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Tick-Tock Tea Time…

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…Don’t Be Late For That Very Important Date!

Here’s a unique idea for your newlyweded home together…

china teacup wall art via sweetpauldottypepaddotcom

(Photo credit: by Wendell Webber styled by Sweet Paul)

Scout out vintage tea cups and saucers from your local antique store or from your other family members and use them to create a fabulous piece of wall art!  Whether you turn it into a real clock or keep it as simple decor, you’re sure to get compliments rolling in!

Creativity.  Don’t you love it?  See more inspiring design ideas by visiting Sweet Paul, one of my new favorite design and food blogs!


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A New DIY Idea Unveiled…

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…The Stylish Unveil!

For me, wearing a veil on my wedding day completed the look I used to dream of as a little girl.  However, veils aren’t for everyone!  So if you’re not the veil-wearing type of bride, consider this stylish look instead…

unique veil ideas picture via Macys ad

(Photo credit: Macy’s ad via Chicago Social Brides) 

…With a little DIY inspired creativity, all you would need to achieve this stylish couture look is a piece of tulle to tie around your neck and a lovely brooch to add that little bit of sparkle.  Can it get any easier or any more affordable than this?  I love it!

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Will You Take The 2009 Wedding Pledge?

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…Let’s Give Recognition To Our Favorite Peeps In The Wedding Industry!

There are so many professionals in the wedding industry who I adore and look up to.  Whether it’s because of their creativity, hard work, inspiration, dedication or just plain kindness, they deserve to be recognized!  I bet you know of several or at least one.  Who in the wedding industry pops to mind that you’d like to honor?

I’ve taken a pledge.  I will publish a blog post on Tuesday, April 21st, about a person (or few) I admire in the wedding industry, but only if twenty other bloggers will do the sameTake The Pledge!


Want to go the extra mile after taking the pledge, to make it a bit more personal?  

Send each of your favorite people a lovely Poppy Letterpress Card by Bellis Studios to let them know they’ve “popped to mind” and that you’ve given them recognition on your blog.  Wouldn’t that be such a nice thing to receive in the mail?  I know it would bring a smile to my day…

Thanks to Bride Tide for starting this pledge, great idea!  For more details, click HERE.  Now go on.  Take The Pledge! 

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DIY Wedding: Paper Decor Ideas…

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…Bam!  Just Like That?

Stuck?  Me too.  I haven’t finalized my sister’s shower decor details yet.  I want to get crafty but I’m overwhelmed with ideas.  Funny how one day, you’ve got nothing and the next day, your inspiration just flies through the door and knocks you over like a big gust of wind!  Graceful, I am not.  It’s ok, I’m back from falling off my chair to share these ideas with you…


(Photo credits:  Top ~ Love Joy Vodka labels via Hip Hostess, Letterpress flower pins by Linda And Harriett.  Middle ~ Pinwheels via Once Wed, Paper Mobiles via Green Wedding Shoes.  Bottom ~ Flower pins via Once Wed, Vellum glass covers from Save On Crafts, Conversation starters from Pottery Barn.)

This is just some of the inspiration that flew through my door and into my lap!  Many of the items shown above are ones you can actually purchase if you wish to (I mean, maybe you’re just too busy to get crafty, right?  I hear ya!).  However, I bet if you looked closely enough you could find a way to create these beautiful decor pieces yourself.  All you need is some creativity, patience, time and paper.  Ok fine, maybe just a few other supplies too.

To see how to either purchase or create these items, click on the links below the pictures.  If you need help along the way, just shout!  I’m only a few keys away…we can try to figure it out together.  You know, get our “creative juices” flowing.  Good luck!

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Cheers, To A Creative 2009…

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…Allow This New Year Inspire You!

Happy New Year everyone!  May this year find things that inspire you, bring out the creativity inside of you, make you happy, and bring color to your life.  Cheers!


 (Photo credits: 2009 via Color Blog, Top R – Pencils from Etsy seller earmark, Second R – Leading 2009 color trend Pantone Mimosa, Third R – Decor idea from Veer, Bottom R – Milk Shed Print from Etsy seller shartreuse.)

Thanks to all of you who inspire me, each and every day!

Written by Jaime

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