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Chill Baby, Chill…

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…Take Some Time For You & Your Honey!

Getting ready for your big day is quite exciting and can also be very enjoyable!  At the same time, it can also become stressful…so what do you do?  Take a planning break!  

Instead of creating guest lists, create “chill days” with your fiance, where you do nothing but relax together.  No phone calls, no planning, no stressing.  Don’t even bring the word “wedding” up.  Just chill, like a Sambuca!

If you’re near your calendar right now, instead of writing down yet another appointment with yet another florist, first circle some days for relaxing together.  You need to keep spending quality time together a priority, whether it’s having a lazy day in your pj’s, seeing a movie or going out to eat together!

Remember the real reason you’re getting married in the first place.

 Then, re-evaluate your planning process by reading this article, by Kathleen J. King over at  Divine Caroline:

Ten Ways to Avoid the Wedding Industrial Complex


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