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Honey, Do…

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…Sweet Little Ways Of Reminding Your Honey To Do What He Should!

So you’re getting married, huh?  Congratulations!  Whether you’re already living together or waiting until after the big day to move into each other’s space, these helpful reminders will help keep your marriage a happy one!

Have you ever had the pleasure of falling into the toilet?  Let me tell you, it’s not pleasant.  So save yourself!  If you need to “Potty Train” your man to kindly put the lid down (to prevent any future fall-ins), remind him nicely:

Please Be Sweet And Close The Seat” – Vinyl Decal by Etsy seller Decalmonograms:

 The economy is rough, so get saving!  Start by cutting down on your electric bill so you can enjoy more date nights together.  This makes a great little reminder to turn off those lights – and get romantic!

If It’s Still Bright, Turn Out The Light” – Vinyl Decal by Etsy seller Decalmonograms:

See?  Nice and simple.  If you love these decals, shop for these and more by clicking HERE.  The seller creates not only fun little sayings, but initials and names too – at affordable pricing.  Happy shopping!

(Thanks to the Happy Hopefuls blog for the fabulous inspiration!)


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