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It’s Time To Party…

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…How Hosting A Partylite Party Can Get You Free Centerpieces & Decor For Your Wedding!

I’m notPartylite consultant.  Nor am I trying to sell you anything.  I’m simply a huge fan of Partylite because of the fact that thanks to them, the majority of my wedding decor was free!  Want to know a secret?  Some of my bridesmaids’ gifts were free too.  Sshhh…nobody has to know, right? 


So how did I do it?  By doing something I love to do anyway…I threw a party!  What if you did the same thing?  It’s the perfect excuse to get your girlfriends together to have a little fun, maybe drink some wine and do what we all love…shop!  All from the comfort of your own home.

Plan to have the party during the evening, so the candles that your consultant brings can really show off their glow.  Perhaps you could start the it around 7pm, after everyone has already had dinner.  That way, you can keep it affordable with yummy wine, cheese, coffee or desserts.


Put on some music, drink some wine and relax!  Play some games to include candles as prizes, talk about your favorite candle scents as you smell new ones, giggle over stories about how your fiance might think you have enough candles to have a seance…you know, just have fun!

There is never any pressure on your guests to buy, but your consultant will be there with catalogs in case they do want to buy something nice for their homes.  I mean really – who doesn’t love candles, right?


Based on the total sales from your party, you can easily earn yourself free or half-priced products of your choice, for your wedding!  So how does one host a really great show to get their free candles?  It’s not difficult, my dearies…to see how, visit my guest blog post over at the Wishpot Wedding Blog by clicking HERE.


So…when are you having your party?  To learn how to host a show, visit the Partylite website.  Chicago brides, contact my favorite Partylite consultant in the area, Janet Garreau, by clicking HERE.

After you get your free product and the wedding is over, take the pieces home to decorate your newlywed pad or give them away to guests.  Cheers!


Wedding Chit Chat…

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… And Coffee Talk!

The coffee is hot and so are the ideas floating around out there…so let’s enjoy a little coffee talk, shall we?


(Coffee Ring by Etsy seller SoraDesigns.)

Have you heard about the new weekly Savvy Steal Giveaways hosted over at Savvy Scoop by  This week, score yourself 50 free digital invitations by Hello!Lucky!…and be sure to check back weekly for even more fabulous giveaways!

Set the mood with good lighting to benefit your wedding pictures!  Learn how over at Zenadia Design.

Dynamite Weddings is hosting a Photo Card Creations giveaway!  Hurry up, a winner will be chosen on Friday, April 10th!

Anne of Perfect Bound now shares her weekly love and relationship blogger crushes and advice…how fun! 

Tony & Tina’s wedding may have rocked, but if you’re an Atlanta bride, you’ve gotta check out  The Not Wedding on Sunday, April 5th!

Trendsetting Wedding has taken us beyond the plain vase and shares with us some very, very sexy centerpieces!

Globetrotting Bride features new fashion forward ring pillows that you can also have custom made to make unique, like you!  Seriously fabulous.  I’m especially loving the super bold, bright colors!

Spanx goes bridal over at the Wedded Bits Blog by!

Sparkliatti has officially launched their new store!  Have you gone to visit it yet?

Learn how to put a little spark into your love and your wedding photos by visiting the Bridal Inquirer.

Jubilee Events shares with us some cute-as-a-button calligraphy…get inspired!

Tracey from The Las Vegas Wedding Concierge features her Top 10 Wedding Blogs on and Looney Maiden Jewelry shares their Wedding Blogs Power 100 list.  A special thank you to the ladies who included “It’s A Jaime Thing”!  I am beyond touched and so honored to be named and listed among many of my favorite wedding bloggers.  Brides, if you’re craving even more wedding inspiration, get comfy and head on over.  Enjoy!

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Floral Design ~ How Did They Do That?

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Easy DIY Tricks From A Pro!

Julie Mulligan, from 1-800-FLOWERS, has been an expert floral designer for more than 25 years.  Her work has been featured on many TV shows and in several magazines!  Now she’s created a blog filled with floral design inspiration for your home or event.  There she shares with us not only inspiration, but often instructions on how to create her fabulous pieces, step-by-step!

Take a look at these lovely designs posted recently on her blog:


Love them?  Me too!  Especially the button pom idea, which can be used either as a centerpiece at your wedding or as a ring bearer pillow.  To see exactly how to make these lovely creations, click HERE and HERE.  Or, just visit her blog by clicking HERE.  Who knows, maybe you’ll discover you have a hidden talent for floral design too…enjoy!

