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Calorie-Free Cupcakes…

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…With Yummy Smelling Cupcake Soaps and Candles!

A new cupcake shop just opened, lovies – but you won’t find a bakery inside!   Handmade with love, these soy wax cupcake candles offer a great smelling burn.  Each is individually poured and crafted, no two are alike!

Cupcake soaps, candles and gifts from Reall Chic

Everyone loves cupcakes!

Serve these lil’ cupcakes up to guests at your bridal shower as unique favors or game prizes, by purchasing them HERE.  They’ll be a hit, but just a warning: be prepared to answer questions like, “Oh my, this cupcake smells sooooo good, where did you find these?”!

Go ahead, share the “recipe” and tell them!


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