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Shower The Bride…

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…With Lingerie By Claire Pettibone!

Ever since I set eyes on the Claire Pettibone Athena set before we got married (see top left picture), I have always loved it.  However, I never could find it in time to wear on our wedding night like I had originally hoped. 

To my surprise, it’s still available more than five years later, only now it comes in several colors.  While it’s shown in a soft blue color, I personally love it in ivory.  And now I hope to finally find it!  If not that style, it’s ok because the entire collection is beautiful.


Romantic lace lingerie by Claire Pettibone.  What a perfect shower or bachelorette party gift this would be for the bride, wouldn’t you agree?

See more lingerie styles by Claire Pettibone, click HERE.  She also has created a very romantic collection of wedding gowns…to see the collection go HERE.


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