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A Retro Bridal Shower…

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…So Fitting For The Soon-To-Be Wife!

Sure, times have changed.  Much of what used to be tradition had gone out the window.  Poof, gone!  Just like that.  However, nothing says we can’t bring a little bit of it back, right?  I mean, they do it all the time when it comes to fashion, so why not bring it home too?

This week over at the OneWed Savvy Scoop Blog, I guest blogged about a theme to bring out the pinup housewife in all of you…so of course I had to share!  If you’re planning a bridal shower, get ready to get girly…

retro fabulous bridal shower board created by its a jaime thing dotcom 2

(Photo credits ~ Top L: LB Event Couture, Bottom L:, Bottom M:  Head Of The Table, Right:  Anne Taintor)

Consider serving cherry pie instead of cake and grab some Coca Cola inspiration from my friend Kim over at Head Of The Table.  Or, customize your own bottles with Jones Soda!  To personalize, use similar sayings like shown on the gift bags above or even upload vintage themed photos to your bottle labels.

Thank your guests or pamper the bride with pretty little pinup style bath products from one of my favorite stores, Margarita Bloom!

retro fabulous bridal shower board created by its a jaime thing dotcom 4

(Photo credits ~ Left:  Beauty goodies from Margarita Bloom, Right: Vanity Girl of Vanity Fair)

When it comes time to decorate your shower space, mix your retro theme up with this unique turquoise and red Modern Kitchen Theme by Hostess With The Mostess!

retro modern tablescape idea via hostesswiththemostessdotcom apron by themerrymartinidotcom

(Photo credits: Flowers, tablescape via Hostess With The Mostess, Cherry apron via The Merry Martini)

I especially adore how serving utensils were used for the centerpieces – what a great idea!  After the shower, let the bride take them home so she can work on becoming her own domestic diva self.  Don’t forget the apron!

Craving more retro?  Click HERE or visit a few of my favorite vintage loving peeps at GlamourvilleThe Glam Guide, Vintage Glam Weddings, Rock ‘n Roll Bride, GaGaVida and Pin Me Up Photography.  Happy planning, beauty girls!


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Cotton Candy Cocktails & Drink Garnishes Galore!

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More From My Sister’s Bridal Shower…

Looking for ideas to quench any bridal thirst?  For the bridal shower we recently hosted for my sister, we decided to have a little fun with the cocktails and beverages by dressing them up a bit! 

Take a look…


(Majority of photos thanks to Denise Johnson of Bellis Studios)

Previously, I showed you the fabulous customized Jones Soda bottles we served.  Well, as if they weren’t adorable enough, we also decorated straws with white paper confetti flowers for guests to drink with!  I cannot take all of the credit for that idea, however – as the crafty ladies over at Prim & Pixie originally inspired me to create with images of their butterfly straws.  It seemed like an easy enough DIY project, so you know I had to do it!

Beverages also included a pink grapefruit champagne punch and a bowl of mimosasFlutes were rimmed with pink sugar and filled with cotton candy, which dissolved as guests poured their punch ~ for a little added sweetness!  We also created pink and orange beaded wine charms for each flute glass, with a heart-shaped charm in the middle that said, “LOVE”.

Keep checking back, as I’ll be posting more pictures and details from the bridal shower!  If you’ve missed the previous posts, you can find them HERE and HERE.  Cheers!

Old Hollywood Caught Red-Handed…

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…In Passion!

I’ve always been drawn to the color red.  Mixed with black and white.  Those were actually the colors of our wedding, almost 6 years ago!  That was before I was introduced to the world of wedding blogging

Now, the ideas for that color scheme continue to push through the crevices of my happy, wedding-obsessed mind and onto this blog, for you…


(Photo credits:  Top ~ Cake photographed by Erin Hession, Birdcage veil by Castle Bride Couture.  Middle ~ Flowers by Elements In Bloom, Chase Court in Baltimore, Maryland via Intimate Weddings.  Bottom ~ Dress by Melissa, Sterling silver “Keep Me” bracelet from Bestow Boutique.)

I recently created this board for a bride who was searching for old-world, vintage Hollywood wedding ideas.  While I personally think each photo above deserves applause for it’s lusciousness, I especially love the bracelet.  It reads, “Keep Me”. 

To the bride planning her wedding, keep the fond memories of your past.  Keep some of the traditions passed on through your families.  Keep the wonder of childhood and remember it’s innocence.  Keep the hopes and dreams of your future, the love you have for each other strong…and keep your vows!  No matter the years that go by…always, always keep the passion.

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Caribbean Wedding Inspiration…

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…This Bride’s Wedding Style Is Jammin’!

Recently, Courtney contacted me looking for some Caribbean themed wedding inspiration, so I’ve decided to share my findings.  Brides, if you’re planning a similar wedding, grab yourself a margarita, sit back and enjoy some island inspiration!  In this first board, I put together some of the photos she emailed me…


(Images emailed to me by Courtney .  If one of these images is yours, please let me know and I will gladly credit you.)

On her blog, she writes:

“An afternoon/evening sipping tropical cocktails and nibbling tasty Caribbean delights! The mood is enthusiastic among the varieties of orange and red flowers both in the garden and under the tent…the sun sets and the flowers glow even more radiantly than before. There is a tranquil blue that contrasts with the abundance of the fiery orange decor…calming our senses…the perfect combination.” ~  Wow.  Sounds amazing, Courtney! 

