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DIY Flower Pop Up Cards…

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…One Very Crafty Way To Ask Your Girls To Stand Up!

Last week, on the Wedding blog, I guest blogged about these fun little DIY treasures.  Brides, if you’re looking for a creative way to ask, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”, why not make each of them a flower pop up cardhandmade with love by you?

  Hibiscus :


You could create cards using paper in your wedding colors in patterns of your wedding flowers!  Or, get personal and view other patterns that might remind you of each of your friends.  You’ll have plenty of options to choose from…

Tiger Lily :


If you’re feeling really crafty and have the extra time and patience, you could also totally use these as thank you cards.  What a sweet way to show your guests how special they are and that you truly do appreciate everything!  According to the site, they’re very easy to make

Visit Easy Cut Pop Up to view more from their wide selection, get your free pattern download or purchase any of their extremely affordable patterns!  Happy crafting!


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One Wed Launches “Savvy Scoop” Blog & Free Wedding Websites…

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…And Welcomes Me As A Weekly Guest Blogger!

Recently, the Chicago based wedding planning site contacted me asking if I’d like to be part of their new blog launch, Savvy Scoop!  Being a Chicago girl myself and a huge fan of their site, I felt very honored and excited, so of course said yes! 

This week, they welcomed me to their blog!  Let’s get to know each other…


They also featured this week my very first guest blog entry, A Marc Jacobs Inspired Wedding, filled with registry, decor, fashion and gift ideas for you darling fashionista brides!  Make sure you check it out, because I posted some amazing bridal shoes that you really must see…


After you’re done visiting Savvy Scoop, head over to their website at, for all your wedding planning needs, including the free wedding websites they’re offering to couples!  These aren’t your typical wedding websites.  Instead, they’re stylishly modern, fun and super classy…plus, who can beat free?


 To learn more about what has to offer, visit their site or read the press release recently featured in Market Watch!  Be sure to visit Savvy Scoop for weekly inspiration and guest blogs by other wedding bloggers, including yours truly:

“Featured regular contributors will include The Man Registry, Always a Blogsmaid, Bubbly Bride, It’s A Jaime Thing, Bride Chic, DIY Bride, Ever After Market, and Hostess with the Mostess.  In addition, the blog will feature a column called “Honest Answers from the Experts” with advice from top wedding vendors including photographers, stationery manufacturers, event planners, wedding hairstyle experts, and more.” 

Happy planning!  ~ Jaime

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Every Little Counts…In Love!

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Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve…Or Shirt!

Many of you may have previously read my rave reviews and interviews about new designer Amy Snider and her online shop, Every Little Counts.  Well, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Amy has launched a special treat for us…her romantic new 2009 line, Love Songs!  This week, on the Wishpot Fashion Blog, I decided to share my favorites from her new line.  Here are just a few to get your heart started:

“Lost In Love” Tee

Brides, flaunt your love by wearing this before and after the wedding!


“Feel Like Making Love” Tee: 

Pack this baby for your honeymoon, let it double as lingerie!


“Lost In Love” Tote

Use this to carry all of your bridal mags, bridal show goodies or vendor info while planning!


To see my other favorites, view more from the collection and learn more about the designer, read my guest blog by clicking HERE or visit  You’ll fall in love with not only her fabulous and affordable designs, but her as well.  She’s a total sweetheart, so be sure to give her some love and sport her new line this Valentine’s Day and happily ever after.  Cheers!

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Wedding Guest Conversation Starters…

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…Just Don’t Put Your Ex Next To Your Therapist!

Last week, on the Wishpot Wedding Blog, I featured these hilarious buttons which come in several different colors and styles!  I think these would come in handy at any wedding, shower or bachelorette party.  Either as favors or just as something fun to put next to place settings to get guests talking…


My favorite idea for these would be to offer up “Driver” buttons to designated drivers so the bartender knows to serve them virgin cocktails and the party animals can get home safely.  The options are endless though, so have a little fun with it!  To see more ideas I have for these buttons, read my guest blog at Wishpot Weddings by clicking HERE.  Love them?  Visit to get yours.  Happy mingling!

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Wishpot Registry Love…

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…What Are You Wishing For?

When my sisters and I were little and we’d go shopping with my mom, the rule was, “If you ask for it, you don’t get it”.  We could “oooh” and “aaah” over things to drop hints that we really wanted something, but we could never ask for it.  Made perfect sense, it kept us from becoming spoiled and throwing temper tantrums throughout every aisle of the store! 

