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Floating Centerpieces…

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…Submurged In Love!

Every time I think about  helping my aunt plan my cousin’s wedding last year, I laugh.  Why?  Because I was trying to offer creative ideas to my aunt and ended up saying to her, “You know what would be really cool?  If you put water into the vases!”, (duh)!  She laughed at me and replied with, “No kidding?  What a concept!”.

Yes.  I know.  Apparently it’s quite common to put water into a vase.  Amazing, isn’t it?  However, what I was actually talking about was submerging flowers or other items into the water for the centerpieces, like a couple of these pictures shown below…


(Photos via: Bride Sophisticate, Flowers On Mars and Premier Bride)

I also love the idea of putting whatever else your little heart desires into vases or bowls.  For more ideas, visit this week’s guest blog post over at the Wishpot Weddings blog!  Let your imagination flow.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on lavish floral centerpieces to make your wedding glamorous.  You just have to get a little creative and spend a little time to find exactly what you want, to make your centerpieces fit within your wedding color, theme and most importantly, budget.  Happy planning!


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Rock This Lotus Ring…

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…Without A Rock!

I bet your bridesmaids would love to wear this rockless but rocking lotus ring for a girls night out!  Or, give it to them to wear with their dresses on the day of your wedding – to show off their own divine beauty.  Created by Sophia Kem Jewellery Design.

  Love it?  The designer also makes a set of matching earrings along with other gorgeous jewelry pieces.  Visit her store at Etsy by clicking HERE.  Thanks to my blogging buddy Prima Donna Bride, from South Africa, for sharing this with us – be sure to check out her fabulous wedding planning blog.  Cheers!

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With This Ring…

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…I Now Eat.

Don’t you just love this beaded flower napkin ring from Crate & Barrel?  I could see this being used at a bridal shower, to dress up the tables a bit.  Afterwards, they could be saved and given to the bride for her new home!

 Love it?  Get it now at, for only $2.95 each!

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