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Etsy Bridal Registry

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Do you just crave unique items that can’t be found at big-box stores?  Consider registering on Etsy.  While Etsy doesn’t have an actual bridal registry just yet, many brides are finding a way around it.

Take Jes and Alex for example.  They loved this sweet sugar bowl and creamer by Etsy artist Whitney Smith (  So they set up an Etsy account and added the item to their ‘favorites’.  They then sent her a convo to let her know.  Whitney is a savvy Etsy seller, so she knew to change the listing to ‘reserved’ for the couple.

“I saw immediately that the only way to make this work would be to give them a custom listing, otherwise the item would sell and the friends might be put off buying unless they were experienced etsy users who knew to ask for the item again.”  –  Whitney Smith

Other ways to register on Etsy can be found in this Etsy Storque article, Handmade Weddings: Custom Registry Websites.

I’d like to thank Whitney for her help on writing this.  Make sure you check out her store, it’s full of beautiful items you’ll want to add to your registry!


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