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Ridiculously Adorable Ring Bearer Cushions & Wedding Accessories…

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…By The NEW Muscari Design!

Joanna over at Lotus Haus introduced me to THESE lovely ring bearer cushions by Muscari and I had to share…I just think they are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!  So, I headed over to Muscari Design to see more of these “lovelies” .  

To my delight, I learned they also sell an array of other gorgeous wedding accessories including breathtakingly beautiful feathered flowers, boutonnieres, jewelry, and more.  Take a look at a few of my absolute favorites:

  I love how the feathered flowers can easily be used for your hair or as an embellishment on your dress or even your purse.  I especially love how they are surprisingly affordable!  What a lovely gift idea these pieces would make for not only the bride, but for other members of the bridal party too!

To see these designs and more, click HERE or visit their Etsy shop.  Happy shopping!


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