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How A Party Dress Is Really To Be Worn…

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…While On Exhibit In London!

Take a look at these more than functional party dresses!

In what ways are they functional, you ask?  They became the structure of this party venue at the London Festival Of Architecture

Party Dress is a roving performance that is part living architecture; part monumental fashion.” – Party Dress

Interesting, isn’t it?  The structure of the tent is none other than the dresses worn by a group of lovely ladies.  And we thought the only proper time for someone to go under a dress in public was when the groom took off the bride’s garter

So next time you’re asked to stand up in a wedding and you don’t like the bridesmaid dress chosen for you to wear, just be thankful the bride’s not asking you to become her venue as well! 🙂

To see more pictures of this fascinating work of performance art, click HERE


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