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Etsy Vintage Wedding Finds…

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…Make Something Old Something New!

Last week on the Etsy blog Storque, several vintage wedding items were featured…I was in heaven!  Here are a few of my favorite picks from their Etsy find list…to see more, click HERE.


I’m a vintage nut!  I can’t help it…vintage makes me as happy as a clam (but now in chowder)!  I know I’m not the only vintage fan out there…so for those of you planning a vintage style wedding, this post is especially for you.  Love!


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Vintage Glam Weddings Debuts Flea Market For Brides!

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 Sell, Recycle, Buy, Save…

This week, Vintage Glam Weddings became even more glam with a makeover and a new special section for brides – introducing the Flea Market!  A place where brides and newlyweds can either buy or sell glam wedding items, including everything from dresses, accessories, items for your ceremony, reception, bridal party and of course glam vintage items.  Take a look:

 What’s the deal?  How’s it work?

It’s simple.  Create more room for your love nest by selling your wedding items to glam brides who need them. If you’re interested in posting an item to sell, enjoy a stress-free way of doing so!  There is no fee or subscription required.  It’s that glam. 

For those of you getting married who are looking to save money for your wedding and stay glam doing so, all you need to do is head over to the Flea Market and search by state, item or featured items.  Simply thrift your heart away, darlings!  Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for during your first visit, check back daily as other items will constantly be added as the community grows.

Save your money.  Save your sanity.  Save the planet.  Get glam.  Visit the Flea Market now.  Happy thrifting!

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A Vintage Cherry Bridal Shower Soiree…

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…With A Little Bit Of Betty Boop & A Cherry On Top!

Last week, on the  Wishpot Wedding Blog, I decided to share a sweet little treat.  My little sister is getting married soon, so I’ve officially started planning her bridal shower!  To read more about my ideas for it, click HERE.  It’s going to be a lovely little vintage cherry themed soiree…with just a few details featuring Betty Boop (who she absolutely loves!)…I can’t wait! 

Here’s the look I’m going for…enjoy!


(Photo credits: Red Dress Invites by Polkadot Design, Betty Boop from Betty Boop Store, Tablescape from The Knot, Cherry Cheesecake Recipe by Recipe Box By Lizzy, Cherry Tomato Salad picture from, Shirly Temple picture from The Knot, Recipe Cards by Etsy seller SeaCreative, Chocolate Cherry from Veer, Tealight Holder and Lantern from Luna Bazaar, Love Fizz Gift Tags by Bellis Studios, Apron from The Merry Martini, Cherry Lip Balm Favors by Pookie, Ring from Etsy seller Muyinmolly.)

So what do you think?  Have any other ideas I might be able to incorporate into this theme?  I’d love to hear, so please feel free to comment away.  For more wedding inspiration, head on over to the Wishpot Wedding Blog.  Boop-oop-a-doop!

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A Real Vintage-Inspired Wedding…

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…Right Down To Every Single Little Detail!

The fabulous ladies over at Pearls Events and The Bride’s Cafe shared a little treat with us on their blogs this past week and I just couldn’t resist showing you!  This special treat included breathtakingly beautiful pictures of a vintage wedding taken by photographer Alisha Hurt.  Here’s a little sneak peak:

 This couple went vintage all the way – right down to every last detail.  Looking at the pictures, you feel as if you’re going back in time – to a time of pure, classic, vintage beauty and elegance!

 To read more about this gorgeous vintage wedding and to see more of the pictures from it, click HERE and HERE.  Enjoy!

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Vintage Cowboy…

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Hey There, Pretty Lady.  Are You A Cowboy Bride?

Tanja Lippert is a very talented and unique photographer out of Los Gatos, California.  Here is of one of my favorite shoots of theirs – Vintage Cowboy.   

If you’re planning a country wedding and love the inspiration from these pictures, see more from this shoot by checking out their blog HERE and HERE.  Enjoy!

