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DIY Damask Wall Art…

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…An Idea For An Upcoming Shower I’m Hosting!

Next month, I’m hosting a wedding shower here in our home.  The color theme we’re going with is black, white and red with a touch of damask.  Since our living room and kitchen wall is a deep red color, I started thinking of how I could decorate it to flow better with the shower theme

What did I come up with?  My very own damask wall art!  It’s very easy to make, and extremely affordable!

The above picture is just a little design I did from my computer to give you the idea, but here’s the plan:

Supplies:  3 black picture frames (I plan on getting frames already matted, or you could matte them yourself), 3 pcs. of damask 12×12 cardstock (or any black & white pattern), 3 pcs. of white 12×12 cardstock, glue stick, thick black marker or black letter stickers.

First, measure the frame.  Then, measure and cut the 12×12 damask cardstock to fit the frame.  After you do that, draw a heart (or any shape you wish) onto the white cardstock and cut it out, then glue it on top of the damask.  Write, with the black marker, whatever words you want (or apply the black letter stickers) onto the white heart.  Slide your art into the picture frame and wa-la!  Instant, affordable DIY (do-it-yourself) wall art.  Yay!

What do you think?


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