As we entered our teenage years, the rule pretty much remained the same.  To prevent us from whining about what all our friends had that we didn’t, she’d simply say, “Yeah, well how’s it feel to want?”.  It shut us up quickly.  I mean, what could we say to that?  Nothing!  Nope, not unless we wanted to be stuck at home grounded on a Friday night.

While we didn’t particularly like my mom’s answers very much when we were younger, we look back now, laugh and finally “get it”.  She was strict, yes, but she kept us grounded by making us understand we couldn’t always have what we wanted, whenever we wanted it.  However, it didn’t mean we couldn’t wish for it!  This brings me to the reason why I love Wishpot so much.


(Photo credits ~ L: Dandelion – set of 3 photocards, Veer)  

Over the years, I’ve learned to appreciate the joy of window shopping.  Well, Wishpot is the perfect way to window shop!  Wish for things.  Wish for lots of things.  Whatever you want, darlings!  Wishpot makes it fun.  Maybe you won’t get your wishes right away or ever…but you can still keep track of all those things you’d love to someday have. 

You can add most any of your favorite items from any of your favorite online stores to any of your Wishpot lists!  Use Wishpot to register for your wedding!  Make birthday and holiday lists, lists of things you’d like to someday buy for people, lists of things you recommend to friends and family, the list goes on…literally!  It’s basically like the “grown up” way of dropping hints through the store.  No temper tantrums, kiddos…just plain shopping fun! 


Share your personal wish lists with friends and family.  This way, they never have to struggle with what to get you should they want to buy you something for your wedding, shower, birthday, holiday…or just because!  Encourage them to make their own lists as well…that way you’ll always know what to get them, too!  No more returns.  No more hassles.  No more wasting gas money driving from store to store.  It makes everything so much easier…and so much more fun! 

Wishpot also allows you to sign up for price drop alerts…which is seriously awesome.  Why spend extra money when you don’t have to?  If you’ve got your eye on a gorgeous pair of shoes but they’re a little out of your price range, just add them to your list and wait for Wishpot to tell you when it goes on sale.  Bam!  Fabulousness.  Or, perhaps you were blessed to receive amazing gifts for your wedding off of your Wishpot registry but there are still a few things you’d love to have.  Just wait for Wishpot to let you know when your wedding registry items go on sale.  You won’t have to worry about Wishpot deleting your registry like other stores do.

Need ideas or trying to find something?  You can browse other users’ or experts’ lists.  Stuck on trying to come up with the perfect outfit or gift?  You can always contact the Wishpot experts and ask them for help.  It’s almost like having your own personal shopper, in a way!  Get more tips, advice, ideas and inspiration by browsing the Wishpot blogs on  FashionWeddingBabyGifts, Indie, Gadgets and Deals, which are updated weekly.

Wedding Registry Ideas

Get started on your Wishpot Registry by clicking on button above.  Careful, it’s addicting!

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Become A Blushing Bride…

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…With Gorgeous Bridal Birdcage Veils, Blushers & Hair Accessories!

Ever hear of the fabulous GaGaVida?  Abby, the owner and creative mind behind GaGaVida, has recently opened her new shop, Blush Weddings by GaGaVida, catering to the bride.  Offering gorgeous vintage-inspired, modern-edge hair accessories, I have a feeling you will absolutely fall in love with her collection!  Here are just a few of my very favorites…


I also adore this Vintage Black Birdcage Russian Veiling.  I see bridesmaid written all over it!


Love the style but wish you could have your own unique piece created?  No worries, it’s GaGaVida’s specialty!  To learn more about GaGaVida, her hand-made products and also see her other fabulous shops, visit my guest blog post on the Wishpot Wedding Blog

Be sure to take a look at my Wishpot Lists for even more ideas, including hot bridal fashion, decor, registry items and more.  Why not also start your own Wishpot Registry or lists?  Have a little fun.

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Let Valentino Be Your Valentine!

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With Sexy Shoes & Romantic Handbags…

Love is in the air and I’m talking shoe love & purse love!  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, take a look at these little lovelies by Valentino , which I guest blogged about this week on the Wishpot Fashion Finds blog.  Brides, imagine wearing those hot red heels for your wedding day!


Celebrate V-Day in style!  Find these awe-inspiring ooh-la-la’s in my Wishpot lists by clicking HERE.  Girl on a tight budget?  Most of us are, dear.  No worries.  I’ll be adding similar, more affordable finds to my Wishpot Fashion lists throughout the week, just in time to look fabulous!  I’ve already added a few, so be sure to take a peek!

For more fashion and style inspiration, head on over to the Wishpot Fashion Finds blog.  Cheers!

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