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A Retro Bridal Shower…

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…So Fitting For The Soon-To-Be Wife!

Sure, times have changed.  Much of what used to be tradition had gone out the window.  Poof, gone!  Just like that.  However, nothing says we can’t bring a little bit of it back, right?  I mean, they do it all the time when it comes to fashion, so why not bring it home too?

This week over at the OneWed Savvy Scoop Blog, I guest blogged about a theme to bring out the pinup housewife in all of you…so of course I had to share!  If you’re planning a bridal shower, get ready to get girly…

retro fabulous bridal shower board created by its a jaime thing dotcom 2

(Photo credits ~ Top L: LB Event Couture, Bottom L:, Bottom M:  Head Of The Table, Right:  Anne Taintor)

Consider serving cherry pie instead of cake and grab some Coca Cola inspiration from my friend Kim over at Head Of The Table.  Or, customize your own bottles with Jones Soda!  To personalize, use similar sayings like shown on the gift bags above or even upload vintage themed photos to your bottle labels.

Thank your guests or pamper the bride with pretty little pinup style bath products from one of my favorite stores, Margarita Bloom!

retro fabulous bridal shower board created by its a jaime thing dotcom 4

(Photo credits ~ Left:  Beauty goodies from Margarita Bloom, Right: Vanity Girl of Vanity Fair)

When it comes time to decorate your shower space, mix your retro theme up with this unique turquoise and red Modern Kitchen Theme by Hostess With The Mostess!

retro modern tablescape idea via hostesswiththemostessdotcom apron by themerrymartinidotcom

(Photo credits: Flowers, tablescape via Hostess With The Mostess, Cherry apron via The Merry Martini)

I especially adore how serving utensils were used for the centerpieces – what a great idea!  After the shower, let the bride take them home so she can work on becoming her own domestic diva self.  Don’t forget the apron!

Craving more retro?  Click HERE or visit a few of my favorite vintage loving peeps at GlamourvilleThe Glam Guide, Vintage Glam Weddings, Rock ‘n Roll Bride, GaGaVida and Pin Me Up Photography.  Happy planning, beauty girls!


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A New DIY Idea Unveiled…

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…The Stylish Unveil!

For me, wearing a veil on my wedding day completed the look I used to dream of as a little girl.  However, veils aren’t for everyone!  So if you’re not the veil-wearing type of bride, consider this stylish look instead…

unique veil ideas picture via Macys ad

(Photo credit: Macy’s ad via Chicago Social Brides) 

…With a little DIY inspired creativity, all you would need to achieve this stylish couture look is a piece of tulle to tie around your neck and a lovely brooch to add that little bit of sparkle.  Can it get any easier or any more affordable than this?  I love it!

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Swoon Over It ~ For That Extra Creative Touch…

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…Oh Yes, It’s Definitely Swoon-Worthy!

Last week on the OneWed Savvy Scoop Blog, I guest blogged about some exciting news!  My friend Amanda over at The Blissful Bride has opened up her new shop.  It offers the perfect solution for anyone who wants to add that special touch to their wedding or other event and really make a good impression on guests! 

Introducing the Swoon Over It :: Modern Calligraphy Studio:


If you haven’t been over there to visit yet, be sure to do so and read up on the creative services she offers, which include adorable custom maps, custom lettering, hand painted shirts, handmade signs and hand addressing.  Go on and make your life a little easier!

One Person I Admire In The Wedding Industry & Why…

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…In Honor Of The 2009 Wedding Pledge!

A few weeks ago,  I decided to take the 2009 Wedding Pledge started by Bride Tide.  I know, I was a day late.  Oops!  While there are so many people in the wedding industry and in my life that I admire and would love to mention today, there is one who has constantly been a driving, motivating force and huge support behind this blog.  My aunt, Denise Johnson – the owner and letterpress designer behind Bellis Studios!

The day Denise married into our family was the day I gained another amazing aunt, friend and now mentor too!   To know her is to love her, and I definitely do.  I am blessed with a wonderful family and I’m so happy she is now a part of it!  Her kindness is simply unmeasurable.  As is her generosity, patience and talent!

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, she surprised us by offering to design our invitations and programs for us.  They turned out amazing.  It was then I realized just how creative she was, and we immediately clicked.  Since our wedding, she has also given her time, using her extreme talent and creativity to design invitations for my other family members and friends.  I know, how lucky are we!? 

