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Funny But Fabulous Wedding Moments…

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…You Know You Want To Share!

Did you have a funny but fabulous moment at one of your friends’ weddings?  If so, we want to hear, so leave us a comment!  Here’s one of my personal favorite funny but fabulous moments:

After my friend’s wedding ceremony in Vegas, a small group of us went out and partied the night away to celebrate.  We all had a blast – as you can see in this picture!  Yes, we were a little tipsy by this point…

We decided to (while tipsy and laughing our butts off) attempt a “fancy toast” by wrapping our arms around each others, toasting to her wedding and to her standing up in mine soon after. 

 Apparently, that last champagne toast topped the cake.  For the rest of the night, she couldn’t stop telling her husband how excited she was to “ride the (limo) bus” at our wedding.  All night long we heard, “I get to ride the (limo) bus!”.  Apparently her husband even got to hear about it after they got back to their hotel room.  Whoopsie daisies!

Your turn – comment away!

(Photo credit: one of our husbands, maybe?  It’s too difficult to remember when you’re tipsy at the time…ha ha!


Written by Jaime

thUTCp30UTC09bUTCFri, 19 Sep 2008 10:58:53 +0000 11, 2008 at 10:58 am

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  1. At a friends wedding last fall, the groom hadn’t seen a group of his college party buddies since college. The wedding was beautiful the reception lots of fun… and then there was the after party. Most of us stayed for a while, but then it really turned into a party boys reunion. They were running around with shirts tied to their heads claiming to be samuri, and when already drunk, the groom decided that a keg stand was a good idea. His hand slipped, he face planted into the keg, and had to greet everyone the next morning with a busted lip.

    Starry-Eyed Barefoot Bride

    thUTCp30UTC09bUTCFri, 19 Sep 2008 20:39:31 +0000 11, 2008 at 8:39 pm

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I can just picture it – ha ha! Funny until the busted lip happened…whoops! I bet his new wife was just thrilled, huh? Hopefully she joined in on the fun – sometimes weddings are about not only the couple, but our friends and family too…right? Either way, ya gotta have fun!

    Thanks for sharing, Starry-Eyed Barefoot Bride!


    thUTCp30UTC09bUTCFri, 19 Sep 2008 20:52:32 +0000 11, 2008 at 8:52 pm

  3. Wow, Jaime…..your funny story is my own humiliation! LOL Maybe some day you guys will forget that.

    (I am just teasing you… got worse, though. Back in the hotel room I guess my drunken state took over and I headed to the “dark side”. I removed the fake boobs that were stitched into my dress (cutlets) and threw them at my dear husband! I don’t think I was trying to be mean, just got crabby from being too drunk for too long. THEN I passed out on the bathroom floor trying to get all the damn bobby-pins out! Thanks for the damn champagne!)



    thUTCp30UTC09bUTCSat, 20 Sep 2008 01:19:02 +0000 11, 2008 at 1:19 am

  4. HA HA! Steph, you know I love you! That’s hilarious…thanks for finishing the story – it makes it even funnier now! Yeh – that last champagne just seemed like SUCH a good idea, didn’t it? Like I said – whoopsie daisies! lol Hey – everything happens for a reason, what would we do without this picture?! 🙂 It’s precious.



    thUTCp30UTC09bUTCSat, 20 Sep 2008 03:05:16 +0000 11, 2008 at 3:05 am

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