Other Photo Shoot Credits:  Hair and Makeup and styling: Tia Reagan, Models: Jayce and Kacey, Event Coordinator:  Nicole D’Ambra, Video:  Andrew Hsu, Studio MSV, Flowers:  Asiel Design, Wedding Gowns: Gabrielle’s Bridal, Location:  Long Branch Farms, Tables & Set Up Rentals: Hartmann StudiosLinens: Wildflower Linen, Placecards: Marizette Paperie.  Read more about them on Tanja’s blog by clicking HERE

Thanks to the She Walks In Beauty blog, by Sugar Plum Invitations, for introducing me to this wonderful photographer, on her post HERE.  Happy planning!

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Vintage Linkage!

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…Inspiring Finds Across The Blogosphere For Your Vintage Wedding!

(Above photo credits: Carlos Bakery, Melissa SweetBouquet of white peoniesSiman Tu1956 Chevy Bel AirTriServe Party RentalsAll images above originally found at

I absolutely adore the vintage wedding look, so last week I featured vintage wedding style on my guest blog at the Wishpot Wedding Blog.  There, I promised even more vintage wedding inspiration to come on this blog, so it’s time to deliver!

Below you’ll find some truly retro-fabulous ideas from some of my favorite wedding bloggers out there.  Enjoy!

Fun Facts About Designer Ann Lowe 

– featured at Howerton + Wooten Events

Vintage Engagement Shoot 

– featured at Perfect Bound

Vintage Beach Weddings 

– featured at Mix, Mingle, Glow

Mad Men Inspiration 

– featured at You Love Me & It’s Heavenly

 The Vintage Wedding Dress Company 

– featured  at FabSugar

A Real 1940’s Carnival Inspired Wedding 

– featured at The Bliss Blog

Vintage Inspired Wedding Jewelry & Accessories For A Chicago Wedding  

– featured at Junebug Weddings

Did you or someone you know have a vintage inspired wedding?  We’d love to see pictures!  If you’re interested in sharing them on this blog, please email me at:  itsajaimething {at} yahoo {dot} com. 

Not married yet but planning a vintage style wedding?  Let me know what fun things you’re choosing to give your day that classic feel.  Happy planning!

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Vintage Wedding Style…

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…Inspired By Timeless Looks!

Are you a classic bride?  Planning a vintage wedding?  The Wishpot Wedding Blog has just featured my guest blog entry for this week, and in it you’ll find some great vintage wedding inspiration, along with some ways to modernize it.  You can view my guest blog entry by clicking HERE!

Happy planning!  Don’t forget to check out my Wishpot lists for even more inspiration no matter what style wedding you’re planning.  While you’re there, sign up and start your own Wishpot Registry!

Wedding Registry Ideas

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The Classic Vintage Little Black Dress…

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…Get The Audrey Hepburn Look With Isacc Mizrahi!

My cousin is getting married next week, so the hunt began for a dress to wear to her wedding.  An all day shopping trip took place without any luck.  Finally, I found this dress online at – of all places!

The best thing?  Not only is it super cute, but it’s super affordable too at only $49.99!  It also comes in several different colors.  The wonderful reviews from others who have bought this dress are what helped me make my decision to purchase it for myself.

Isacc Mizrahi Taffeta Dress With Satin Trapunto Trim:

I was thrilled when I tried it on after it came in the mail – the dress fits like it was made for me!  It’s beautiful on, very classic looking.  It even has pockets!  The fabric looks and feels like a very good quality

I feel very “Audrey Hepburn” wearing it, and plan to wear it with pearls.

 However, if you’re feeling really trendy you could replace the belt with a different color and wear different colored shoes – such as yellow!

Dress it up or down – either way, it’s the perfect little black dress and would also make for great bridesmaid dresses!  You can’t beat the price, your bridesmaids will LOVE you for it.

Grab it now at!  They also have a sale going on right now where you get free shipping for certain clothing over $50.00 – gotta love it.

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Euphoric Black & White Vintage…

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Sets The Stage For A Classy “Old Hollywood” Style Wedding!