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Ornamental DIY Wedding Decor!

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…Turn Ornament Ideas Into Decor Ideas!

Planning for the holidays and for your wedding?  Perhaps you can take the work you put into your holiday and use it for your wedding as well!  After reading THIS article, I thought I’d share with you my favorite homemade ornaments-turned-wedding-decor ideas from Martha Stewart.  Just click on the name of each ornament to learn how to easily make them:

Floating Ornaments  

 Sure, you could decorate your tree with these, buy why stop there?  Make several in the colors of your wedding and hang them low from your reception ceiling, perhaps above the dance floor or from the top of the bar:

Snowy Balloon Ornaments 

Imagine these lovely ornaments inside bowls or vases as centerpieces for your tables, in the colors of your wedding or ones complimentary to your flowers.  Or, hang them from trees outside or inside, to fancy up your ceremony or reception entrance!

Ribbon Bow Ornaments 

 These lovely ornaments could instead be created to decorate your table settings at your reception.  Just place them on top of each plate to add a pop of color!

Button Wreath Ornament 

These ornaments could be used in your wedding colors to hang behind your chairs at the ceremony or reception, or to hang on the side of pews.  Or, you could make button garland!  Just thread a long string of buttons and hang the garland over the front of your head table.  Decorate  doors, chairs, the bar, anywhere!  If you love the button idea, why not create a button theme?  Sprinkle several buttons in your wedding colors over tables, like confetti.  Place in the bottom of flower vases instead of rocks.  Dare I say it?  Cute as a button!

Tinsel Snowflakes 

Planning a winter wedding?  Create these snowflake ornaments in whatever colors you’d like, then place them in different spots such as the corner of the guestbook table, or on the table of favors.  Heck, you could even use these as favors!  Then each of your guests would have an ornament to take home and hang on their tree, year after year, remembering your amazing day.

To see more creative ornament ideas, click HERE.  Or, head over to for even more great ideas.  Happy decorating!

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Designer Interview Part Two: Amy’s Wedding PLUS An Exclusive Discount!

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Yesterday, I featured the first part of my interview with Amy Snider, fashion designer behind Every Little Counts.  Today, as promised, I’m featuring the second part of our interview, where she shares with us all of her amazing wedding details.  Yes, this includes pictures of the wedding dress she designed for herself!

First, let me just say that tees from Every Little Counts would make fabulous bridal party gifts!  Interested in showing your bridesmaids some love?  I’ve got more exciting news for you – Amy is willing to give my readers an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT for ORDERS OF 6 OR MORE!  All you need to do is send her an email at: amy{at}everylittlecounts{dot}net, and she’ll give you details on how to use your discount.  Cheers!

Now, more about Amy, our interview and her special wedding day wearing the gown she designed.  What a talented lady!  Let’s all support her new adventure – her unique line and amazing talent.  I wish I could create a line as cool as hers!  However, I might have to learn to sew first.  Ha!

Do you mind telling us a little bit about your wedding and how you met your husband?
Adam and I met at bar in  New York City, where we were both living at the time.  We started talking and ended up walking around the city on that cold night, hand in hand, discovering how much we had in common.  Five years later we got married.

(Shown Above:  Amy and Adam on their wedding day!)

As for our wedding…it was amazing.  I remember wishing it would never end.  It was just perfect.  While we were dating, one of our favorite places to go was the Empire Fulton Ferry State Park in Dumbo.  We always said we would want to get married there.  Although we were living in L.A., there was never any question about getting married in Brooklyn.  Luckily everything worked out!  The ceremony was held in the park and the reception was held at a nearby art gallery, Smack Mellon.

(Shown Above: A picture of Amy & her brother at her wedding.  “Because my father had passed away right before I turned 21, Todd walked me down the aisle. It was definitely very emotional. This is one of my favorite pictures of the two of us.” – Amy Snider)

(Shown Above:  The whole ceremony, overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and Amy and Adam walking away as a married couple.)

What was your dress like, who designed it?  Tell us about your shoes!
My dress was very Grecian inspired, which is appropriate because we went to Greece for our honeymoon.  It was long and flowy with a braided halter, deep back, and small flowing train.  I designed the dress and my friend Carolina made it for me.  It was pretty stressful, but in the end I felt amazing in it.  For shoes, I wore these beautiful sandals from Nine West, which had a braided detail that perfectly matched my dress.  I still wear them all the time!

