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A New, Stylish & Affordable Chicagoland Venue For Your Event…

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…Pina’s Culinary Experience, Where We Hosted My Sister’s Bridal Shower!

 For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing with you all of the little details from the bridal shower my sister and I recently hosted for our little sister.  Now I’ve saved the last post on the shower to share the venue details, Pina’s Culinary Experience in Roselle, IL.!   If you’re looking for a place to host your intimate wedding, shower or event, Pina’s is wonderful – I highly recommend them!

From the minute we found this place, we knew it would be perfect.  This charming little spot has only been open for about 2 years but has become quite popular…and I can see why!  The service is top-notch, the menu is affordable and the chefs there are so great to work with.  No, I really mean it – if you host your event there, you’ll end up wanting to hug them (I actually did)! 

Pina’s Culinary Experience in Roselle, IL.


The venue offers tasty and delightful cooking classes and also can be used to host private events.  There are two rooms, the Mediterranean style room in the front (shown on their website) and the larger room on the side, which is the room we hosted the bridal shower in.

The larger room is newly remodeled with a lovely contemporary feel!  Supporting local artists by hanging their gorgeous artwork on the walls, Pina’s is not only attractive inside but very into helping the community as well.  They’re just really good people!

I still can’t believe how affordable it was to have the shower at Pina’s.  Can you believe it was even less expensive than hosting it at an “affordable” restaurant?!  I researched so many places before we found Pina’s and I’m so thrilled with our decision to have the shower there.  Not to mention the fact that we had our own private room and our own personal gourmet chef


Chef Edward was extremely accommodating  with helping us plan for the shower and allowing us to decorate however we wanted.  He even helped us decorate…hanging the tissue flower poms we made, the banner I created and more.  He came to the rescue with a few things I had forgotten about too…like the candy for my “P-A-R-T-Y” dishes and the music for the shower.  What a guy!


He also let us come in and set up a couple of days early, so that it would be easier on us the morning of the shower.  By the time the guests arrived, everything was set in place and ready to go.  My, did it look beautiful!!! 

Everything was perfect – the atmosphere, the service, the food.  Oh, that food…so yummy!  Dessert was fabulous too…he created for us fresh individual cherry cheesecakes, chocolate-covered strawberries and one very tasty cake


(Photo credits:  Several of the pictures above thanks to Denise of Bellis Studios)  

So darlings…if you’re on the hunt for that perfect Chicagoland venue for your intimate event, you must give Pina’s Culinary Experience a try.  Let gourmet chefs Edward and Pina help you plan a menu that will rock your tastebuds and fit your budget.  Tell them I sent you.  You won’t be disappointed!

Not planning a party but want to learn how to cook?  Let Pina’s welcome you into their kitchen where you’ll learn to cook delicious meals from a gourmet chef, maybe have some cocktails, listen to music and just have a good ol’ time

For more information, visit their website or give them a call – #630-529-1898.  Cheers!


Bounty Paper Towels Turned Into Wedding Decor…

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…Bounty, I’m So Proud Of You!

Do you remember listening to Bounty  paper towel commercial when you were little?  That Bounty song would get stuck in your head for days.  It’s still with me!  Whenever I spill something, I’ll say to myself in that very happy Bounty way, “That’s okaaaaay…”, as I grab a paper towel to clean it up.  Then of course I’ll start singing, “Bounty, quicker picker upper…Bounty!”.  I know I’m not alone on this.  Admit it!

Well, deario cheerios, now Bounty has found another way to get into our heads.  They’ve created, on their website, a section filled with craft ideas and inspiration!  Sure, most of it is geared towards kids…but let’s face it, every idea starts from somewhere!  So why not turn their ideas into something of your own creation, even if you have to tweak it a little? 

Take a look at some of my favorite ideas from their site which I think just might work a fun little party, a bridal shower or even a wedding.  Keep in mind you could make it a little more modern by adding your own personal style to the items…. 


To see more and get instructions on how to make these items, click HERE.  Happy paper towel crafting!

(I promise in no way is this an advertisement…we have Home Made Simple to thank for inspiring us on this one!  What other odd places do you find inspiration?)

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The White House Christmas Party Pictures…

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…A Surreal Experience, I’m Sure!

Ever wonder what it’s like to have Christmas at the White House?  Well, here’s your chance to see!  Cyndi from C.A. Smith Photography in Maine has decided to share with us her pictures from the Christmas party she attended at the White House this season, so take a peek!  I especially love the uh, delightful orchestra in the living room.  Well, maybe it’s not the living room, but still…can you imagine having a live orchestra in your house?  Unbelievable! 

To read about Cyndi’s experience there, head on over to her beautiful Photography Blog by clicking HERE.  Enjoy!


Thanks for sharing, Cyndi!  Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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DIY Photo Magnets, Ornaments & Confetti…

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…Made Out Of Metal Favor Tins!

As many of you know, my family started a new annual tradition…the Christmas Ornament Exchange!  It’s such a great idea as it saves everyone money and gives people a chance to really give something special, which will be cherished for years to come.  This year, I thought I’d make a couple of ornaments for my friends, too!


