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If The Shoe Fits…

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…Get Fit With The Shoes!

You know I’m all about high heels and pretty little shoes.  However, if you’re looking to show off those legs of yours with a fabulous pair of heels on your wedding day (or any day!), consider getting these shoes which I guest blogged about this week on the Wedding Blog

The Fit Flop from Victoria’s Secret:

Get a workout while you walk around. Engineered to engage muscles, lessen joint impact and absorb shock, these flip-flops burn calories and tone legs with every step.” – V.S.

Victorias Secret Patent Walkstar III flip flops 59 95

Reebok Easy Tone Shoes:

With built in balance pods, the Reebok EasyTone will help you firm and sculpt your legs and rear while you go about your busy day.  These balance pods create a naturally unstable platform as you walk, causing your muscles to activate and adapt.” – Reebok

reebok easytone shoes

With all of the running around and shopping brides do with wedding planning, shoes like these are the perfect way to get fit in time for your wedding day, even if you feel you don’t have the time to excersize.  Hot legs, nice butt?  These are great for any fabulous multi-tasking woman!


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Vintage Glam Weddings Debuts Flea Market For Brides!

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 Sell, Recycle, Buy, Save…

This week, Vintage Glam Weddings became even more glam with a makeover and a new special section for brides – introducing the Flea Market!  A place where brides and newlyweds can either buy or sell glam wedding items, including everything from dresses, accessories, items for your ceremony, reception, bridal party and of course glam vintage items.  Take a look:

 What’s the deal?  How’s it work?

It’s simple.  Create more room for your love nest by selling your wedding items to glam brides who need them. If you’re interested in posting an item to sell, enjoy a stress-free way of doing so!  There is no fee or subscription required.  It’s that glam. 

For those of you getting married who are looking to save money for your wedding and stay glam doing so, all you need to do is head over to the Flea Market and search by state, item or featured items.  Simply thrift your heart away, darlings!  Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for during your first visit, check back daily as other items will constantly be added as the community grows.

Save your money.  Save your sanity.  Save the planet.  Get glam.  Visit the Flea Market now.  Happy thrifting!

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Wishpot Registry Love…

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…What Are You Wishing For?

When my sisters and I were little and we’d go shopping with my mom, the rule was, “If you ask for it, you don’t get it”.  We could “oooh” and “aaah” over things to drop hints that we really wanted something, but we could never ask for it.  Made perfect sense, it kept us from becoming spoiled and throwing temper tantrums throughout every aisle of the store! 

As we entered our teenage years, the rule pretty much remained the same.  To prevent us from whining about what all our friends had that we didn’t, she’d simply say, “Yeah, well how’s it feel to want?”.  It shut us up quickly.  I mean, what could we say to that?  Nothing!  Nope, not unless we wanted to be stuck at home grounded on a Friday night.

While we didn’t particularly like my mom’s answers very much when we were younger, we look back now, laugh and finally “get it”.  She was strict, yes, but she kept us grounded by making us understand we couldn’t always have what we wanted, whenever we wanted it.  However, it didn’t mean we couldn’t wish for it!  This brings me to the reason why I love Wishpot so much.


(Photo credits ~ L: Dandelion – set of 3 photocards, Veer)  

Over the years, I’ve learned to appreciate the joy of window shopping.  Well, Wishpot is the perfect way to window shop!  Wish for things.  Wish for lots of things.  Whatever you want, darlings!  Wishpot makes it fun.  Maybe you won’t get your wishes right away or ever…but you can still keep track of all those things you’d love to someday have. 

You can add most any of your favorite items from any of your favorite online stores to any of your Wishpot lists!  Use Wishpot to register for your wedding!  Make birthday and holiday lists, lists of things you’d like to someday buy for people, lists of things you recommend to friends and family, the list goes on…literally!  It’s basically like the “grown up” way of dropping hints through the store.  No temper tantrums, kiddos…just plain shopping fun! 


Share your personal wish lists with friends and family.  This way, they never have to struggle with what to get you should they want to buy you something for your wedding, shower, birthday, holiday…or just because!  Encourage them to make their own lists as well…that way you’ll always know what to get them, too!  No more returns.  No more hassles.  No more wasting gas money driving from store to store.  It makes everything so much easier…and so much more fun! 

Wishpot also allows you to sign up for price drop alerts…which is seriously awesome.  Why spend extra money when you don’t have to?  If you’ve got your eye on a gorgeous pair of shoes but they’re a little out of your price range, just add them to your list and wait for Wishpot to tell you when it goes on sale.  Bam!  Fabulousness.  Or, perhaps you were blessed to receive amazing gifts for your wedding off of your Wishpot registry but there are still a few things you’d love to have.  Just wait for Wishpot to let you know when your wedding registry items go on sale.  You won’t have to worry about Wishpot deleting your registry like other stores do.

Need ideas or trying to find something?  You can browse other users’ or experts’ lists.  Stuck on trying to come up with the perfect outfit or gift?  You can always contact the Wishpot experts and ask them for help.  It’s almost like having your own personal shopper, in a way!  Get more tips, advice, ideas and inspiration by browsing the Wishpot blogs on  FashionWeddingBabyGifts, Indie, Gadgets and Deals, which are updated weekly.

