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Caught In The Act…

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…Photos To Inspire Your Photos!

If you asked your photographer to catch you in the act, they might think you’re crazy…until you showed them these inspiring photos!

vancleef arpels

Whether it’s for your wedding…

vancleef arpels 3


vancleef arpels 2

(Photo credits:  Van Cleef & Arpels Fine Jewelry)

Or anniversary…

How fun would it be to recreate these adorable poses of being caught in the act?  While you’re at it, why not get caught in the act of picking out bridal jewelry as well?  Go on and have a little fun capturing your sweet and sexy moments together!   


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DIY Photo Magnets, Ornaments & Confetti…

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…Made Out Of Metal Favor Tins!

As many of you know, my family started a new annual tradition…the Christmas Ornament Exchange!  It’s such a great idea as it saves everyone money and gives people a chance to really give something special, which will be cherished for years to come.  This year, I thought I’d make a couple of ornaments for my friends, too!


If you remember, earlier this year, I hosted a wedding shower for my brother-in-law and his wife.  To make the favors, I used round metal favor tins which I filled with red hots, then wrapped with a black & silver band and secured with a scrapbooking brad.  Being that it was a small shower, I had several favor tins left, so they really came in handy when it was time to make my ornaments!


To make the ornaments, I just popped out the plastic from the lids on the favor tins, tied a ribbon, then popped the plastic back in.  I cut photos into circles to fit the shape of the tin, then popped the picture in.  I used the white round stickers that came with the favor kit to place on the back of the photo and write things such as “Christmas 2008”, etc.


I also made magnets, however I’m sorry to say I didn’t get a picture of those.  It was really easy, all I did was use the back of the favor tin, you know – the part that holds the candy.  I placed the picture (with tape on the back) inside the tin like you would candy.  I then cut old magnets from my fridge and superglued them to the back of the tin…wa-la!  Instant photo magnets!

Of course other ideas started to pop in my head as I was making these.  What if, for an event, you cut out 1″ – 2″ circles out of photos and scattered them around on top of top of the tables like confetti?  Whoa, photo confetti!  Too much fun.  Love these ideas and want to make them yourself?  Click HERE to purchase the tins online, or just go any local party or craft store.  Happy crafting!

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Love Letter Turned Quilt…

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…Wrap Your Love Around Them!

I’ve always been a sucker for sentimental things.  When we received an awesome hand-made quilt from my grandparents for our wedding, it was the most special thing ever.  I still sleep with it every night!  I also sleep with my Precious Moments alphabet “silky blanky” they made for me, and I’m almost 30 twenty-ten years old!  These are so special to me because they were made with love.  Which is why I decided to share this lovely idea with you:

Don’t you love it?  A love letter turned into a quilt, with a little help from Spoonflower!  The quilt was made by Sarah, of The Small Object, for her niece.  Isn’t it just the sweetest thing?

When I saw this, I had to share it with you dear readers right away, because I truly think this would make a wonderful gift idea for either a couple on their wedding day or for your true love.  Heck, this would be a great gift for anyone…for any reason!  Think baby showers, birthdays, holidays or anniversaries.  You can’t go wrong with this idea.

To read more about it and see how to make it, click HERE.  To get your custom fabric made, head on over to Spoonflower.  Thanks to Photojojo for emailing this idea to me so I could share it with you!  Be sure to check out their website as well, for other cool ideas.  Happy loving & happy quilting!

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Sentimental Storage…

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…Where To Put All Of Those Old Cards And Letters!

Through the years we all collect memories.  Most people hold onto photos, however some are like me and hold onto everything

Yes, I keep most everything…from old school work to birthday cards, ticket stubs to old wedding and shower cards we received for our wedding.  I keep old letters from my friends, my husband and even my cat (yes, our cat gives my husband and I birthday cards…lol doesn’t yours?). 

I even keep really old receipts…but we won’t talk about that.  I blame that habit on my mother!

So deario cheerios, for all of you who are like me, here are a few ideas to help you hold onto your memories and keep them safe for years to come.  Afterall, don’t you want to show your grandchildren someday the love letters their grandpa gave you?

Try this Letter-Size Archival File Storage Box & Files from!

This box is “constructed from acid-free materials and feature a buffering agent to neutralize any migrant acid and atmospheric pollutants. This archival material is crafted into solid, secure boxes that resist dust, dirt and light infiltration. Rigid metal-reinforced corners create a secure seam and resist crushing even when stacked.” – The Container Store  

Worried about what will happen if there is a fire?  Or just worried it’ll take up too much space?  Just scan each one and upload it to your computer.  You can download the files to a CD, and keep the CD in a safety deposit box nearby. 

Read more about how to do this by visiting, a wonderful site I found while browsing one of my new favorite blogs, Cricket Family!

Written by Jaime

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