Clutch by Nelle Handbags and cake found over at the Bellissima Vita Wedding Blog.  The Josepha Tray by iBride from Burke Decor is beautiful.  I could see that tray in the ladies room along with soap, perfume, hairspray, etc…with a note for guests at the wedding to help themselves if needed. 

Curtain decor idea found at Jackie Blue Home.  That gorgeous bouquet found at Elements Of Style!  My love for black and white weddings?  Found a little over 5 years ago when I married my wonderful husband. 🙂

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In Love With Vintage Hats!

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Yesterday I was at this antique shop just browsing around.  I thought I would give it a chance since it had been forever since I’d shopped at one.  Just looking, of course, but how fun it was!  While some of the vintage items were boring, others were quite lovely!   

Thanks to this antique shop, I now know where to go in case I ever need a syrup container from an old pancake house!   But who needs syrup when you can get your very own saucy 40’s style women’s hat…complete with veil and flower!   I wonder, why the veil?  Was it to be worn by widows?  Or brides?  Or was a front veil on a hat just a stylish thing back then?

I loved looking at these items, because it made me think about style, how it was then, how it is now, and how times repeat themselves.  Sure, we don’t wear those crazy hats around today, but I bet you still see them on the runways.  And who knows, maybe they will come back in style again someday!

I am thinking about purchasing one lovely 40’s style hat just for myself.  For just $5, I could own my very own vintage hat!  Sure, you won’t find me walking down State Street with it on, I’m not that brave!  However, I wouldn’t mind owning a crazy hat just to look at and admire!  I’d sit and wonder who it once belonged to, what their life was like, especially being from the 1940’s!  And maybe I’d even wear it out for Halloween.   Though I don’t know, some of those suckers are a little too crazy!

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Tick-Tock Tea Time…

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…Don’t Be Late For That Very Important Date!

Here’s a unique idea for your newlyweded home together…

china teacup wall art via sweetpauldottypepaddotcom

(Photo credit: by Wendell Webber styled by Sweet Paul)

Scout out vintage tea cups and saucers from your local antique store or from your other family members and use them to create a fabulous piece of wall art!  Whether you turn it into a real clock or keep it as simple decor, you’re sure to get compliments rolling in!

Creativity.  Don’t you love it?  See more inspiring design ideas by visiting Sweet Paul, one of my new favorite design and food blogs!

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Sew Happy Together…

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…Pure Happiness In Vintage French White!

Dreaming of a soft white wedding?

by etsy seller lapomme sew happy together board created by itsajaimethingdotcom

It doesn’t get any softer than this…products by French Etsy seller Lapomme!  Imagine using handmade cloth flowers instead of real ones, a swan to sign instead of a guestbook or cloth apples as decor describing what love is!

To read more about these lovelies, visit my recent guest blog post over at the Wishpot Wedding Blog by clicking HERE

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A Retro Bridal Shower…

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…So Fitting For The Soon-To-Be Wife!

Sure, times have changed.  Much of what used to be tradition had gone out the window.  Poof, gone!  Just like that.  However, nothing says we can’t bring a little bit of it back, right?  I mean, they do it all the time when it comes to fashion, so why not bring it home too?

This week over at the OneWed Savvy Scoop Blog, I guest blogged about a theme to bring out the pinup housewife in all of you…so of course I had to share!  If you’re planning a bridal shower, get ready to get girly…

retro fabulous bridal shower board created by its a jaime thing dotcom 2

(Photo credits ~ Top L: LB Event Couture, Bottom L:, Bottom M:  Head Of The Table, Right:  Anne Taintor)

Consider serving cherry pie instead of cake and grab some Coca Cola inspiration from my friend Kim over at Head Of The Table.  Or, customize your own bottles with Jones Soda!  To personalize, use similar sayings like shown on the gift bags above or even upload vintage themed photos to your bottle labels.

