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This One’s For You, Chitown Bride!

If you haven’t checked out Chitown Bride’s blog, head over there now – her wedding pictures are beautiful!  She made a gorgeous bride!  Her hard work planning really paid off, as you can tell in the details

One thing that grabbed my eye that I don’t believe she originally planned on having were the peacocks that attended her wedding…she writes about them HERE, it’s funny how she tells the story, check it out.  Even if they did attend uninvited, she still got some great pictures with those lovely white birdies!

After seeing her wedding photos, the peacocks inspired me.  They were SO beautiful!  Maybe you don’t want actual live ones at your wedding, but you could probably find some fabulous pretend white peacocks to incorporate into your decor, along with white floral accents.

I’m loving this tablescape I found at!  The peacock behind the table really makes it look so elegant, doesn’t it?  Now don’t forget to check out the peacocks at Chitown Bride’s wedding!  Congratulations Mrs. Peacock!


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