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A Little Goes A Long Way…

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…With The World’s Smallest Postal Service!

Email schmemail – what could be better than a tiny love note?

worlds smallest postal service by leafcutterdesignsdotcom 6

(Photo credits: Leafcutter Designs)

Write one to your soon-to-be or consider giving these as unique wedding invitations, favors or thank you cards to guests!  I mean really, who wouldn’t love to receive one of these darling treasures?

Here’s how it works:  You write a letter and it is transcribed onto tiny stationary with a magical transcription device.  The letter then goes into a see-through folded coin case and is packaged up with a magnifying glass in a larger glassine envelope, finished off with a wax seal.  It is put in a sturdy mailer for shipping.”Leafcutter Designs

Find them by clicking HERE and stop by the artist’s blog for more inspiring things by clicking HERE.  Enjoy! 


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Stop What You’re Doing & Send Him A Love Note…

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…It’s Important.  Plus, He’ll Love It!

Ah, yes…the anticipation of your wedding day!  The countdown.  Meeting with vendors.  Watching movie marathons and eating Ramen Noodles for two years so you can save and put aside money to pay for your wedding.  Emotional break downs.  Planning.  More planning.  Breaking down in the middle of it all and buying a new TV because you figure you’ve earned it, it’s cheaper than most vendors and it’s keeping your sanity


But there’s more!  Signing contracts.  Downloading and listening to hours upon hours of music trying to decide on songs.  Adding spaghetti sauce to your Ramen Noodles thinking it’ll make them taste better because you’re sick of eating them already, but they’re cheap so you eat them anyway.  Making flower choices.  Changing your flower choices.  Smiling and jumping up and down because finally, finally one of your favorite vendors decided to give you a break in the form of a discount.  Finding those perfect pair of shoes.

Up, down, up, down, up, down!  Yep, you’re engaged and you’ve got wedding planning fever.  Some days are exciting, other days are stressful.  In the middle of it all though, don’t forget to remind yourselves what’s really important…the fact that you’re marrying your true love

So take some time out of your busy wedding planning days to send a love note love note to your soon-to-be-husband.  Reminding him it’s all worth it…because he’s worth it.  Reminding him that while you probably shouldn’t have splurged on that TV, it was indeed, a good idea in the end.  Now you can use it to cuddle up and watch romantic movies together…or, if you must, a good ol’ action flick.

While you’re at it, you could also send your bridesmaids and family a love note!  Remind everyone you love.  Visit the Unique Art Pendants shop at Etsy to view more and get your love notes ordered.  They will even arrive in an adorable little gift box.  Enjoy!

Written by Jaime

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