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When Night Falls…

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…Fall In Love.

Night owls, this night is yours.  Dream an evening up filled with candles and party until the sun comes up!

Sweet Dreams weddings at night board created by its a jaime thing dotcom 2

(Photo credits: Keate, Big Event Wedding, Biki John)

Before the wedding, get your pictures taken with a vibrant and colorful sunset as your backdrop.  Walk down the aisle with candles flickering, into your ceremony under the moon.  Party the night away with not only your ring twinkling, but the stars too! 

Night weddings can definitely set the mood for love!


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It’s Time To Party…

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…How Hosting A Partylite Party Can Get You Free Centerpieces & Decor For Your Wedding!

I’m notPartylite consultant.  Nor am I trying to sell you anything.  I’m simply a huge fan of Partylite because of the fact that thanks to them, the majority of my wedding decor was free!  Want to know a secret?  Some of my bridesmaids’ gifts were free too.  Sshhh…nobody has to know, right? 


So how did I do it?  By doing something I love to do anyway…I threw a party!  What if you did the same thing?  It’s the perfect excuse to get your girlfriends together to have a little fun, maybe drink some wine and do what we all love…shop!  All from the comfort of your own home.

Plan to have the party during the evening, so the candles that your consultant brings can really show off their glow.  Perhaps you could start the it around 7pm, after everyone has already had dinner.  That way, you can keep it affordable with yummy wine, cheese, coffee or desserts.


Put on some music, drink some wine and relax!  Play some games to include candles as prizes, talk about your favorite candle scents as you smell new ones, giggle over stories about how your fiance might think you have enough candles to have a seance…you know, just have fun!

There is never any pressure on your guests to buy, but your consultant will be there with catalogs in case they do want to buy something nice for their homes.  I mean really – who doesn’t love candles, right?


Based on the total sales from your party, you can easily earn yourself free or half-priced products of your choice, for your wedding!  So how does one host a really great show to get their free candles?  It’s not difficult, my dearies…to see how, visit my guest blog post over at the Wishpot Wedding Blog by clicking HERE.


So…when are you having your party?  To learn how to host a show, visit the Partylite website.  Chicago brides, contact my favorite Partylite consultant in the area, Janet Garreau, by clicking HERE.

After you get your free product and the wedding is over, take the pieces home to decorate your newlywed pad or give them away to guests.  Cheers!

Recession Proof DIY For Your Wedding Day…

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Save Your Money, Honey.  Get Creative!

Dry your tears and fears my dears.  Planning a wedding in the middle of a recession can be scary but it doesn’t have to be!  Get your “champagne” wedding on a “beer budget” with these creative ideas from the MJ Trim Blog!

Decorate old silverware with rhinestones, or fancy up your flutes with them as well!  You don’t really need an $800 pair of Mui Mui shoes for your big day.  Instead, pickup an affordable pair and add your own embellishments!  Looking to save on flowers or jewelry?  Learn how to make your own fabulous flowers out of fabric.  Don’t want your reception decor to be a bore?  Jazz it up with buttons or whatever other crafty thing you can think of.  The options are limitless, even if your budget isn’t.

The girly girls on Gossip Girl are always in style.  Instead of trying to hunt for that expensive hair accessory you saw Blair Waldorf wear in that one episode, why not just make your own?  I’m loving these simple, easy, crafty ideas to achieving the look for less:

See, it’s all good!  For more stylish DIY ideas for your day be sure to head over to the MJ Trim Blog and also check out Kristin’s wedding ideas.  You can also find instructions there on how to make all of these projects shown above, including how to make a kick butt wedding veil.  If you need to find any of the products used, get shopping at their store, M&J Trimming.  Happy planning!!

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DIY ~ Very Sexy Candles In A “Cinch”…

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…Hobby Lobby Can Help You Rock It!

Um, can someone tell me when became so cool?  I mean, I’ve always been a fan – the stores are like my own personal heaven, I love them.  However, I discovered just recently that not only are there stores fabulous, but there online site is too.  They now offer a whole section filled with inspiration galore, including these darling DIY candles!

I’m really loving these candle decorating ideas.  How simple, how adorable and how cool!  Corset style candles?!  Way too perfect for a bachelorette party, don’t you think?  Whether you use them as gifts for the bride or as decor for the party, they’re just hot!

I can never get enough of black and white…it’s so classy.  Use these to dress up pre-wedding partiesweddings, to decorate your home or give as gifts!

Wondering how to make these?  Click HERE and HERE, or just go to Project: Inspiration by Hobby Lobby for even more cool DIY ideas.  Happy crafting, everyone!

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Fun Fall Centerpieces…

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…Feel The Warmth!

Now that summer is over, add a feeling of warmth at your table.  Dress your tables pretty with these fabulous fall centerpieces!

 Sugar Molds by Napa Style:

Don’t you love how flowers and candles are combined in this lovely piece?

Autumnal Finds by Room Service Home:

Use this tree as a centerpiece at each table to hang the names of your guests on, as a symbol of joining each other’s friends and families

These would make great decor items for your home or as gifts to give away to close friends and family after the wedding.  Happy Fall!

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“Hot For Teacher” Wedding…

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Back To School…Then Back To Planning!

Planning on incorporating the teacher theme into your wedding?  Check out some of these exciting flower and decor ideas…from Kate Parker Weddings

Even without the flowers, the red and green apples look gorgeous.  When the wedding is over, send the apples home with guests!

To see more beautiful wedding inspiration from Kate Parker Weddings, click HERE.  But first, don’t you have homework to grade?  Happy planning!

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Partylite’s Halloween Decor…

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…Ideas for The Halloween Bride!

As promised, here is more from the new fall catalog from Partylite!  If you’re planning a Halloween wedding or just need some cool decor for your home, they have some of the coolest stuff!

I know, I’m a total Partylite geek…but you can’t beat getting a ton of free product (based on the sales) from just hosting a show!

See more by clicking HERE.  In the Chicagoland area?  Contact my favorite partylite consultant, Janet Garreau: – she really knows how to help you throw a fun party!

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