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Tick-Tock Tea Time…

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…Don’t Be Late For That Very Important Date!

Here’s a unique idea for your newlyweded home together…

china teacup wall art via sweetpauldottypepaddotcom

(Photo credit: by Wendell Webber styled by Sweet Paul)

Scout out vintage tea cups and saucers from your local antique store or from your other family members and use them to create a fabulous piece of wall art!  Whether you turn it into a real clock or keep it as simple decor, you’re sure to get compliments rolling in!

Creativity.  Don’t you love it?  See more inspiring design ideas by visiting Sweet Paul, one of my new favorite design and food blogs!


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Bachelor Pad Meets Newlywed Love Nest!

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…It’s Easier Than You’d Think!

 Marrying an amazing man but your plans are to move into his bachelor pad?  How on earth are you going to mesh your girly stuff with his guy decor?  Let’s face it, his ideas of home decor may not at the top of your design dream list. 

He loves you, so I’m sure he won’t mind you adding just a few touches, right?  It’s not like you have to stick flowers everywhere and paint the walls pink, for goodness sake.  I suppose you could…but why not compromise instead and combine your style with his?  One of the reasons you’re getting married is because you mesh well, right?  So I’m sure your walls can too…


(Photo credits: Top & Bottom Middle ~, Bottom Left & Right ~ Geezees)

With a little help from Etsy seller Geezees, you’ll have your newlywed love nest redesigned in no time!  Use your wedding vows, love letters or wedding pictures to create different sized custom canvas wall art.  Stylish, unique and affordable wall design…that will work well with no matter what strange things your man previously decorated with!

When you invite your friends and family over, you’ll be proud to show off the place you’ll now call home!  You’ll love it, he’ll love it, they’ll love it.  Maybe you can even create smaller ones as gifts for your friends, family or bridal party.  A little something special they’ll never forget.  Cheers!

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A Traveling Shower…

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…For The Travel Loving Couple!

If your favorite couple is getting hitched and they’re lovers of not only each other but of travel as well, get creative and throw them a travel themed shower!  Instead of your typical shower invitation, send actual postcards to guests.  Write something clever or cute, such as, “Please join us in helping the couple travel their way into a happy marriage”.  Below are a few of my other ideas…

Think about using these lovely and inexpensive paper suitcases designed by Chicago’s own, Nicole Balch, of Pink Loves Brown for your decor needs!


Decorate the gift table with one paper suitcase each side, open up and use to display postcards from around the world, love letters, or pictures from the couples’ past vacations.  Maybe even visit a vintage store to purchase an old unworking camera to place inside.  Or, perhaps you could get funky and use the larger suitcase as a cake stand.  Now that’s fun!

Ask the bridesmaids to get together to help you make little paper airplanes to hang from the ceiling.  Or, for a more subtle touch think about making even smaller paper airplanes to stick into flower centerpieces!  Looking for affordable favors?  What if you printed out or designed luggage tags with some cute travel themed cardstock?  For fun you could throw paper airplanes at each other.  Just kidding.

After the shower is over, give the paper suitcases to the bride or away to a couple of guests to use as cool storage or home decor.  Thrifty!  What other ideas do you have for a travel themed shower?  Comment away, I’d love to hear.  As for now, be sure to visit Nicole’s blog, Making It Lovely, and shop Pink Loves Brown for even more beautiful inspiration.  Happy planning!

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Decor To Adore!

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Add A Little Bit Of Loveliness…

I cannot get over how cool and affordable these beaded tealight holders are!  You could easily use these to hang around your reception venue, either above the bar, above tables, in the corners or at the entrance.  I think they’re absolutely beautiful and would really add a nice touch of color to any event or home!

In the above picture, glass hurricanes were placed inside the tealight holders.  Now that’s a creative idea!  If you love these as much as I do, head on over to, you seriously won’t believe how affordable they are!  I also love this chandelier from Urban Outfitters:

Don’t you just love pretty things?  Happy planning!

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Newlywed? Hopelessly Romantic Home Decor Idea…

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Keep The Spark, Step It Up A Little!

