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Pretty Drink Decor Ideas!

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Give Your Guests That Butterfly Feeling…

The creative gals over at Prim & Pixie have shared with us some ideas to pretty up those cocktails for your big event


(Images via Prim & Pixie)

Dress up your party pitchers by hanging labels with lovely ribbon.  Hosting a bridal shower or planning a wedding?  Give guests that butterfly feeling in honor of the ones you received when you first met your fiance…remember that feeling?  I know, it’s pretty awesome.

This would be an easy DIY project!  First, head over to your local craft store and pick up some cardstock or stationery in the patterns and colors you wish.  Find a stencil you love so you can draw out the butterflies or objects of your choice, onto the paper.  Once you have your first page drawn up, stick the cardstock into your printer and make copies of the objects drawn out. 

Once you’ve finished making your copies, cut them out, fold them in half and cut 2 small slices in the middle.  Open them up, slide them over your straws and wa-la!  Perhaps you could ask your friends or family to help you with this project too.  Then serve a “test round” of cocktails to your helpers and let them be the first to enjoy that butterfly feeling

To see more photos from this Pixie Party, click HERE.  Cheers!


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DIY Wedding: Paper Decor Ideas…

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…Bam!  Just Like That?

Stuck?  Me too.  I haven’t finalized my sister’s shower decor details yet.  I want to get crafty but I’m overwhelmed with ideas.  Funny how one day, you’ve got nothing and the next day, your inspiration just flies through the door and knocks you over like a big gust of wind!  Graceful, I am not.  It’s ok, I’m back from falling off my chair to share these ideas with you…


(Photo credits:  Top ~ Love Joy Vodka labels via Hip Hostess, Letterpress flower pins by Linda And Harriett.  Middle ~ Pinwheels via Once Wed, Paper Mobiles via Green Wedding Shoes.  Bottom ~ Flower pins via Once Wed, Vellum glass covers from Save On Crafts, Conversation starters from Pottery Barn.)

This is just some of the inspiration that flew through my door and into my lap!  Many of the items shown above are ones you can actually purchase if you wish to (I mean, maybe you’re just too busy to get crafty, right?  I hear ya!).  However, I bet if you looked closely enough you could find a way to create these beautiful decor pieces yourself.  All you need is some creativity, patience, time and paper.  Ok fine, maybe just a few other supplies too.

To see how to either purchase or create these items, click on the links below the pictures.  If you need help along the way, just shout!  I’m only a few keys away…we can try to figure it out together.  You know, get our “creative juices” flowing.  Good luck!

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Tape Rolled In Color…

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…Imagine The Possibilities!

Found today via Creature Comforts, this patterned tape is like a breath of fresh air, so I knew I had to share!  With a variety of colors to choose from, imagine what you could use this for…come on crafty peeps ~ I know you have some ideas lurking in your heads!  I love the fact that it can be pulled on and off without leaving residue to scrape off.  Perfect!

Japanese Masking Tape from Ginko Papers:


The tape is made with Japanese washi paper (a fabric like traditional paper) which has been coated. The masking tape is unique in that it can be pulled on and off numerous times and leaves no residue or paper tears.” – Ginko Papers

Get it by visiting

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Innovative, Sexy & Sparkling Decor Ideas!

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…Bling That Thing, Baby!

Ooooh, look what I’ve found!  Seriously, I love it when I come across things like this.  This decor idea is different, unique and sexy.  And I bet you it would be really fun and affordable to make, too!  Take a looksie here with me, will you?  I’m so excited to share this with you, I feel like a kid at show and tell!

Gorgeous Garland For Your Gala…


All you’ll need to make this DIY project above is white ribbon (or maybe even ribbon in your wedding color!) and a bunch of fun charms.  To make it charming, of course!  Imagine the possibilities.  Head over to your favorite craft store or go online to Save On Crafts to grab your ribbon and charms to create this look.

I’m also loving how these raindrop ornaments are displayed on branches, which you know are very popular at weddings right now…

Raindrop Ornaments 

 Set of 24 (which are on sale right now for $7.99)


Also, these scattered crystals would rock (no pun intended) inside a vase, on a table, or anywhere at your wedding (well, except for the dance floor of course!)…

Scattered Crystals 

 Set of 72 (on sale right now for $11.00)


Don’t these just put a little twinkle in your eye?  Your ring is sparkly, so why not make your wedding sparkly as well?  Just like they said in the movie, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days – “Ladies, frost yourselves!”.  Now go get frosty.

