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It’s Time To Party…

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…How Hosting A Partylite Party Can Get You Free Centerpieces & Decor For Your Wedding!

I’m notPartylite consultant.  Nor am I trying to sell you anything.  I’m simply a huge fan of Partylite because of the fact that thanks to them, the majority of my wedding decor was free!  Want to know a secret?  Some of my bridesmaids’ gifts were free too.  Sshhh…nobody has to know, right? 


So how did I do it?  By doing something I love to do anyway…I threw a party!  What if you did the same thing?  It’s the perfect excuse to get your girlfriends together to have a little fun, maybe drink some wine and do what we all love…shop!  All from the comfort of your own home.

Plan to have the party during the evening, so the candles that your consultant brings can really show off their glow.  Perhaps you could start the it around 7pm, after everyone has already had dinner.  That way, you can keep it affordable with yummy wine, cheese, coffee or desserts.


Put on some music, drink some wine and relax!  Play some games to include candles as prizes, talk about your favorite candle scents as you smell new ones, giggle over stories about how your fiance might think you have enough candles to have a seance…you know, just have fun!

There is never any pressure on your guests to buy, but your consultant will be there with catalogs in case they do want to buy something nice for their homes.  I mean really – who doesn’t love candles, right?


Based on the total sales from your party, you can easily earn yourself free or half-priced products of your choice, for your wedding!  So how does one host a really great show to get their free candles?  It’s not difficult, my dearies…to see how, visit my guest blog post over at the Wishpot Wedding Blog by clicking HERE.


So…when are you having your party?  To learn how to host a show, visit the Partylite website.  Chicago brides, contact my favorite Partylite consultant in the area, Janet Garreau, by clicking HERE.

After you get your free product and the wedding is over, take the pieces home to decorate your newlywed pad or give them away to guests.  Cheers!


Party Spelled Out…

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…In Fun Little Dishes!

Many of you have been asking me where I got these party dishes that I used for my brother-in-law’s wedding shower last fall…


…Truth is, we received these from my wonderful aunt as part of a gift for our wedding shower over 5 years ago!  I continue to receive compliments on them to this day.  I love them!  If you’re looking to get some of your own, fear not my fine feathered friends…they can still be purchased!


Get these fun little party dishes from Sur La Table for under $20!   Use them to decorate for a shower or give as a shower gift.  Put whatever tiny little treasures you can find inside each letter and wait for the compliments to start flowing!  Party on, dude.  Did I just say dude?  Oh dear.

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