Thinking of creative ways to decorate your newlywed home?   Maybe you’ve already sprinkled it with love by hanging your wedding bouquet, or by keeping wedding keepsakes on a shelf in your china cabinet.  What if you got really creative and did something like this: 

The couple inscribed the temporary stair treads with lines from a valentine’s letter that Cummins’s grandfather penned to her grandmother during the World War II era.”Bandelle Blog

(Images found at Bandelle Blog from Metropolitan Home)

These stairs were originally just going to be temporary, but the couple ended up keeping them instead.  How sweet is that?!  To read the full story, click  HERE.  Don’t have a love letter from your grandparents?  It’s ok, why not write your wedding vows on your stairs instead?  Or decorate an accent wall in your bedroom with loving thoughts and words.  Now say it with me, “Awwwwwwww….”!

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Getting Creative With Picture Frame Decals…

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…Ways To Decorate & Turn Your Venue Into Your Own Gallery!

It started over coffeeeee, we started off as friends”, however you began your life together, it was built on memories had, so why not pull those memories into your reception decor?  Let your guests clearly see how you fell in love with each other.  Turn your reception venue walls into your own little gallery with these affordable Re-Stickable Decal Photo Frames from the Photojojo store!

 Now come on…how cool are these, seriously!

 “Each pack contains eight stylish frames cut from pliable, premium vinyl. (The same material used to make high-quality wall decals.) The low-tack adhesive sticks to your walls or windows but is a cinch to take off and re-apply. And it won’t damage walls or paint.” – Photojojo

Aren’t they fun?  What I love most about these is how they are not only stylish, but they won’t peel off paint or ruin your walls.  Imagine the possibilities with these…you could put them on walls, tables, doors, where ever your little loving heart desires. 

Use them to put photos inside of you and your honey, moments shared with family and friends, or wedding pictures of other family members.  Or, display super sweet love letters, concert tickets, menus, programs, the options are endless!  When the wedding is over, peel them off the wall and use them at home to decorate.  No need to buy a bunch of expensive picture frames that take up too much space.

Love them as much as I do?  Get them by clicking HERE.  Go on.  Walk down memory lane!

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This Weekend’s Halloween Birthday Bash…

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…It Was Pretty Scary!

One of my very best friends was turning thirtytwenty-ten” years old this weekend.  Her husband had asked a few of us help him throw a surprise birthday Halloween party for her and we were happy to do it!

We decided to work around a skull and bone theme.  These pictures don’t do their justice since they were taken before the party, during the day.  So please try to imagine it at night, with a strobe light, candles, strung skull lights, black lights everywhere and a little bit of dimmed lighting.  It was cool!

We had put tons of webbing all over the shelves, windows and some other places here and there.  We cut swirlies out of construction paper and hung them from the ceilings.  After purchasing a variety of tombstones and skulls, we decided to decorate them girly since it was her birthday, so we did so by using hot pink rhinestones!


Bones were layed out under the webbing,  and the walls were decorated with different skulls we’d found, along with some great skull garland and skull banners.  We found these really cool Halloween bottle labels to cover the bottles on the bar we set up.  The bar was covered with rhinestone skull fabric we had picked up.  A silver skull punch bowl was turned into an ice bucket and drinks were served with eyeball straws!  Freaked me out, man.

The Gang…

 At some point, everyone watched the picture montage video we had made for her and her husband for their wedding.  It showed pictures (set to music) from when she was younger, up to this year.  It was so nice to see it added as a special little touch to her birthday.   

I think everyone ended up having a great time.  To my surprise, I’m happy to say  the birthday girl really was surprised when she walked in!  Another party, another success.  Now that they’re stuck with all of these Halloween decorations (ha, ha!), we’ve informed her and her husband that they’ll have to make this a new yearly tradition…only next time, I’m eating more cake!

Do you see me in the picture above?  Hard to tell what I’m wearing, so I’ll tell you.  I ran out of time so I had to think fast for my costume!  Last minute, I decided to attempt to be a runway model.  Hardee har har, right?  Well, you know the kind of runway model I’m talking about…the kind with the wild crazy hair and clothes that no normal person would ever be caught dead in? 

I put on an old bridesmaid dress, topped it with some ugly lace thing and a belt with horrid shoes, then I put on some really dark eye makeup and ratted my hair on top of my head as much as I could…as high as I could!  I hairsprayed the heck out of it.  It definitely looked awesome, but it started to fall mid-party…thank goodness for hairpins.  I wish I could show you the hair better…it was my favorite part about the costume. 

Hope you all had a great Halloween!  Did you do something fun?  Share with us by commenting away – we’d love to hear about it.  Cheers!

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