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Caught In The Act…

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…Photos To Inspire Your Photos!

If you asked your photographer to catch you in the act, they might think you’re crazy…until you showed them these inspiring photos!

vancleef arpels

Whether it’s for your wedding…

vancleef arpels 3


vancleef arpels 2

(Photo credits:  Van Cleef & Arpels Fine Jewelry)

Or anniversary…

How fun would it be to recreate these adorable poses of being caught in the act?  While you’re at it, why not get caught in the act of picking out bridal jewelry as well?  Go on and have a little fun capturing your sweet and sexy moments together!   


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Add A Little Bow Wow To Your Big Day…

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…By Including Your Dog, In Style!

Dress your four-legged pet up in style for your walk down the aisle!  Or, simply include them in pre-wedding picture fun like we did, for our wedding…

Minnie our dog dressed up for our wedding by its a jaime thing dotcom

(Photo credit: From our wedding, taken by Portrait In Time)

Above is a photo of my mom’s chihuahua Minnie, dressed to the nines, just like my bridesmaids!  Hey, she was one of the girls too!  My, did she prove it – can you believe she got right in there with all of us girls and posed for every photo with a smile?  It was the sweetest thing.

 dress up your dog for your wedding with a stylish leash

(Photo credit:  Simply Eventful) 

 Lassie never looked so good!  Consider dressing up your dog’s leash for your big day!  A simple and easy DIY idea, all you’ll need is some ribbon.  Cut the ribbon and tie little bows all the way up the leash.  After your vows are said and your big day is over, you can show of your stylish doggie dog around town.  Bow-wow-wow, yippee-yo-yippee-yay!

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Ever Since You Were A Little Girl…

…And now, here you are.


(Photo by Custo Photo of South Africa via Prima Donna Bride)

Quite a feeling, isn’t it?  Cheers!

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Win A Way To See Your Wedding Through Others’ Eyes…

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…Over At’s Savvy Scoop Blog Giveaway This Week!

Have you visited the Savvy Scoop Blog lately?  I know I’ve talked about their weekly giveaways before, but this week’s prize is too cool not to share.  It’s photo sharing, in a whole new way, by Kedai Photo!

kedai savvy scoop giveaway

With the Kedai Photo Kiosk, your guests will share their digital photos easily during your wedding reception.  Once each person uploads their favorite photos to the Kedai console, their photos are displayed on a monitor for all to enjoy.  Afterward, you’ll receive all pictures in a secure web gallery, organized by guest name.”

This is definitely one fantastic, cool prize – to see how to win and read more about it, click HERE.  Hurry on over, the giveaway ends May 15th…good luck!

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Some People Come Into Our Lives…

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…Leave Footprints On Our Hearts, And We Are Never, Ever The Same!

Through the years, our lives change and we may get busy.  It becomes more difficult to get together and do the things we used to love so much.  Though as days, weeks, months or even years pass by…when we do get together, it’s as if no time has passed. 

True friends last a lifetime, just as a marriage is meant to, just as great memories do.  Which is, my deario cheerios…


Congratulations Emily & Mike!  Thank you so much for the amazing memories – we love you!  xo – Jaim

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Rocked Up In Rhinestones? Check.

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Gorgeousness?  Check.

Way cool?  Check.  As your checking off your list of things to get done before your wedding, what if you just added one more?  If you’re a crafty nut who loves getting creative like I do, you might just enjoy this DIY decor idea that popped into my head last night.  Allow me entertain you with it for a second…but first, take a look at this photo that provoked the idea…


(Photo Credit:  Curtis Smith Photography)

Now, what if you lined your wedding ceremony aisle or runner with rocks?  Not just any rocks, but ones either rolled or dusted in glitter?  If not glitter, maybe they could be fancied up with sparkly rhinestones applied on each.


(Photo credits:  Jupiter Images via Family Life, Ehow Article)

I feel like it would almost give off a magical look, similar to the twinkling walkways at Disney World!  Just imagine the sun hitting the rhinestones or glitter and seeing a bunch of twinkling going on as you walk down that aisle to say your vows…can it get any more dreamy than that?  Happy planning!

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Dream A Little Wedding Dream!

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In Color…



(Photo credits ~ Top: Curtis Smith Photography, Bottom: Via Simply Seductive– Natalia Vodianova, We Heart It.)

Planning a summer wedding?  What refreshing colors will you be dreaming of?

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