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Iron Chef Themed Wedding Shower…

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…Get Ready For Battle Of The Sexes At Your Couples Shower!

Getting the groom to come to a shower isn’t always easy, but if he loves to show off in the kitchen, this idea will make him happy to attend

Host a couples shower for the bride and groom, with an “Iron Chef” theme, such as the one that Chicago wedding planner Marina Birch helped create!

“The idea”, says Birch, according to Chicago Home & Garden Magazine, “is to have a cooking competition that will build camaraderie among the guests while at the same time resulting in the preparation of some of the cocktails and hors d’oeuvres for the party itself.”  

The fun begins when the guests are divided, about 12-into two teams, women vs. men, for an “Iron Chef meets Martha Stewart affair”!  The best part?  This competition forces guests to work together, which also helps them get to know eachother better.  Result?  New friends are made!

To see how it all goes down, click HERE.  To contact the oh-so-creative Marina Birch for your event, click HERE.


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