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Brides Magazine Celebrates 75 Years of Gorgeousness…

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…And I Celebrate With Them,  As I Walk Down Memory Lane!

Did you know that Brides Magazine was the first bridal magazine to ever be published?   The magazine,  So You’re Going to Be Married, was published in Autumn of 1934.  Shortly after, it was renamed The Bride’s Magazine and “featured silver lamé wedding gowns, honeymoons in Havana, advice on dealing with housemaids, and a ‘kitchen party’ recipe for barbecued frankfurters.” 

The First Issue of Brides Magazine:


To celebrate, they’ve created a Collector’s Edition, filled with gorgeous gowns from over the last 75 years, an amazing gallery of 75 fabulous covers and a timeline showing how the Great American Wedding came to be.  You might want to hurry up and go grab your copy before it’s gone!

The Collector’s Edition Issue:


You know I’m excited about this issue, but let me tell you why. 

I remember, when we were little girls, my cousin and I would flip through the endless pages of Brides Magazine, picking out our favorite dresses and dreaming of what our weddings would be like someday.  After I got engaged to my wonderful husband in 2001, I got a little sentimental as I purchased the newest (then) copy of the magazine.  It would be one out of many as I was officially a bride! 

Who would have thought that years later, happily married, I would have the honor of meeting some of the creative minds behind Brides Magazine?!  Just this year, I was thrilled beyond belief to be invited to the Wedding Bloggers Luncheon in NYC, where I had the opportunity to meet the amazing editor-in-chief of – Michelle Preli, along with famous wedding gown designer Angel Sanchez and some of the most popular wedding bloggers around! 

I was indeed, in my own personal heaven, on the 4th floor of the Conde Nast building that day.  So, thank you, Brides Magazine, for the wonderful memories I will always cherish.  I am forever grateful!

Make your way over to to read more about the exciting Collector’s Edition issue!  This is one bridal magazine you’ll want to hold onto even after your wedding.  Turn it into a keepsake, hold onto it and share it with your children someday as you walk them down memory lane.  Gotta run – I need to grab my copy too!

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