Check out part of her awesome save-the-dates, which she created herself!  So cool.  Her colors are a very vibrant red-orange and navy blue…love it!  I love her entire theme…which is why I couldn’t help but create a few boards…

Below, I’ve featured some unique ideas for festive decor, drinks and more.  Consider serving Red Stripe (Jamaican beer), pineapple martinis and creative drinks to add a little bit of Caribbean flair!  Why not take it a step further and apply the Red Stripe labels over glass votives?  Just take the labels off the bottles by placing them in hot soapy water.  Once it’s soaked for a bit, gently peel back the label.  You can then Modge Podge it to your glass candle holder

Hang placecards from flowers elegantly hung with string!  Or, use small wooden ladders decorated with big, bright paper flowers for a Caribbean market feel.  Hang brightly colored party lights all around to set the mood, along with candlelight.  Adorn your cake with tropical flowers and use baby pineapples for the place settings


(Photo credits:  First row ~ Lazy Bride BlogThe KnotFlickr.  Second row ~ Hostess Blog, photo sent via Courtney, The Knot, Lazy Bride Blog.  Third row ~ Flickr, The Knot, photo via Courtney, Etsy seller NightOwlCraftWorks, The Knot.  Last row ~ Save On Crafts, Weddings The Island Way, Lazy Bride Blog,  Etsy seller SpiceBerryCottage.)

Courtney was hoping to somehow turn her pink pineapples into centerpieces.  Ideas?  Carve the centers out of your pineapples and place a tealight inside.  You could also cut the tops off and scoop out the center to make room for a pillar candle.  Or, simply line them down the middle of the table with votives and rocks all around the bases.  Another bride offered her pineapple palm tree idea on Twitter…what a sweetie!


(Photo credits: Mishka Designs, The Knot, Birch Design Studio in Chicago)

For her bridesmaids’ bouquets, she has chosen pincushion proteas, ginger, red-orange dahlias and red-orange ranunculas.  Bride on a budget?  Choose more affordable flowers for the tables.  Find out which ones are local and in season, to help you save big by clicking HERE.


(Photo credits:  First row ~ Photo via Courtney, The Knot, photo via Courtney, Hostess Blog.  Second row ~ Save On Crafts, Urban Outfitters, The Knot, Urban Outfitters, Emilie Duncan.  Third row ~ The Knot.  Last row ~ Hostess Blog, Save On Crafts, The Knot, Save On Crafts.)

One last thing I can’t help but share…pineapple shaped cookies!  I’m all about the cookies!  Did I mention I love cookies?  Ok, sorry…I know, going a little cookie crazy here but how sweet would these be as favors for guests?  I especially love that palm basket weave box.  Too adorable…


(Cookies from

 Hope that helps, Courtney!  Happy planning my dear…I’m off to go dream about pineapple cookies and becoming a local on some fabulous island…husband in hand, of course.  Cheers!

Love Makes The World Go ‘Round…

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…And Red Makes My Heart Spin!

You know the feeling…that fluttering, butterfly feeling in the bottom of your stomach when you first fall in love?  The rosey red color your cheeks turn from blushing…the squeeling from excitement that makes you want to jump out of your skin because you’re just so happy?


The same thing happens on your wedding day.  Well, it did for me and I hope it does for you too, it’s an amazing feeling!  What a better way to describe it than this board of love above, created by Prima Donna Bride…just in time for Valentine’s Day this weekend!  Are you high on love?  Tell us your favorite thing about love in the comments below…how does love make you feel?  Let’s get smushy!

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Timeless Black & White Fused With Passion…

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…Can Create Such  A Luscious Setting For Any Wedding!

The lovely bride Bridgette of My Detroit Wedding has been trying to come up with ideas for her fabulous black, white, red & purple themed wedding.  When she emailed me asking if I might be able to provide her with inspiration, I couldn’t wait to put together a board for her.  Rich crimson and plum tones mixed with classic black and white brings a whole new meaning to the word exquisite!  Take a look…


(Photo credits – Top Row: Details Details BlogSquare Root Designs.  Second Row: David Monn,  Olivier Lalin Weddings,  Third Row: The Wedding Cafe, Veer,, Etsy seller Easter Yu Muscari Collection, Simply Sparkling Events, Fourth Row: Laura Novak Photography, Estillo Weddings, Cover Girl.)

Bridgette, I hope you find this inspiration board helpful, thanks for inspiring all of us with your choice of colors!  Everyone, be sure to stop by her blog, My Detroit Wedding, to see more of her fantastic wedding plans as they come together.  Happy planning!

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Drink Lemonade…

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…And Create A Little Sunshine!

It’s currently winter here in Chicago and I’m desperately craving sunshine!  We just had a big snow storm, which don’t get me wrong, was very pretty to look at, but after shoveling the driveway five times it becomes a little exhausting!  So what’s a girl to do?  Dream of relaxing under the warm sun on a breezy summer day with a nice tall glass of lemonade

Please enjoy yourself some lemonade with this lovely inspiration board from Snippet & Ink:


Thanks,  Snippet & Ink for supplying the perfect cure for the winter blues!

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