(Shown Above:  “Me and Sharon, my maid of honor (and only bridal party member… I wanted it small!).  Her dress was Moschino Cheap and Chic, bought at Loehmann’s.”)

(Shown Above:  The back of Amy’s beautiful wedding dress!)

What type of flowers did you carry?
I have no idea, but they were beautiful!  Very earthy and natural- ivory with shades of green and dusty pink.

(Shown Above:  Pictures of Amy’s gorgeous wedding bouquet!  She had a vintage handkerchief embroidered with her and Adam’s wedding date.)

Did you enjoy being a bride and planning your wedding?
I did…it was fun.  I definitely wasn’t wedding crazy though- not a “bridezilla” by any means!  We were very pragmatic about the whole thing.

(Shown Above:  Inside the gallery, Smack Mellon – where Amy and Adam had their wedding reception.)

Did you hire a wedding planner?
No..we did everything ourselves!

(Shown Above:  The centerpiece with bubbles and disposable cameras for each guest)

(Shown Above:  The wedding favors!)

Who were your favorite wedding vendors and why?
We used amazing vendors!

(Shown Above: Amy’s wedding cake by Almondine Bakery – “People are still talking about the cake, it was so good!  And…I got to work with Herve personally to come up with the flavors. It was heaven!”)

Scott Whittle Photography – He was our biggest expense, but well worth it!

Real Food Catering –  So many options and reasonably priced.

Seaport Flowers – We didn’t go overboard on flowers, but Amy did a wonderful job.

Do you have any advice for brides who are planning their weddings?
Don’t feel like you need to spend a lot of money and don’t over think things!  Think of it like a big party.  Try to make it your own – it should be a reflection of the two of you.  For us, we knew we wanted a small intimate wedding, surrounded by the family and friends we love the most.

 (Shown Above:  “This is one of my favorite photos of my mom- she’s looking at me in my dress, all ready to go!” )

We did as much as we could ourselves.  Adam made both the save the date postcards and the invitations, which he screen-printed by hand.  For wedding favors, we packaged jelly beans and Hershey kisses with a custom designed note from the both of us.  Music was another area where we saved a lot of money.  Since music was very important to us, we created our own play list on our ipod, the perfect combination of 60’s soul and 80’s new wave.

(Shown Above:  The lovely couple, Amy and Adam!)

Advice for marriage?
Communicate.  Have fun.  Respect one another.  Dedicate time to one another.

Name your top five favorite blogs to read, no matter the subject.
The Sartorialist
Oh Joy

Thanks Amy!  Looks like you and Adam had an amazing wedding day, congratulations! 

Don’t forget to head on over to Every Little Counts to check out her awesome new line, and be sure to email her about the super sweet discount she’s offering for orders of 6 or more – such a fun gift for bridesmaids!

Beautiful Innovative Blooms…

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…Oh How I Love Thee!

Gorgeousness.  I just adore finding creative flower inspiration, and that’s what you’ll find at Blooms By Martha Andrews, an amazing florist I found via Dynamite Weddings.  Check out their company website or visit the Blooms Blog to see even more inspiring flower designs!

When you get the chance, never forget to stop and smell the flowers.  Cheers!

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Hurricane Centerpieces…

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…You Won’t Want To Run From These!

Hurricanes can make lovely centerpieces for your event,  so I shopped around to find you a fabulous selection, each priced under $50.00!  A lot less expensive than costly floral arrangements. 

Flowers are lovely, but if you’re looking to save money, these make a wonderful alternative!

Get creative.  Depending on which kind you choose, there are several options to dress them up.  To find some creative ideas for them by heading on over to my guest blog entry from last week for the Wishpot Wedding Blog

Love these?  Click HERE, so you can easily add them to your own Wishpot registries.  If you haven’t signed up for a Wishpot registry yet, what are you waiting for?  Click HERE or on the button below to do so now, but careful, it’s addicting!  Do you have other ideas for using hurricanes as centerpieces, if so, we’d love to hear!   

 Top Row L-R: Crate & Barrel, Macy’s, Target, Mikasa.  Middle Row L-R:  Kohl’s, Walmart, Crate & Barrel, Kohl’s.  Bottom Row L-R: Mikasa, Partylite, World Market, Mikasa.)

Wedding Registry Ideas

***To those of you who were hit by Hurricane Ike, our thoughts and prayers are with you.***

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