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DIY Wrapping For Your Chairs…

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…Who Says You Can’t Make Your Own Your Own Chair Covers?

You’ve got the food.  You’ve got the table decor.  But you didn’t budget for expensive chair covers, so what on earth are you going to do with those chairs?  If you’re lucky, you’ve got a full set of lovely matching chairs that don’t need to be covered.  However, if you’re not so lucky, be happy to know your luck can change, thanks to Preston Bailey!

Yes, the fabulous and oh-so-creative Preston Bailey shares with us yet another wonderful idea – DIY chair covers!  These covers can be created with a little time and your favorite wrapping paper to help compliment your beautiful tablescape:

 To see how to create these covers, click HERE.  To see even more wonderful inspiration from Preston Bailey, head on over to his blog, “Inspirations and Transformations“.  Happy planning!


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