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A Vow To Wow…

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…Find The Perfect Words To Help Write Your Wedding Vows!

Searching for help writing your wedding vows to each other?  Need to find the perfect words or a few that rhyme?  

I found a fun tool after reading THIS post from London writer Sara Bradshaw!

Head on over to Rhyme Zoneto find inspiration to describe the adoration you have for your lovie so that you aren’t dreading your wedding vows. 

Don’t weep, though the bill might be steep, get some sleep…at least you’ll be ready to take the leap!

Okay, so I’m far from a poet, trust me, I know it!  If I was given more time I could find more words that rhyme.  Maybe my poems could make some money for you honey so you could buy Manolo Blahniks to drink with your Belvedere and tonics

Wow, I write poems almost as well as I sing!  Riiight…(ssshh, don’t tell anyone!).  Now stop stalling and get writing!

Cartoon thanks to!


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