding but decide against costumes, what about going with a black and orange theme? You could wear an orange wedding gown with a black or white veil, put your bridesmaids in black dresses with orange sashes, your groomsmen in black tuxes with orange ties, and ask your guests to wear black. Now that could be festive!

Decorate using pumpkins as placecard holders, set up a “Trick or Treat” bar with lots of Halloween candy, decorate your pumpkins with sequins, and throw your brooms upside down with lights wrapped around them for a witching effect!

(Photo credits: placecards and bar from The Knot, dress from, black & silver pumpkin from Better Homes & Gardens, brooms and orange sequins pumpkins from

Still undecided? I’ve saving my personal favorite idea for last – A Goth Wedding!

Some of you might remember this wedding from when I featured it on my blog, earlier this year. To see my original post about this wedding, click HERE. See the rest of the pictures by clicking HERE.

I absolutely LOVE her dress, the whole look – everything about this wedding is glamorous goth without being gaudy. Classy and perfect if you’re looking to dress up for your Halloween wedding but still look fabulous and in style. Did you know that the bride actually designed her own dress? She designed it herself then had it made at Now there’s an idea for you!

Have you ever been to a Halloween wedding?  Maybe you’re planning a Halloween wedding, let us know, we’d love to hear about it.  Don’t forget the Monster Mash!

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Pretty, Pretty Pumpkin Party…

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…Pumpkins Can Be Stylish Too, You Know!

Fall is near and Halloween is just around the corner.  Switch it up a little this year by adding a little style to your pumpkin decor!

Create your fresh, bright and festive soiree or fall wedding, mix it with a little bit of lovely and some really fabulous Autumn Sunset Martinis featured by Candice over at Jubilee Events in CT!

For more Fall Wedding or Halloween decor ideas, check out THIS article from Better Homes & Gardens, which I originally found at the pretty Head Of The Table blog.  Now who’s excited for sweater weather?!  Cheers!

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A Black, White & Red Wedding Shower…

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…With Touches Of Damask!

Lately I’ve been posting many black, white and red ideas due to the shower I’m planning on hosting next month.  This week, on the Wishpot Wedding Blog, I guest blogged about some of the ideas I have for the shower, and also shared this inspiration board I created:

To read my guest blog entry and to see more of the ideas I have floating in my head, click HERE

Also, if you have any other fun ideas I could incorporate into the shower, I’d love to hear – so please do share.  Cheers! 

(Photo Credits: Top – Huckleberry Karen Designs -CA , Social Couture, Elsewares, Target, Estilo Weddings.  Middle – Lemiga Events Blog, Invitations created by me,  Portillo’s, Stacy Reeves Photography.  Bottom –  Flowers On MarsBurdick Chocolate, Bakerella.)

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Vivacious Orchid Centerpieces…

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…Bold.  Artful.  Elegant.  Ovando!

Tiffany over at I Am Stylish has recently posted on her blog about how she wants simple, modern decor since she doesn’t want it to take away from the beautiful scenery of her wedding location.  And my, oh, my – she’s right – her location is sooo beautiful!

She mentioned she is keeping an eye out for orchid centerpiece ideas, so I thought I’d post a few of the fabulous ones I found from Ovando in New York:

No matter her choice of centerpieces, I’m sure her day will be truly gorgeous, just by the way she describes her vision.  Tiffany, I hope you post pictures for all of us to see once you’re back from your honeymoon!  Happy planning!

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