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Rocked Up In Rhinestones? Check.

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Gorgeousness?  Check.

Way cool?  Check.  As your checking off your list of things to get done before your wedding, what if you just added one more?  If you’re a crafty nut who loves getting creative like I do, you might just enjoy this DIY decor idea that popped into my head last night.  Allow me entertain you with it for a second…but first, take a look at this photo that provoked the idea…


(Photo Credit:  Curtis Smith Photography)

Now, what if you lined your wedding ceremony aisle or runner with rocks?  Not just any rocks, but ones either rolled or dusted in glitter?  If not glitter, maybe they could be fancied up with sparkly rhinestones applied on each.


(Photo credits:  Jupiter Images via Family Life, Ehow Article)

I feel like it would almost give off a magical look, similar to the twinkling walkways at Disney World!  Just imagine the sun hitting the rhinestones or glitter and seeing a bunch of twinkling going on as you walk down that aisle to say your vows…can it get any more dreamy than that?  Happy planning!


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Show Off The Back Of Your Dress With A Lil’ Sparkle…

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…For Brides With Low Back Dresses!

 Planning on wearing a dress with a dramatic low back?  Have fun with it and tease it up a little!  Show off your sexy back with this Rhinestone Back Drape Necklace from Fredericks of Hollywood:

A glittering choker leads to a dramatic back with rhinestone swag and long dangle detail.”  – Fredericks of Hollywood

 According to, the “deep-V blouson back is this season’s favored focal point”.  So why not play it up some?

(Dress by Ahnna B. Designs found on

Have other ways to play up that sexy back of yours?  Tell is in the comments below.  Cheers!

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Shoes That Deserve A Creative Art Emmy…

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…Designed By Emmy – Custom Made Wedding Shoes!

Would you look at this beautiful shoe by Emmy?!  Just look.  Look at the intricate detailing,  gorgeous feather embellishment and fabulous design!  I adore it. 

What I love even more is that Emmy lets you design your own shoe!  Choose your own shoe shape, style, size, heel height, color, material and any extra details.  Emmy will then custom make your perfect pair of wedding shoes just for you!  Or, choose from their set designs in their new online boutique.

Emmy provides flexibility and choice with a collection of elegant, contemporary and beautifully feminine wedding shoes.  Each shoe is individually custom made for you, using the best craftsmen and materials.  You can purchase any of the shoes shown on this website made to order to your own specification.”Emmy

Here are a few of my personal favorites from their online boutique, but they’re all stunning:

Are you a shoe obsessed girl who has officially fallen in love with these shoes like I have?  Then put one foot forward and head over to Emmy to read more about these fabulous shoes or find out how to order your very own pair.  Need hair accessories?  They’ve got those too.  Happy shopping!

(Thanks to Wedding Style Diva for originally introducing these to me!)

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DIY ~ Very Sexy Candles In A “Cinch”…

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…Hobby Lobby Can Help You Rock It!

Um, can someone tell me when became so cool?  I mean, I’ve always been a fan – the stores are like my own personal heaven, I love them.  However, I discovered just recently that not only are there stores fabulous, but there online site is too.  They now offer a whole section filled with inspiration galore, including these darling DIY candles!

I’m really loving these candle decorating ideas.  How simple, how adorable and how cool!  Corset style candles?!  Way too perfect for a bachelorette party, don’t you think?  Whether you use them as gifts for the bride or as decor for the party, they’re just hot!

I can never get enough of black and white…it’s so classy.  Use these to dress up pre-wedding partiesweddings, to decorate your home or give as gifts!

Wondering how to make these?  Click HERE and HERE, or just go to Project: Inspiration by Hobby Lobby for even more cool DIY ideas.  Happy crafting, everyone!

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Beautiful Innovative Blooms…

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…Oh How I Love Thee!

Gorgeousness.  I just adore finding creative flower inspiration, and that’s what you’ll find at Blooms By Martha Andrews, an amazing florist I found via Dynamite Weddings.  Check out their company website or visit the Blooms Blog to see even more inspiring flower designs!

When you get the chance, never forget to stop and smell the flowers.  Cheers!

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Smarts Brides Do This.

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…You’re A Smart Girl.  Be A Smart Bride Too!

Maria from When In Rome is a smart bride.  She’s breaking in her wedding shoes!  Maybe you already know to do this.  Whether you do or you don’t, here’s a reminder and a “how-to”…

Also, just in case, it’s always smart to bring a second pair of wedding shoes or a pair of fun flip flops.  There’s nothing worse than being in pain on your wedding day.  Happy feet make a happy bride!  Do you have any advice on how to stay comfortable on your wedding day?  If so, we’d love to hear!

(Cute Shoes Photo Credit:  When In Rome)

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I’d Rock The Shoes…

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…Would You?

Today the inspiration is flowing like mad, and I’m loving it!  How about this picture, for example, taken by the extremely artistic and talented photographer Liz Wolfe:

I’ve seen the heels of shoes sprinkled with rocks like candy, but never before the bottoms.  While maybe the actual foot of the shoe wouldn’t be such a hot idea as it’d make it difficult to walk or dance in, but what if you decorated with rhinestones the upper part of the bottom of the shoe, under the arch?  Whoa.

Ooooh la la…it sure would make for a hot photo shot when it comes time for your groom to take off your garter!  Don’t you just adore sparkly little things?

Add a little sugar to your bouquet, while you’re at it:

To see more sugary sweet photography by Liz Wolfe, go to:

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