(Photo credits: Bridesmaid Stuff and Smith & Hawken)

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Bounty Paper Towels Turned Into Wedding Decor…

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…Bounty, I’m So Proud Of You!

Do you remember listening to Bounty  paper towel commercial when you were little?  That Bounty song would get stuck in your head for days.  It’s still with me!  Whenever I spill something, I’ll say to myself in that very happy Bounty way, “That’s okaaaaay…”, as I grab a paper towel to clean it up.  Then of course I’ll start singing, “Bounty, quicker picker upper…Bounty!”.  I know I’m not alone on this.  Admit it!

Well, deario cheerios, now Bounty has found another way to get into our heads.  They’ve created, on their website, a section filled with craft ideas and inspiration!  Sure, most of it is geared towards kids…but let’s face it, every idea starts from somewhere!  So why not turn their ideas into something of your own creation, even if you have to tweak it a little? 

Take a look at some of my favorite ideas from their site which I think just might work a fun little party, a bridal shower or even a wedding.  Keep in mind you could make it a little more modern by adding your own personal style to the items…. 


To see more and get instructions on how to make these items, click HERE.  Happy paper towel crafting!

(I promise in no way is this an advertisement…we have Home Made Simple to thank for inspiring us on this one!  What other odd places do you find inspiration?)

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All Bottled Up…

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…Got A Lot Of Bottled Up Energy?  Put It To Stylishly Crafty Use!

My sister keeps telling me to recycle.  So while I may not have a bin yet (I’m working on it!), I do have an entire closet filled with bottles, corks and jars that I’ve been saving for over 5 years now!  If you didn’t know me well, you’d think I was a lush or something if you ever opened that closet.  No worries, my friends and family have been helping me collect these items too. 

I plan on making beautiful things out my collection someday!  For now, let me inspire you to do the same.  Create with me useful items and decor out of bottles, corks and jars.  Together, we can save the planet and create crafty, unique events all at the same time!

Bottled Up In A Jar!

Imagine the possibilities.  Need to make a special, sentimental gift for your bridesmaids?  Get out some empty bottles, cut out pictures and phrases from magazines that remind you of your friend, tape to bottle and cover entire bottle with Modge Podge!  Once dry, decorate with ribbons, crystals or any other little trinket

Need an affordable way to decorate your day?  Use old bottles, jars or empty candle holders and turn them into fresh new vases or votive holders


(Above Photo credits:  Left – Bottle I created, Middle Top – Living Small, Middle Bottom – The Knot, Right – The Hope Jar)

Cork It!

How cool would it be to make your own cake stand using wine corks?  Or menu and placecard holders, anything your little heart can imagine.  Get creative… 


(Photo credits:  Top L – Details Details, Bottom L – Craft Stylish, Middle – Je Mange La Ville, Right – Natalie Moser Photography)

Fantastic Plastic!

I bet it would be time consuming indeed, but if you’ve got it in you, could you create something with your old water bottles like designer Michelle Brand did below?   Seriously, would you have ever guessed those gorgeous, airy designs were made from plastic water bottles?  Amazing, isn’t it?  Imagine that as your backdrop for your wedding pictures


(Photo credits: Plastic bottle art by Designer Michelle Brand via Green Design Girl)

Have other ideas?  Please comment below and share, we’d love to hear.  Happy crafting, everyone!

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Soft & Pretty Decor Details…

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…For A Day Filled With Romance!

You’ve fallen in love.  Well, get ready to fall in love again, with these heavenly DIY ideas found at the Once Wed blog!


Natural Bling:

Rock candy and bows are what rocked this design from candy to dandy!  How else could you use this inspiration to decorate your event?  What other candy could you design with?  Like I mentioned in the previous post, what if you used feathers?  For a more colorful event, imagine stringing together skittles or lemon drops to hang.  Let the ideas flow!


(Photo credits Laurie Cinotto via Once Wed)

Paper Garland

Coffee.  Love.  Coffee & love combined?  Pure delightfulness!  Yes, those are coffee filters & tissue paper turned into gorgeous garland.  I adore it!


(Photo credits Pam Garrison via Once Wed)

Oh dear, now all I want to do is decorate!  Isn’t it great to come across such unique ideas?  See, this is why I’m addicted to reading blogs.  For all of you bloggers out there, thank you for constantly inspiring me.  Cheers! 

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