On her Bellis Studios Blog, she writes,

I married a man with three sisters and they all have daughters…seven of them (and one, very out numbered, son)!!  I wasn’t in the picture when they were little.  I came along when they were teenagers and I’ve watched them grow into beautiful young women.  And now, I’m getting to know them better…through their weddings.”.

While I love her and am so grateful for her designing all of our invitations, it’s not the only reason I’m spotlighting her today.  After realizing how much we had in common and that we both enjoyed being creative, we became even closer.  I always tell her that she’s not only an aunt, friend and mentor to me, but she’s also like the older sister I never had.  I hate to say older because she doesn’t look it one bit!  She’s beautiful.


(Photo by Bellis Studios) 

Now that I’ve told you a little about her, let me skip ahead a few years.  After our wedding, I began helping friends and families plan their weddings, showers and events.  The corners in my home were beginning to pile up with magazines, pages torn out, tucked into folders which I hoped to eventually organize to share but just never found the time.  I was becoming an inspiration pack rat!  Somebody had to stop the madness.  Seriously.

So like a fairy blog mother, Denise came to the rescue and brought to me the idea of starting a blog to keep all of my ideas and thoughts in.  With a blog, I could more easily share ideas (without the cluttered mess).  It was then, that my blog, “It’s A Jaime Thing” was born.  All thanks to Denise for encouraging me to start it!

For days and days, I would sit at my computer and write, posting pictures I loved, craft ideas, shoes…you know, pretty little happy things.  Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years.  The title of my blog was never really planned, it was just “me”.  This blog was something that became my hobby.  Filled with things I loved.  It became my own little creative outlet in this world – my own little corner of the web.  It turned into a “Jaime” thing.

Since, I’ve had the opportunity to keep my “creative juices” flowing, all while hoping to inspire others along the way.  I’ve also been blessed and lucky to meet some amazing people in the wedding industry and attend some really fun, inspiring events!  Each day I write, I learn something new and push myself to find even more ideas to share with you.  I enjoy every single second of it!  Soon, with the help of Denise, I’ll even be launching my upcoming, newly redesigned site.

Denise has stood right beside me through the entire time, supporting me, designing the new site and helping come up with ideas for it!  That’s one thing I didn’t tell you about her yet.  Not only is she an amazingly talented letterpress expert, but she’s also quite handy at graphics and web design!  She’s helping me turn my new blog into something sweet for you…and I can’t wait to share it!  It’s coming soon…I promise.

After taking the time to read this (thank you!), I hope you can understand why I admire my aunt, Denise Johnson so very much.  If you’re planning a wedding, I encourage you to consider her and her shop at Bellis Studios as your invitation and creative source. 

She’s not only great to work with and talented when it comes to design and color, but she’s truly a wonderful, caring, sweet person as well, who I’m lucky to have in my life.  Cheers to you, Denise!  Thank you for all you do, from the bottom of my heart!

Like I said, to know her is to love her…

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For The Chocolate Loving Bride…

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…A Cocktail Reception Inspired By The Chocolate Martini!

This week, Polka Dot Bride featured an awesome inspiration board for a wedding inspired by the chocolate martini.  You know I’m all about chocolate martinis (it’s one of my favorite cocktails!), so I couldn’t help but share her creativity

Head on over to Polka Dot Bride right now to find even more ideas and inspiration for this yummy event…do so by clicking  HERE


(Inspiration board created by Polka Dot Bride.  Photo credits:  Mariana Hardwick, Brides, Martha Stewart WeddingsBridesMy Recipes, The Fairmount Bride, Koko Blackktjean, Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, Jigsaw)

This would be a great theme for any wedding, especially one set in the Fall or Winter to warm and cozy things up a bit.  Besides, who doesn’t love a chocolate martini, right? 

Sometimes, I swear it would be a more peaceful world if everyone indulged in chocolate from time to time.  So go ahead – indulge in some chocolate.  Of course, drink responsibly!  Cheers!

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New Magazine ~ Weddings By The Ritz-Carlton…

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 …Puttin’ On Da Ritz!

When my husband and I got married 6 years ago, we were blessed and lucky to receive our honeymoon at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago as a gift.   Walking into the hotel, fully dressed in my wedding gown and the hubby in his tux, it was an amazing experience we’ll never forget!  We were treated like royalty – our entire stay!  Literally. 