Wedding Registry Ideas

Get started on your Wishpot Registry by clicking on button above.  Careful, it’s addicting!

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Barbie Bachelorette Party Style!

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 Fashion Icon Inspiration & A New Fashion Blog!

Many of you know I write weekly for the Wishpot Wedding Blog.  I love it!  Now they’ve invited me to also become a Fashion Expert and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  This week, on the NEW  Wishpot Fashion Finds Blog, I decided to share some exiciting news.  Barbie is coming to Fashion Week!  To read more about it, check out my fashion guest blog entry by clicking  HERE


In honor of Barbie’s upcoming runway debut and her 50th Anniversary this year, I thought we’d take a second look at Barbie and get inspired, say for a bachelorette party perhaps?  Can you rock it like Barbie?  I believe the answer to that is a definite yes…


(Photo credits: Shoes & lingerie from Bebe,  hairband from Barneys NY, picture of model Coco Rocha from NY Mag,  jewelry from Etsy seller VoleurDeBijoux, makeup by Mac Cosmetics, Hard Rock Barbie from

Looking for more fashion and style inspiration?  Head on over to the new Fashion Finds Blog over at Wishpot!  While you’re there, check out my own personal fashion and style finds and even start your own lists!  This is the perfect opportunity for you to grab some style tips and build a new closet

Encourage your friends and family to do the same, so you can all share your lists for birthdays and holidays.  Joining Wishpot means that the days of getting something “so-not-your-style” are gone.  It’s time to get what you really want.  With 2009 right around the corner, it’s time for a new year and to have some fun…happy shopping!

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Santa Baby, I Wanna Party!

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Fashionable & Festive Invitations To Get The Party Started…It’s Not Too Late!

The holidays just got a whole lot sassier!  Browse through the stylish holiday collection from Bonnie Marcus before planning your fabulous winter affair

Santa Girl With Sparkles:

Reach For The Stars:

 Holiday Girl:

Party Girl:

Cool thing about these invitations aside from their stylish look?  When you purchase them, a portion of the proceeds from your sale are donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and other organizations promoting breast cancer awareness.  The  Bonnie Marcus collections are also printed on recycled paper and include not only invitations for the holiday, but weddings and other events too! 

Bonnie Marcus doesn’t stop with paper…you can also find great gift ideas for that grab bag or even your bridesmaids, such as flip flops, tote bags, note pads and more.  Talk about a one-stop-shop this season…can it get any easier?  To find these items and more, visit Bonnie’s Style Press.  Have a happy, haute holiday!

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Arm Candy Cake…For Your Bridesmaid Mommies!

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…Who Knew Wearing Cake Could Be Stylish?!

These “Cake” clutches from the Petunia Pickle Bottom collection at Neiman Marcus are so yummy looking, I simply adore them!  Anyone can rock this clutch, however did you know it was actually designed with mommies in mind?  Each wristlit comes with a hidden changing pad and inside pockets for bottle and cell phone

The “Cake” clutches come in Mocha Berry Cream, Chocolate Cherry Cake and Midnight Blackberry:

The collection also carries larger stylish “Cake” bags with a removable clutch top handle, adjustable backpack or shoulder straps, two side patch pockets and a removable changing pad

It comes in all of the “Cake” colors shown above, including one extra Raspberry!

I’ll be honest, these darling pieces of “Cake” would probably be a little out of my comfort price range, however if you’ve managed to save up some extra dough and feel like treating your mommy bridesmaids to some yummies, this would be an excellent way to do so.  Plus, it’s a gift they could always use, even after their darling kiddies grow up.

Want to see the entire collection of “Cake”?  Click HERE or head over to Neiman Marcus.  Cheers!

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Getting Creative With Picture Frame Decals…

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…Ways To Decorate & Turn Your Venue Into Your Own Gallery!

It started over coffeeeee, we started off as friends”, however you began your life together, it was built on memories had, so why not pull those memories into your reception decor?  Let your guests clearly see how you fell in love with each other.  Turn your reception venue walls into your own little gallery with these affordable Re-Stickable Decal Photo Frames from the Photojojo store!

 Now come on…how cool are these, seriously!

 “Each pack contains eight stylish frames cut from pliable, premium vinyl. (The same material used to make high-quality wall decals.) The low-tack adhesive sticks to your walls or windows but is a cinch to take off and re-apply. And it won’t damage walls or paint.” – Photojojo

Aren’t they fun?  What I love most about these is how they are not only stylish, but they won’t peel off paint or ruin your walls.  Imagine the possibilities with these…you could put them on walls, tables, doors, where ever your little loving heart desires. 

Use them to put photos inside of you and your honey, moments shared with family and friends, or wedding pictures of other family members.  Or, display super sweet love letters, concert tickets, menus, programs, the options are endless!  When the wedding is over, peel them off the wall and use them at home to decorate.  No need to buy a bunch of expensive picture frames that take up too much space.

Love them as much as I do?  Get them by clicking HERE.  Go on.  Walk down memory lane!

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