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A Little Goes A Long Way…

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…With The World’s Smallest Postal Service!

Email schmemail – what could be better than a tiny love note?

worlds smallest postal service by leafcutterdesignsdotcom 6

(Photo credits: Leafcutter Designs)

Write one to your soon-to-be or consider giving these as unique wedding invitations, favors or thank you cards to guests!  I mean really, who wouldn’t love to receive one of these darling treasures?

Here’s how it works:  You write a letter and it is transcribed onto tiny stationary with a magical transcription device.  The letter then goes into a see-through folded coin case and is packaged up with a magnifying glass in a larger glassine envelope, finished off with a wax seal.  It is put in a sturdy mailer for shipping.”Leafcutter Designs

Find them by clicking HERE and stop by the artist’s blog for more inspiring things by clicking HERE.  Enjoy! 


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For The Sunflower Bride…

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…Gorgeous & Modern Sunflower Letterpress Invites!

If you’re planning a sunflower wedding, send a little extra sunshine to impress your guests!  Do so with these stunning swirly Sunflower Letterpress Invitations which I recently featured over at Savvy Scoop Blog


What is letterpress?  “The art of letterpress involves inking raised type and then impressing it directly onto the printing surface. The result is an impression that you can see and feel.” – Denise Johnson 

This gorgeous design can also be printed in the colors curry and brown!   Choose from several different pieces to complete your perfect invitation.  Want to get a feel before you order your invitations?  Get yourself a sample by clicking HERE.


Brides, if you love the look but you’re on a tighter budget, no worries.  Consider the option of printing digital instead!  Digital printing is also a faster option if you’re in a bit more of a hurry. 


Once your wedding is over, check out the Bellis Studios coordinating Sunflower Letterpress Thank You Cards to send to your guests! 


To find information on this line, see other designs or to view pricing, visit the Bellis Studios site and check out her blog.

Also, if you’re looking for even more happy, sunny and lovely sunflower wedding inspiration,  visit the entries I posted about my cousin’s sunflower wedding by clicking HERE and her sunflower bridal shower by clicking HERE.  Let the sun shine in!

One Person I Admire In The Wedding Industry & Why…

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…In Honor Of The 2009 Wedding Pledge!

A few weeks ago,  I decided to take the 2009 Wedding Pledge started by Bride Tide.  I know, I was a day late.  Oops!  While there are so many people in the wedding industry and in my life that I admire and would love to mention today, there is one who has constantly been a driving, motivating force and huge support behind this blog.  My aunt, Denise Johnson – the owner and letterpress designer behind Bellis Studios!

The day Denise married into our family was the day I gained another amazing aunt, friend and now mentor too!   To know her is to love her, and I definitely do.  I am blessed with a wonderful family and I’m so happy she is now a part of it!  Her kindness is simply unmeasurable.  As is her generosity, patience and talent!

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, she surprised us by offering to design our invitations and programs for us.  They turned out amazing.  It was then I realized just how creative she was, and we immediately clicked.  Since our wedding, she has also given her time, using her extreme talent and creativity to design invitations for my other family members and friends.  I know, how lucky are we!? 

On her Bellis Studios Blog, she writes,

I married a man with three sisters and they all have daughters…seven of them (and one, very out numbered, son)!!  I wasn’t in the picture when they were little.  I came along when they were teenagers and I’ve watched them grow into beautiful young women.  And now, I’m getting to know them better…through their weddings.”.

While I love her and am so grateful for her designing all of our invitations, it’s not the only reason I’m spotlighting her today.  After realizing how much we had in common and that we both enjoyed being creative, we became even closer.  I always tell her that she’s not only an aunt, friend and mentor to me, but she’s also like the older sister I never had.  I hate to say older because she doesn’t look it one bit!  She’s beautiful.


(Photo by Bellis Studios) 

Now that I’ve told you a little about her, let me skip ahead a few years.  After our wedding, I began helping friends and families plan their weddings, showers and events.  The corners in my home were beginning to pile up with magazines, pages torn out, tucked into folders which I hoped to eventually organize to share but just never found the time.  I was becoming an inspiration pack rat!  Somebody had to stop the madness.  Seriously.

So like a fairy blog mother, Denise came to the rescue and brought to me the idea of starting a blog to keep all of my ideas and thoughts in.  With a blog, I could more easily share ideas (without the cluttered mess).  It was then, that my blog, “It’s A Jaime Thing” was born.  All thanks to Denise for encouraging me to start it!

For days and days, I would sit at my computer and write, posting pictures I loved, craft ideas, shoes…you know, pretty little happy things.  Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years.  The title of my blog was never really planned, it was just “me”.  This blog was something that became my hobby.  Filled with things I loved.  It became my own little creative outlet in this world – my own little corner of the web.  It turned into a “Jaime” thing.