Thank your guests or pamper the bride with pretty little pinup style bath products from one of my favorite stores, Margarita Bloom!

retro fabulous bridal shower board created by its a jaime thing dotcom 4

(Photo credits ~ Left:  Beauty goodies from Margarita Bloom, Right: Vanity Girl of Vanity Fair)

When it comes time to decorate your shower space, mix your retro theme up with this unique turquoise and red Modern Kitchen Theme by Hostess With The Mostess!

retro modern tablescape idea via hostesswiththemostessdotcom apron by themerrymartinidotcom

(Photo credits: Flowers, tablescape via Hostess With The Mostess, Cherry apron via The Merry Martini)

I especially adore how serving utensils were used for the centerpieces – what a great idea!  After the shower, let the bride take them home so she can work on becoming her own domestic diva self.  Don’t forget the apron!

Craving more retro?  Click HERE or visit a few of my favorite vintage loving peeps at GlamourvilleThe Glam Guide, Vintage Glam Weddings, Rock ‘n Roll Bride, GaGaVida and Pin Me Up Photography.  Happy planning, beauty girls!

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Old Hollywood Caught Red-Handed…

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…In Passion!

I’ve always been drawn to the color red.  Mixed with black and white.  Those were actually the colors of our wedding, almost 6 years ago!  That was before I was introduced to the world of wedding blogging

Now, the ideas for that color scheme continue to push through the crevices of my happy, wedding-obsessed mind and onto this blog, for you…


(Photo credits:  Top ~ Cake photographed by Erin Hession, Birdcage veil by Castle Bride Couture.  Middle ~ Flowers by Elements In Bloom, Chase Court in Baltimore, Maryland via Intimate Weddings.  Bottom ~ Dress by Melissa, Sterling silver “Keep Me” bracelet from Bestow Boutique.)

I recently created this board for a bride who was searching for old-world, vintage Hollywood wedding ideas.  While I personally think each photo above deserves applause for it’s lusciousness, I especially love the bracelet.  It reads, “Keep Me”. 

To the bride planning her wedding, keep the fond memories of your past.  Keep some of the traditions passed on through your families.  Keep the wonder of childhood and remember it’s innocence.  Keep the hopes and dreams of your future, the love you have for each other strong…and keep your vows!  No matter the years that go by…always, always keep the passion.

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Patiently Await The Day With Your Bridesmaids…

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…With Lovely & Affordable Rings!

Man, weddings can get expensive, can’t they?  By the time you’re finally done planning (or close to being done) all you want to do is chill.  Maybe spend some time with your fiance…or let your hair down with your girls!  After all, if they’ve been living up to their bridesmaid “duties” they probably need some chill time too.  And maybe a little token of appreciation for all their hard work. 

If you’re looking for bridesmaid gift ideas but you’ve broken the bank paying for your wedding, fear not – their gifts don’t have to be expensive, just special!  Get them a little something special to not only remember your day by, but your friendship as well. 

Perhaps a pretty little ring will do the job?  Choose from over 40 designs or have one custom made by Etsy seller SoraDesigns!  Below are a few of my personal favorites…to see more of my favorites, head on over to my guest blog over at the Wedding blog by clicking HERE.

 Karma Cocktail Ring:


While you’re at it, why not get one for yourself, too?  You could even wear it on your wedding day…as “something new”!

Await The Day Ring ~ I bet you are!


From the designer ~

Nearly every item in this shop is a one-of-a-kind creation, handmade with love and reflections on nature, relationships, and hope.
I strive to make jewelries that are functional and stunning as well as affordable. I use many recycled or environmentally friendly materials. My favorite materials are vintage buttons and artifacts; vintage Lucite beads and pendants; colorful semiprecious stones; and fabrics.
I love doing custom work, please convo me and I can incorporate your ideas in creating customized pieces.”

Seriously beautiful jewelry ~ and I love how affordable it is!  To see more of her designs including necklaces, earrings and other accessories, visit her Etsy shop by clicking HERE, or show her some blog love by clicking HERE.  Cheers!

Written by Jaime

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