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Eco-Friendly Hand-Made Shoes…

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…Tied Up With Ribbon!

Finding shoes for wedding and your bridesmaids is never an easy task, so why not just make them?  This week on the Wedding Blog, I featured shoes by, a shop that offers a wide selection of eco-friendly wooden soles with different ribbons and ways to tie them.

What a fun way to coordinate your bridal shoes and your bridesmaids shoes with the colors of your dresses.  My favorite thing about these shoes is how you can change the ribbon as many times as you want…meaning after the wedding you can really wear them again…and again…and again, each time sporting a different style or color ribbon!  Not to mention they’re actually comfortable… 

The curved shape of the footbed provides even support along the length of the foot, alleviating the typical fatigue points at the heel or ball of the foot. Our proprietary elastic loops allow the ribbon ties to move with the foot, eliminating the blisters and chafing associated with most new sandals.”Mohop

Mohop shoes are stylish, unique, comfortable and eco-friendly.  What’s not to love?  According to  Ideal Bite, If 10,000 brides “picked up a pair of wooden or recycled rubber shoes over regular sandals, we’d conserve 158,500 gallons of petroleum.”, now that’s pretty cool.

To see more wedding ideas, be sure to check out my Wishpot lists and learn how to create your own.  Happy shopping!


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