Since, I’ve had the opportunity to keep my “creative juices” flowing, all while hoping to inspire others along the way.  I’ve also been blessed and lucky to meet some amazing people in the wedding industry and attend some really fun, inspiring events!  Each day I write, I learn something new and push myself to find even more ideas to share with you.  I enjoy every single second of it!  Soon, with the help of Denise, I’ll even be launching my upcoming, newly redesigned site.

Denise has stood right beside me through the entire time, supporting me, designing the new site and helping come up with ideas for it!  That’s one thing I didn’t tell you about her yet.  Not only is she an amazingly talented letterpress expert, but she’s also quite handy at graphics and web design!  She’s helping me turn my new blog into something sweet for you…and I can’t wait to share it!  It’s coming soon…I promise.

After taking the time to read this (thank you!), I hope you can understand why I admire my aunt, Denise Johnson so very much.  If you’re planning a wedding, I encourage you to consider her and her shop at Bellis Studios as your invitation and creative source. 

She’s not only great to work with and talented when it comes to design and color, but she’s truly a wonderful, caring, sweet person as well, who I’m lucky to have in my life.  Cheers to you, Denise!  Thank you for all you do, from the bottom of my heart!

Like I said, to know her is to love her…

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Showcase: Hand-Painted Invitations…

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…By Kristy Rice of Momental Designs!

Recently, I received a few wedding invitation samples in the mail from Kristy Rice, “an artist-turned-stationery designer” and owner of Momental Designs.  I’m not sure if I’ve been hiding under a rock lately or what, but this was the first time I’ve actually seen hand-painted wedding invitations.  I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when they came to my door!


Kristy’s designs are individually hand-painted and custom-made…with love, for love.  I can’t imagine how time consuming it must be, as not only does she design beautiful invitations, but  placecards, programs, menus and other stationery as well.  Take a look…


If you’re in the market for hand-painted invites, let Kristy work with you to create lovely designs significant to your love story.  If you’re looking to get inspired, click HERE to visit her stationery gallery or visit her website at  Also, be sure to stop by her blog, Rice Ink, to learn how she gets inspired and see why her invitations are loved by couples nationwide! 

Thanks for sharing your talent and passion with us, Kristy!

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Hot Topic ~ Wedding Invitations!

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Dear Readers, 

I’ve decided to run my very first poll here on the blog and I’m hoping you’ll participate.  Pretty please?  With a cherry on top and rainbow colored sprinkles too?  You’re the best!  Based on your results, I’ll be posting some fun new things on the blog to better inspire you. 

Don’t see your plan as an option in the poll?  Care to share with other brides where you’re getting your invites done or where you’ve found a great deal?  Please feel free to comment below!  I really appreciate your time, thank you!  And of course, happy planning!


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Foil & Spoil Me…

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…It’s Pretty Business, Baby!

My goodness, just look at these gorgeous foil business cards created by one of my favorite stationery gals, Crafty Lil Momma!  She’s crafty, alright, and so are these little lovies…

So sleek & sexy…

 I love how the light reflects off of the foil in such a beautiful way.  Quite eye-catching, don’t you agree?

 These business cards would be great for anyone looking to give a really lovely first impression.  Don’t these inspire you to consider dreamy foil for your wedding invitations?  Crafty Lil Momma, is it possible?  Could you do it?  Let us know! 

To see more of her fabulous foil cards, click HERE.

UPDATE:  “By popular demand here are the prices for the foil cards ) 250 – $45, 500 – $60, 1000 – $75, b/w back is $10 more; color back is $15 more.  Pricing doesn’t include shipping  Thanks! ” -Jen at Crafty Lil Momma.

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Freshly Minted! Save-The-Date Launch & Special Discount!

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New Save-The-Dates Launching This Week At!

If you haven’t heard of yet, let me introduce you!  Minted is a new online stationery site that offers an innovative and unique collection from independent brands and designers.  It’s the place to go to find fresh designs for all of your paper needs!

Super sweet Kelly from Minted just informed me that they’re launching their new line of save-the-dates this week, and thought my readers might enjoy a nice discount.  Yay!  Receive 15% off all of Minted’s flat printed save-the-dates (including the new ones they are launching plus the photo save the dates from their first design challenge). 

Just enter BLG15 at checkout to get your fabulous discount on your favorite stationery!  This discount is only valid through Wednesday, August 20, 2008 – so get shopping!

Here are a few more samples from their new and very beautiful collection of save-the-dates.  They’re so clean, stylish and fun!

There are many more gorgeous designs, to see the entire collection of save-the-dates, click HERE!  Don’t forget to check out the rest of their SITE and very inspiring BLOG.  Happy day!

(Offer and pictures thanks to  Discount offer valid only at Minted through Wednesday, August 20, 2008.  Any questions please contact Minted HERE.)

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