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Tick-Tock Tea Time…

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…Don’t Be Late For That Very Important Date!

Here’s a unique idea for your newlyweded home together…

china teacup wall art via sweetpauldottypepaddotcom

(Photo credit: by Wendell Webber styled by Sweet Paul)

Scout out vintage tea cups and saucers from your local antique store or from your other family members and use them to create a fabulous piece of wall art!  Whether you turn it into a real clock or keep it as simple decor, you’re sure to get compliments rolling in!

Creativity.  Don’t you love it?  See more inspiring design ideas by visiting Sweet Paul, one of my new favorite design and food blogs!


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Cotton Candy Dreams…

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…For The Sweet-Tooth Bride!

A wedding is nearing…


 Preparations are being made…


And while the bride waits and dreams in Candyland


We’re getting ready to throw her a cotton candy inspired bridal shower


Is there anything sweeter than sugar and a bride getting married?  Sweet cotton candy dreams, bride-to-be

See more gorgeous paintings from artist Will Cotton by clicking HERE.  Pure deliciousness!

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Bachelor Pad Meets Newlywed Love Nest!

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…It’s Easier Than You’d Think!

 Marrying an amazing man but your plans are to move into his bachelor pad?  How on earth are you going to mesh your girly stuff with his guy decor?  Let’s face it, his ideas of home decor may not at the top of your design dream list. 

He loves you, so I’m sure he won’t mind you adding just a few touches, right?  It’s not like you have to stick flowers everywhere and paint the walls pink, for goodness sake.  I suppose you could…but why not compromise instead and combine your style with his?  One of the reasons you’re getting married is because you mesh well, right?  So I’m sure your walls can too…


(Photo credits: Top & Bottom Middle ~, Bottom Left & Right ~ Geezees)

With a little help from Etsy seller Geezees, you’ll have your newlywed love nest redesigned in no time!  Use your wedding vows, love letters or wedding pictures to create different sized custom canvas wall art.  Stylish, unique and affordable wall design…that will work well with no matter what strange things your man previously decorated with!

When you invite your friends and family over, you’ll be proud to show off the place you’ll now call home!  You’ll love it, he’ll love it, they’ll love it.  Maybe you can even create smaller ones as gifts for your friends, family or bridal party.  A little something special they’ll never forget.  Cheers!

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Follow Your Heart…

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…A Little Reminder For All Of Us!

It’s the week of love.  What a better way to celebrate than remebering to follow your heart, in not only love but in all aspects of your life!

“Follow Your Heart” 5×7 Print by Etsy seller Shartreuse


Visit her shop or stop by her blog at for more creative and inspiring pieces!

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Showcase: Hand-Painted Invitations…

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…By Kristy Rice of Momental Designs!

Recently, I received a few wedding invitation samples in the mail from Kristy Rice, “an artist-turned-stationery designer” and owner of Momental Designs.  I’m not sure if I’ve been hiding under a rock lately or what, but this was the first time I’ve actually seen hand-painted wedding invitations.  I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when they came to my door!


Kristy’s designs are individually hand-painted and custom-made…with love, for love.  I can’t imagine how time consuming it must be, as not only does she design beautiful invitations, but  placecards, programs, menus and other stationery as well.  Take a look…


If you’re in the market for hand-painted invites, let Kristy work with you to create lovely designs significant to your love story.  If you’re looking to get inspired, click HERE to visit her stationery gallery or visit her website at  Also, be sure to stop by her blog, Rice Ink, to learn how she gets inspired and see why her invitations are loved by couples nationwide! 

Thanks for sharing your talent and passion with us, Kristy!

Written by Jaime

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Girly, Whimsical, Couture…

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…It’s What A Girl Wants!

I’ve come across these delightfully pretty note cards by newly discovered designer Inslee today and couldn’t resist sharing them with you.  If you’re stuck on ideas for your bridesmaids gifts, check out her fabulously stylish collection!  

For many of the designs, you can choose from personalized, flat or folded.  Wouldn’t these also make for adorable bridal shower invites or thank you cards?  Take a look at just a few of my absolute favorites



“Petits Fours”

insleedotnet-petits-fours note cards

“Stand by Me”


Her gorgeous 2009 Calendar would also make a wonderful gift!


 Though designer Inslee recently graduated just last year after majoring in studio art and art history, she has been drawing ever since she was a little girl.  After she graduated, her sketches really took off and became a hit! 

I began sketching ballerinas and brides which eventually led to my love of sketching all things fashionable and elegant. My sketching moves as quickly as the ever-changing styles of the moment in my attempts to capture the glamour and beauty of couture.” – Inslee

 Support this talented new designer, check out the rest of her work and get shopping by clicking HERE.  Cheers!

(Thanks to Pret-A-Party for sharing this with me!)

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Artistic Wedding Dishes…

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…Personalized For Any Special Event Or Moment In Your Life!

Last year, my cousin and her husband had received this really cool personalized wedding dish as a shower gift


It was seriously the cutest thing ever and I know it meant a lot to them!  While I never found out who the artist was that created their dish, I did some hunting of my own to come up with some very similar ones to share with you…

Dishes by talented artist Timree Gold:

From wedding dishes, custom house platters and more, Timree offers a wide selection of different choices and options to personalize your gift.  Perfect for any occasion, her style is remarkable and her work adored by many…including several celebrities!


The greatest gift is the power of making someone feel special….and with a paint brush in hand I love to make that come true for my clients.  My painting reflects my personality and passion to capture people’s memories or favorite things through art.”  – Timree Gold

To see more of her work or to order your own custom design, click HERE.  They’ll love it!

Written by Jaime

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