Every person working at The Ritz treated us like gold, even remembering our names and greeting us the entire stay.  Seriously – how did they remember our names like that?  Every single person in that hotel from the concierge, the front desk, the bell guy, the elevator guy, wait staff – greeted us with, “Hello, Mr. & Mrs. H.!”.  We weren’t wearing name tags.  They just knew who we were somehow.  I still don’t understand how.

Our stay there was magical.  Breathtakingly beautiful and so much more.  If you’d like to read more about our stay, click HERE.  Even if you don’t go there for your wedding or honeymoon, if you just stay there for one night, at least once in your life – the experience is worth it.  I can’t explain it…it just is.  You’ll understand if you go!

I love The Ritz-Carlton hotel chain for so many fabulous reasons, but this next reason tops the cake!  Did you know that they have also started  A Vow to Help Others program?  “When you book your wedding to be held prior to December 31, 2010, The Ritz-Carlton will donate five percent of the food revenue to The Ritz-Carlton Community Footprints Fund and the charity of your choice.” – The Ritz-Carlton 

Now that’s fab.

As if their hotel ambiance, impeccable service and giving back to the community wasn’t enough, The Ritz Carlton has now decided to also come out with a wedding magazine to help couples plan for their wedding.  Yes, it’s true… 



“This June, Weddings by The Ritz-Carlton will become a biannual magazine distributed in guest rooms of the 70-plus Ritz-Carlton properties worldwide and to all brides- and grooms-to-be who inquire about weddings and honeymoon packages at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.

By bringing together writers, illustrators and photographers from around the world, Weddings by The Ritz-Carlton will be a new type of bridal magazine that inspires and delights readers the world-over with insights into the trends and traditions of a signature Ritz-Carlton wedding, as well as elements of designing the ultimate wedding experience including rings, gowns and ideas for making the celebration and honeymoon unforgettable.

‘The Ritz-Carlton sets the standard for once-in-a-lifetime occasions and our magazine is fashioned to do the same,’ said Julia Gajcak, vice president of marketing and communications at The Ritz-Carlton.” – via Press Release

Who’s excited?  You know I can’t wait to get my first copy of the magazine…and as soon as I do, darling dearests, I’ll be sure to share it with you.  Cheers and happy planning!

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Wedding Chit Chat…

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… And Coffee Talk!

The coffee is hot and so are the ideas floating around out there…so let’s enjoy a little coffee talk, shall we?


(Coffee Ring by Etsy seller SoraDesigns.)

Have you heard about the new weekly Savvy Steal Giveaways hosted over at Savvy Scoop by  This week, score yourself 50 free digital invitations by Hello!Lucky!…and be sure to check back weekly for even more fabulous giveaways!

Set the mood with good lighting to benefit your wedding pictures!  Learn how over at Zenadia Design.

Dynamite Weddings is hosting a Photo Card Creations giveaway!  Hurry up, a winner will be chosen on Friday, April 10th!

Anne of Perfect Bound now shares her weekly love and relationship blogger crushes and advice…how fun! 

Tony & Tina’s wedding may have rocked, but if you’re an Atlanta bride, you’ve gotta check out  The Not Wedding on Sunday, April 5th!

Trendsetting Wedding has taken us beyond the plain vase and shares with us some very, very sexy centerpieces!

Globetrotting Bride features new fashion forward ring pillows that you can also have custom made to make unique, like you!  Seriously fabulous.  I’m especially loving the super bold, bright colors!

Spanx goes bridal over at the Wedded Bits Blog by!

Sparkliatti has officially launched their new store!  Have you gone to visit it yet?

Learn how to put a little spark into your love and your wedding photos by visiting the Bridal Inquirer.

Jubilee Events shares with us some cute-as-a-button calligraphy…get inspired!

Tracey from The Las Vegas Wedding Concierge features her Top 10 Wedding Blogs on and Looney Maiden Jewelry shares their Wedding Blogs Power 100 list.  A special thank you to the ladies who included “It’s A Jaime Thing”!  I am beyond touched and so honored to be named and listed among many of my favorite wedding bloggers.  Brides, if you’re craving even more wedding inspiration, get comfy and head on over.  Enjoy!

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