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Pay It Forward With Love…

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…Give Your Heart.

Looking for a unique gift idea?  Why not give your heart and just ask the recipient to pay it forward some day?  I’ve been blessed to have a quite a few people in my life who love me and who have helped me out in times of need.  All they asked is that I “pay it forward” someday.  I promise I will. 

Until then, I’m loving this idea by  These hearts are being given all over the world, then paid forward at special times when it seems like the thing to do.

Purchase hearts with someone in mind as a token of love, or “just to have” when the time is right. You never know when you might just feel impacted by someone on the street and have the desire to make a connection. We know all about that!  A percentage of profits on the sale of each heart is set aside for donation to select charitable organizations.”

 Read more about how works by clicking HERE


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