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Shop For Unique Dresses Outside The Box!

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To find a dress that’s completely unique”, Denise of Bellis Studios says, “try thinking outside of the box…that is, big box stores!”.  Check out these beauties she found, just on the home page of Etsy this morning:

(Above – Top Row: Ruffle DressThe Shale Wedding DressVintage White Wedding Dress.  Second Row:  Blea Rosy Finch, Love In The Mist, Fairest Of Them All.  Third Row:  Princess Poof Skirt, Doris Dress, Silver and Chocolate.  Fourth Row:  Pinstriped Polly, Mocha Ruffle Dress, Ines Dress.)

Denise has also shared with me this Maggie Sottero Kiri wedding dress that fellow blogger Hello Banjo is selling on Craigslist.  It’s stunning and I just love the vintage look it flaunts!  If you’re interested, get information on her dress by clicking HERE.  Here are a few pictures of the actual dress posted on her ad:

Here is what the Maggie Sottero dress actually looks like on.  Head over to Maggie Sottero  to see a larger view:

So there you have it, beautifully unique dresses you can find – just by looking outside the box!  Several of these dresses shown above are also very affordable, which in my book is always a plus.  Especially with the way our economy is right now…why not save a little dough?  Thanks for sharing these with us, Denise!  Happy shopping, everyone!


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It’s A Nice Day For A White Wedding…

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…Gorgeous Inspiration For Your Pure White Wedding!

If you’re like me, you might trying to hold onto this gorgeous Indian Summer we’re having.  As we prepare for the cold winter ahead, why not dream of warm, sunny days?  After all, many of you might already be planning your Spring or Summer soiree, so yes – let’s dream.  In gorgeous, warm whites!  Winter brides, if you’re still looking for inspiration, this is for you too…only I might suggest wearing a coat.

Take a look at these beautiful real wedding images from the Cosmo Bride’s “My Day, My Way” articles:

(All images thanks to Cosmo Bride)

Head on over to Cosmo Bride to see more pictures from these weddings and to read about all of the fabulous details!  I love how these brides truly made their wedding their own.  From bridesmaids wearing white with the bride, to a bride wearing good luck charms hung with ribbon and other unique touches, you’ll surely get inspired to make your day your way – the way it should be.

Happy planning!

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Isaac Mizrahi Fabulous Dress Review…

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…Rock This Dress Whether You’re A Bridesmaid Or A Guest!

Lately I’ve been having great luck with ordering dresses from Target, designed by Isaac Mizrahi.  I swear the man stepped foot on this planet with our exact measurements in mind, to create a line of dresses to just fit us perfectly.  I love this dress, it feels like it was made just for me!  Here’s the dress I ordered to wear to my friend’s wedding last night, which I originally decided to get not just by how cute it looked, but because of the rave reviews:

Embroidered Lace Dress in Ebony by Isaac Mizrahi For Target – $39.99:

It also comes in 3 other colors:


This sheath, fitted dress is covered in quality Raschel lace details, with a tiered, satiny sash wrapped around the empire waist – which works great with most any body type!  The v-neck tastefully shows off your “girls”, making it very sexy.  Plus, it comes with a soft inner lining and is extremely comfortable to wear!

A gorgeous dress, it would be awesome for bridesmaids – not only is it fabulous, but it’s so affordable too!  Once I get the pictures back from the wedding, I’ll see if I can post a picture of me wearing it.  Thanks, Isaac Mizrahi!

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Foofy, Girly, Pinup Style Bridesmaids…

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…It’s All About Wheels And Doll Baby!

Have your bridesmaids (or even yourself!) try these on for style for your upcoming wedding.  These ballet skirts by Wheels And Doll Baby are glamorous, fun, girly, foofy and totally sexy!

How can you resist?

With fans of these fashions like the doll that is Dita Von Teese, you’ll get compliments all night long.  Literally.

 See more fabulous skirts, tops, dresses from Wheels And Doll Baby by clicking HERE.  Thank me later (wink, wink;).  Cheers!

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Victoria’s Secret Bridesmaid Dresses!

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News To Me…

Is this news to you too?  Maybe we have just been stuck in “bridal shop” la-la-land too long.   Either way, we know about it now.  They say you “learn something new every day”, isn’t that the truth!

No worries, we are working our way out of la-la-land, deario cheerios.  Together.  It’s time to start opening our minds, and opening doors to not only the stores inside of our malls, but those wonderful family-owned fashion boutiques we love so much too!

Check out what the lovely V.S. has to offer for your bridesmaids by clicking HERE.  Keep in mind though, when shopping else ware, it doesn’t have to be marked “bridesmaid” dress in order to become one.


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Alternative Styles…

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…For Unconventional Bridesmaids!

Who says your bridesmaids have to dress up in fashions from bridal stores alone?  Many brides today are looking outside the bridal boutiques and heading to their favorite stores to dress their fabulous girls.  Why not? 

It’s a great way to truly show off your style and personality – you do it with all your other wedding details, so why limit your style choices when it comes to shopping for your maids?  Get creative!

I adore the new 2008 fall line by Zac Posen.  He has such a way with creating girly and feminine designs.  I could definitely see these being strutted down a high-style wedding aisle!


To see more of his amazing designs, go to!

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Color Your Wedding Beautiful….

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…With Bright, Bold And Happy Colors!

Having a hard time choosing your wedding colors?  Why not pick more than a few?  Design your wedding with a rainbow of different colors to make it happy and vibrant, just like you!

Check out my latest featured guest blog entry on the Wishpot Wedding Blog, where I share some ideas with you on just how to get that colorful look for your special day!

While you’re there, get inspired by checking out the rest of the Wishpot Wedding Blog articles, along with some of the other guest blogs I’ve been lucky to write for them and you!

Vintage Wedding Style…Inspired By Timeless Looks!

Wedding Night Romance…It’s Girl Talk Time!

Patience Is A Virtue…So Is Creativity.

 Thanks for reading!

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