If you remember, earlier this year, I hosted a wedding shower for my brother-in-law and his wife.  To make the favors, I used round metal favor tins which I filled with red hots, then wrapped with a black & silver band and secured with a scrapbooking brad.  Being that it was a small shower, I had several favor tins left, so they really came in handy when it was time to make my ornaments!


To make the ornaments, I just popped out the plastic from the lids on the favor tins, tied a ribbon, then popped the plastic back in.  I cut photos into circles to fit the shape of the tin, then popped the picture in.  I used the white round stickers that came with the favor kit to place on the back of the photo and write things such as “Christmas 2008”, etc.


I also made magnets, however I’m sorry to say I didn’t get a picture of those.  It was really easy, all I did was use the back of the favor tin, you know – the part that holds the candy.  I placed the picture (with tape on the back) inside the tin like you would candy.  I then cut old magnets from my fridge and superglued them to the back of the tin…wa-la!  Instant photo magnets!

Of course other ideas started to pop in my head as I was making these.  What if, for an event, you cut out 1″ – 2″ circles out of photos and scattered them around on top of top of the tables like confetti?  Whoa, photo confetti!  Too much fun.  Love these ideas and want to make them yourself?  Click HERE to purchase the tins online, or just go any local party or craft store.  Happy crafting!

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How To Throw A Wild Animal Party…

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…Just Invite The Neighbors!

Meet Fred.  The squirrel.  He’s really good at hosting wild animal parties in our backyard, so he’s decided to share some tips with us on how to make your wild animal party a successful one!


First things first, make sure the atmosphere is nice and comfy.  Think stylish branches for birds to sit on, an open bar birdhouse, and delightful food such as seeds, peanuts, cereal, the works!  You’ll want to set it up so that every friendly animal you invite feels at home.


Fred tells us that the best time to throw an animal party is during the day, that way you can hire security to keep their eyes open for predators that may be crawling nearby.


When it’s time to serve dinner, scatter the food in different spots to prevent too much crowding in one spot.   That way it’s easier for everyone to continue to mingle and make friends.


 Sometimes Fred asks his girlfriend, Fredricka, to help him host.  He says having a co-host also helps to keep things running smooth, in case someone has to run out for more peanuts because you only have one left…


Whatever you do, relax and have fun.  Nothing is worse than an uptight host.  Not having an animal party?  It’s ok, they’ll have their own.  Maybe if you buy them some food this winter so they don’t freeze and die they’ll even invite you to party along!  So don’t forget to feed your critters.

Looking to help the critters in other ways?  Help save abandoned wild baby animals by visiting this site:


Just go to:  Happy Holidays!

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Coffee Talk Yumspirations…

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…The Coffee Is Brewing & So Are The Ideas!

Do you ever get overwhelmed with yummy inspiration?  Find it hard to share everything you want?  Me too.  The files I’ve saved to favorites are overflowing, so it’s time for me to empty out that big bucket of inspiration and share with you some of my favorite finds this week…from wedding to holiday talk, all in one spot.  So grab a cup of coffee and join me for some cawfee tawk, won’t you?

Yes, coffee is my friend, isn’t it yours?  Grab this print for your home or office from Etsy seller Monicalee!


The Yummies!

* Looking for some unique and helpful tools for planning your wedding or other event?  Event Manager Blog  has covered several for you to geek out on & enjoy.

* Shartreuse has been covering 25 Days of Christmas over at her blog, have you joined her Flickr group yet to add your own pictures?

* Letterpress lovers!  If you’re searching for some stylish monogrammed letterpress stationery, go on over to Bellis Studios, her monogrammed notecards are on sale! 

* Hostess With The Mostess has brought us loads of inspiration for your holiday party or winter wedding through her “Inspire Me” Holiday Entertaining Contest.  Get on over there and vote for your favorite tablescapes and decor.   Find even more ideas in her Flickr group!

* Anne from Perfect Bound has officially started sharing her wedding day pictures taken by photographer Belathee.  Stop over and take a look, the pictures are stunning, as is she.  Congratulations, Anne!

* Chicago’s own loved makeup artist  Sonia Roselli introduces us to not only her brand new shop, Sonia Roselli Esthetique, but also to the perfect store for the vintage-style bride.

* Feeling zesty?  Globetrotting Bride shares with us “Scenes From A Spanish Wedding” – the pictures are spicey hot and sooo gorgeous!  Ole! 

* Are you a Parisian bride?  Find out what it takes to accomplish true Parisian Style over at the very inspiring iCiNG blog!  While you’re there, don’t forget to send her birthday wishes, as her blog just turned 2.  Watch this VIDEO to meet the lovely Gala!


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I Dream Of Cake, Every Night…

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…But Never In My Wildest Cake Dreams Have I Imagined Ones Like These!

Check out these gorgeous cakes!  They almost look too pretty to eat…but I’d love to try.  Here are a few of my personal favorites by:

Simply lovely…

I love the designs of each of these, however you know I absolutely adore the shoes!  Feast your eyes on more creative cake designs at “I Dream Of Cake“.  Or, if you’re in the San Francisco area, make an appointment to visit their awesome cake gallery, a museum of their amazing creations on display.  How would you ask them to design your perfect cake?

(Thanks to BV Weddings for introducing us to “I Dream Of Cake”  Be sure to visit her fabulous blog!)

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