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A New, Stylish & Affordable Chicagoland Venue For Your Event…

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…Pina’s Culinary Experience, Where We Hosted My Sister’s Bridal Shower!

 For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing with you all of the little details from the bridal shower my sister and I recently hosted for our little sister.  Now I’ve saved the last post on the shower to share the venue details, Pina’s Culinary Experience in Roselle, IL.!   If you’re looking for a place to host your intimate wedding, shower or event, Pina’s is wonderful – I highly recommend them!

From the minute we found this place, we knew it would be perfect.  This charming little spot has only been open for about 2 years but has become quite popular…and I can see why!  The service is top-notch, the menu is affordable and the chefs there are so great to work with.  No, I really mean it – if you host your event there, you’ll end up wanting to hug them (I actually did)! 

Pina’s Culinary Experience in Roselle, IL.


The venue offers tasty and delightful cooking classes and also can be used to host private events.  There are two rooms, the Mediterranean style room in the front (shown on their website) and the larger room on the side, which is the room we hosted the bridal shower in.

The larger room is newly remodeled with a lovely contemporary feel!  Supporting local artists by hanging their gorgeous artwork on the walls, Pina’s is not only attractive inside but very into helping the community as well.  They’re just really good people!

I still can’t believe how affordable it was to have the shower at Pina’s.  Can you believe it was even less expensive than hosting it at an “affordable” restaurant?!  I researched so many places before we found Pina’s and I’m so thrilled with our decision to have the shower there.  Not to mention the fact that we had our own private room and our own personal gourmet chef


Chef Edward was extremely accommodating  with helping us plan for the shower and allowing us to decorate however we wanted.  He even helped us decorate…hanging the tissue flower poms we made, the banner I created and more.  He came to the rescue with a few things I had forgotten about too…like the candy for my “P-A-R-T-Y” dishes and the music for the shower.  What a guy!


He also let us come in and set up a couple of days early, so that it would be easier on us the morning of the shower.  By the time the guests arrived, everything was set in place and ready to go.  My, did it look beautiful!!! 

Everything was perfect – the atmosphere, the service, the food.  Oh, that food…so yummy!  Dessert was fabulous too…he created for us fresh individual cherry cheesecakes, chocolate-covered strawberries and one very tasty cake


(Photo credits:  Several of the pictures above thanks to Denise of Bellis Studios)  

So darlings…if you’re on the hunt for that perfect Chicagoland venue for your intimate event, you must give Pina’s Culinary Experience a try.  Let gourmet chefs Edward and Pina help you plan a menu that will rock your tastebuds and fit your budget.  Tell them I sent you.  You won’t be disappointed!

Not planning a party but want to learn how to cook?  Let Pina’s welcome you into their kitchen where you’ll learn to cook delicious meals from a gourmet chef, maybe have some cocktails, listen to music and just have a good ol’ time

For more information, visit their website or give them a call – #630-529-1898.  Cheers!


New Magazine ~ Weddings By The Ritz-Carlton…

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 …Puttin’ On Da Ritz!

When my husband and I got married 6 years ago, we were blessed and lucky to receive our honeymoon at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago as a gift.   Walking into the hotel, fully dressed in my wedding gown and the hubby in his tux, it was an amazing experience we’ll never forget!  We were treated like royalty – our entire stay!  Literally. 


Every person working at The Ritz treated us like gold, even remembering our names and greeting us the entire stay.  Seriously – how did they remember our names like that?  Every single person in that hotel from the concierge, the front desk, the bell guy, the elevator guy, wait staff – greeted us with, “Hello, Mr. & Mrs. H.!”.  We weren’t wearing name tags.  They just knew who we were somehow.  I still don’t understand how.

Our stay there was magical.  Breathtakingly beautiful and so much more.  If you’d like to read more about our stay, click HERE.  Even if you don’t go there for your wedding or honeymoon, if you just stay there for one night, at least once in your life – the experience is worth it.  I can’t explain it…it just is.  You’ll understand if you go!

I love The Ritz-Carlton hotel chain for so many fabulous reasons, but this next reason tops the cake!  Did you know that they have also started  A Vow to Help Others program?  “When you book your wedding to be held prior to December 31, 2010, The Ritz-Carlton will donate five percent of the food revenue to The Ritz-Carlton Community Footprints Fund and the charity of your choice.” – The Ritz-Carlton 

Now that’s fab.

As if their hotel ambiance, impeccable service and giving back to the community wasn’t enough, The Ritz Carlton has now decided to also come out with a wedding magazine to help couples plan for their wedding.  Yes, it’s true… 



“This June, Weddings by The Ritz-Carlton will become a biannual magazine distributed in guest rooms of the 70-plus Ritz-Carlton properties worldwide and to all brides- and grooms-to-be who inquire about weddings and honeymoon packages at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.

By bringing together writers, illustrators and photographers from around the world, Weddings by The Ritz-Carlton will be a new type of bridal magazine that inspires and delights readers the world-over with insights into the trends and traditions of a signature Ritz-Carlton wedding, as well as elements of designing the ultimate wedding experience including rings, gowns and ideas for making the celebration and honeymoon unforgettable.

