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Calling All Chicago Brides!

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…Looking For Unique Gift Ideas For Your Bridal Party?

Today on Twitter, I discovered a new gift idea just for you darling Chicago brides!  Let me introduce you to a la card Chicago


Love it.  Especially the part about being able to customize them for your own event…who wouldn’t love something like this?  I think this would make an excellent gift idea for any bridesmaid or groomsman.  It’s not only unique, but it’s something they’ll definitely use

Who wouldn’t love to save some bucks on a great meal at their favorite local restaurant?  It’s like the best of both worlds…you make your bridal party happy and stimulate the economy at the same time.  I’m in!

To learn more about this delicious little find, head over to or visit them on Twitter.


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Bachelor Pad Meets Newlywed Love Nest!

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…It’s Easier Than You’d Think!

 Marrying an amazing man but your plans are to move into his bachelor pad?  How on earth are you going to mesh your girly stuff with his guy decor?  Let’s face it, his ideas of home decor may not at the top of your design dream list. 

He loves you, so I’m sure he won’t mind you adding just a few touches, right?  It’s not like you have to stick flowers everywhere and paint the walls pink, for goodness sake.  I suppose you could…but why not compromise instead and combine your style with his?  One of the reasons you’re getting married is because you mesh well, right?  So I’m sure your walls can too…


(Photo credits: Top & Bottom Middle ~, Bottom Left & Right ~ Geezees)

With a little help from Etsy seller Geezees, you’ll have your newlywed love nest redesigned in no time!  Use your wedding vows, love letters or wedding pictures to create different sized custom canvas wall art.  Stylish, unique and affordable wall design…that will work well with no matter what strange things your man previously decorated with!

When you invite your friends and family over, you’ll be proud to show off the place you’ll now call home!  You’ll love it, he’ll love it, they’ll love it.  Maybe you can even create smaller ones as gifts for your friends, family or bridal party.  A little something special they’ll never forget.  Cheers!

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Patiently Await The Day With Your Bridesmaids…

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…With Lovely & Affordable Rings!

Man, weddings can get expensive, can’t they?  By the time you’re finally done planning (or close to being done) all you want to do is chill.  Maybe spend some time with your fiance…or let your hair down with your girls!  After all, if they’ve been living up to their bridesmaid “duties” they probably need some chill time too.  And maybe a little token of appreciation for all their hard work. 

If you’re looking for bridesmaid gift ideas but you’ve broken the bank paying for your wedding, fear not – their gifts don’t have to be expensive, just special!  Get them a little something special to not only remember your day by, but your friendship as well. 

Perhaps a pretty little ring will do the job?  Choose from over 40 designs or have one custom made by Etsy seller SoraDesigns!  Below are a few of my personal favorites…to see more of my favorites, head on over to my guest blog over at the Wedding blog by clicking HERE.

 Karma Cocktail Ring:


While you’re at it, why not get one for yourself, too?  You could even wear it on your wedding day…as “something new”!

Await The Day Ring ~ I bet you are!


From the designer ~

Nearly every item in this shop is a one-of-a-kind creation, handmade with love and reflections on nature, relationships, and hope.
I strive to make jewelries that are functional and stunning as well as affordable. I use many recycled or environmentally friendly materials. My favorite materials are vintage buttons and artifacts; vintage Lucite beads and pendants; colorful semiprecious stones; and fabrics.
I love doing custom work, please convo me and I can incorporate your ideas in creating customized pieces.”

Seriously beautiful jewelry ~ and I love how affordable it is!  To see more of her designs including necklaces, earrings and other accessories, visit her Etsy shop by clicking HERE, or show her some blog love by clicking HERE.  Cheers!

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Boo-Boo Kisses For Bridesmaids…

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…Heels Are Hot, Ouches Are Not!

More often than not, wearing a hot pair of heels for the first time can become very painful…especially when you’re in them all day and night!  I’ve recently come up with ideas on how to help prevent this pain, however it’s always nice to have a back up plan

Hugs & Kisses Bandages:


Include these with your bridesmaid or flower girl gifts for a little added comfort in case those annoying blisters do happen.  Ouch!  Find these and more at Creative Bride.  Kiss their boo-boos goodbye, Dr. Bride!

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Stop What You’re Doing & Send Him A Love Note…

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…It’s Important.  Plus, He’ll Love It!

Ah, yes…the anticipation of your wedding day!  The countdown.  Meeting with vendors.  Watching movie marathons and eating Ramen Noodles for two years so you can save and put aside money to pay for your wedding.  Emotional break downs.  Planning.  More planning.  Breaking down in the middle of it all and buying a new TV because you figure you’ve earned it, it’s cheaper than most vendors and it’s keeping your sanity


But there’s more!  Signing contracts.  Downloading and listening to hours upon hours of music trying to decide on songs.  Adding spaghetti sauce to your Ramen Noodles thinking it’ll make them taste better because you’re sick of eating them already, but they’re cheap so you eat them anyway.  Making flower choices.  Changing your flower choices.  Smiling and jumping up and down because finally, finally one of your favorite vendors decided to give you a break in the form of a discount.  Finding those perfect pair of shoes.

Up, down, up, down, up, down!  Yep, you’re engaged and you’ve got wedding planning fever.  Some days are exciting, other days are stressful.  In the middle of it all though, don’t forget to remind yourselves what’s really important…the fact that you’re marrying your true love

So take some time out of your busy wedding planning days to send a love note love note to your soon-to-be-husband.  Reminding him it’s all worth it…because he’s worth it.  Reminding him that while you probably shouldn’t have splurged on that TV, it was indeed, a good idea in the end.  Now you can use it to cuddle up and watch romantic movies together…or, if you must, a good ol’ action flick.

While you’re at it, you could also send your bridesmaids and family a love note!  Remind everyone you love.  Visit the Unique Art Pendants shop at Etsy to view more and get your love notes ordered.  They will even arrive in an adorable little gift box.  Enjoy!

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Bedding For Bed Hogs…

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…Who’s Side of The Bed Is It Anyway?

My blogging buddy Ashley over at Bride Sophisticate recently received some creative but hilarious bedding as a wedding giftHis & Hers bedding from Bed Hog, complete with sheets that have a line right down the middle.  What a great gift idea!


Is your significant other hogging the bed?  Register for these for your wedding or add them to your lists as a birthday gift idea!  Who wouldn’t love a set of these?  Sleep better…with a big grin on your face knowing that you’re on your side and your love is on theirs.  Sweet dreams! 

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How To Get Perks For Being A Newlywed…

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…Honeymooners, Prepare In Style & Get Ready To Smile!

While on our honeymoon, my husband and I went out for dinner to a really great restaurant.  The waiter asked if we were celebrating anything special, so we informed him we had just gotten married that weekend.  To our surprise, we got a complimentary bottle of fabulous champagne and also a free dessert!  Whoot, whoot!

Before you get hitched, make sure to be prepared for your honeymoon!  Flaunt your newlywed status and watch the perks roll in.  You never know what fun upgrades or things you might get along the way.   Last week, on the Wishpot Wedding Blog, I featured a few adorable items that might just help you!  Here’s one of my favorites, to see more, HERE.

Honeymooners Tote – *$21.00 from


If you haven’t done so yet, hook yourself up with, where you can register for all your favorite things, from all your favorite stores, all on one list!  Need more registry inspiration?  See my Wishpot lists by clicking HERE.  Careful, it’s addicting…but so much easier than driving store to store!  Your family members will appreciate how easy it is too.  Cheers!

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