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Good Stuff.

 After “YES”, Before “I DO” inspires us, with her new addiction, to play editor and put together our favorite outfits with shoes and accessories with Polyvore

Trying to figure out your wedding lookPolyvore would be the perfect site to do just that!  Whoa.


 Denise over at Bellis Studios posts about Book Mooch!

What a great idea to pick up some cool wedding inspiration and planning books

Or, if you’re feeling stressed from all the planning and want to take a break, why not pick up a funny wedding novel?


 Don’t have a diamond engagement ring?  Shannon over at Divine Caroline talks about why it’s ok!

Afterall, getting married is about your love for eachother, not the size of your ring!

Think about it.



Feel like baking? Bakerella brings you loads of baking inspiration and oh-so-delicious recipes!  Even Martha Stewart loves her creations!

Warning: This blog WILL make you hungry!

Now get baking and get creative – let your inner domestic goddess shine, baby!



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