‘The Ritz-Carlton sets the standard for once-in-a-lifetime occasions and our magazine is fashioned to do the same,’ said Julia Gajcak, vice president of marketing and communications at The Ritz-Carlton.” – via Press Release

Who’s excited?  You know I can’t wait to get my first copy of the magazine…and as soon as I do, darling dearests, I’ll be sure to share it with you.  Cheers and happy planning!

Written by Jaime

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Displays Of Affection…

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…I Can’t Explain Love.  You’ll Just Know It Once You’re In It!

Maybe this photo will help…if you haven’t found it already, this is kind of what love feels like!  If you have found it already, you probably know what I’m talking about…


(Photography by Amelia Lyon via Adam & Eve Weddings)

Love is…awesome.  As is the photo above.  It reminded me of a picture of my husband and I, which was not professionally taken but turned out pretty cool in itself!  In fact, it’s one of our favorites…


 Do you have a favorite picture of you and your honey that really just displays the affection you have for each other?  If you’d like to share, please do!  Just comment with a link to it, crediting your photographer if it was taken by one.  Of course, please behave…you know what I mean.

Perhaps I’ll feature a few on the blog…and together we can be like happy little hippies and prove to the world that true love still exists.  No matter the hard times, bad times, war, economy, whatever…let a little ray of love in!  I know, I’m a total sap.  But if you’re reading this, maybe you are too!  It’s ok, we can be sappy together.  Cheers!

(P.S. Babe, if you’re reading this…I love you! xox ~Jaim)

Pictures From Readers:

One of my favorites (which I have a lot… I’m a picture lover) of my honey and I, is from our honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas.  The beach was perfect, the sunset was amazing and we just enjoyed being with each other… So good.  So great.” – TeamGiles


Aww, thanks for sharing with us, that really is an amazing picture!

Written by Jaime

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Bedding For Bed Hogs…

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…Who’s Side of The Bed Is It Anyway?

My blogging buddy Ashley over at Bride Sophisticate recently received some creative but hilarious bedding as a wedding giftHis & Hers bedding from Bed Hog, complete with sheets that have a line right down the middle.  What a great gift idea!


Is your significant other hogging the bed?  Register for these for your wedding or add them to your lists as a birthday gift idea!  Who wouldn’t love a set of these?  Sleep better…with a big grin on your face knowing that you’re on your side and your love is on theirs.  Sweet dreams! 

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This Is What Pure True Love Looks Like…

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…And I’m So Happy To See There Are Others Experiencing It!

This video below reminds me of how goofy and silly my husband and I are together.  I love it…even if some think we’re crazy!  Buzzing like bees in the car, making up silly words and songs together, doing goofy dances…we laugh together.  A lot. 

We keep each other young and happy.  I wouldn’t change it for the world…I’m blessed to have him in my life!  So when I saw this video, I had to share it with you…it’s love.  And lovely!

On her happy little blog Color Me Katie, Brooklyn photographer Katie Sokoler shared this video with us.  Below it said, “Matty made this video of us over two years ago. It’s around the time we first met!”.  Isn’t that so sweet?  This girl will remind you to put on a happy face…seriously, she’s awesome!  She even dances with strangers

Whether it’s your wedding planning becoming stressful, or maybe just life in general, take a break and be silly.  Have fun…because life’s too short not to.  Cheers!

(First image above from

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Join in Finding & Helping 3 Couples Make Their Dreams Come True!

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…An Idea Is Born.  One Where We Can Work Together In Good Human Kindness.  I’m In.  Are You?  Spread The Word…

My friend and wedding planner extraordinaire, Ciara of Firefly Occasions and has come up with an idea to help three amazing couples with their wedding plans and dreams, by using Web 2.0 and social networking sites.  The plan is to hopefully also help stimulate the economy and help people all over the world who participate let their goodness shine by helping others.

Can you imagine a world full of peace, prosperity, abundance and love?  A world operating in the true spirit of community, service and joy?” – Ciara

This is your opportunity to make a difference in the world.  By supporting this project you’ll be:

• Stimulating the economy
• Spreading the word that big dreams are possible when you ask for help
• Helping to find 3 brides that have BIG dreams that they may not have been otherwise able to realize
• Just simply helping another human being who wants to step into their purpose.”
– Ciara

Want to get involved?  To learn more about Ciara’s plans for this project, click HERE and watch this awesome idea turn into a reality over at the Planet Plans Wedding site.  Engaged?  Maybe you’re one of the couples they’re looking for…good luck!

Written by Jaime

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Seattle’s Battle Of The Betrothed…

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…Be A Healthy AND Happy Bride!

Seattle brides, get ready to kick some bridal butt at The Battle Of The Betrothed!

(Photo credit:

Enjoy fun, interactive and competitive events where engaged couples have the chance to win big prizes for their weddings. This event’s adventure challenge will send the couple who wins on a dream honeymoon!  How exciting, and what a great way to help you get fit for your big day!

 Read more about this Seattle event by clicking HERE.

 The competitions will be held in the Seattle area on February 7th & 8th, 2009.  The Grand Finale event will take place on February 14, 2009.  Click HERE if you’re interested in entering.

(Photo credit:

For more great ways to get fit for your wedding, be sure to head on over to The Healthy Bride or read their fabulous & fit blog by clicking HERE.  Not only will getting fit help you look great for your wedding day, but it’ll also help you get rid of some of that wedding stress that could eventually turn you into a crazy “bridezilla”.  Good luck and have fun!

Written by Jaime

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