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Spotlight on Kim Calakoutis PLUS the NEW “Visual Guide For The Online Bride”!

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Kim Calakoutis – Photographer, Design Specialist & Owner Of KC Photography

Recently I had the pleasure of talking to photographer Kim Calakoutis, who owns KC Photography in MA. Kim has been working on her photography profession and building her portfolio for the last 10 years, and is excited to have finally opened her own studio in Saugus, MA.!

She specializes in photojournalistic photography to capture your story, but makes sure to get those beautiful traditional shots as well. On her site is stated, “We keep our promise simple. We promise to take really beautiful images of your wedding day“. After viewing her work, you can tell she is true to her word, as it shows through her pictures. If you’re ever looking for an amazingly talented photographer in the New England area, she’s your girl!

Here is some of her work, along with some of her replies from my interview with her. This girl not only has talent, but she’s got a great personality too! She’s also very funny! To read the entire interview, go HERE! Enjoy!

What made you decide to become a professional wedding photographer and how long have you been in the industry?
I think it found me! When I was college I was in the fine art program, and I loved photography. I was really passionate about it, people started asking me if I could help out a friend of theirs, who were getting married but didn’t have a lot of money. After college, I spent several years working with established photographers, gaining experience and building a portfolio. Last year was my first year in business, and this year I just opened a new studio.

Describe yourself in three words.
My husband is sitting right here so I asked him. He said: sweet, pretty and loving (And then he added – stinky!). The three words I would use are: happy, fun, and maybe even a little wacky!
What kind of wedding photography do you offer?
The three words I like to use are: Timeless, Sophisticated and Elegant. I like traditional images done in a not so traditional way. I also really like simple. Simple can be so beautiful.

You recently created your website, ”A Visual Guide For The Online Bride”. What made you decide to do this? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

I started this shortly after my own wedding. For the photography business I was doing things like going to bridal fairs, and meeting other vendors. Brides at the bridal fairs were telling me that they would go to photographer’s websites looking for ideas. Having just been married I was really in tune with what it is like to plan a wedding right now. I did so much of my planning over the internet. There was one day I spent my whole day driving from the north of Boston to the south of Boston (This is not physically far, but it took me hours with traffic). Basically it was a waste of a whole day. I just realized I was in a position where I could really help brides. I am already being exposed to so many great wedding ideas. And I know how tough and time consuming planning a wedding can be. The idea was actually just really obvious to me. I just had to kick it up a notch!

Thank you so much for sharing your work and talent with us, Kim!!!

Brides, to view more of her work or check out her new “Visual Guide For The Online Bride“, click on image above or go HERE!
. Want to contact Kim, or learn more about KC Photography? Go HERE!

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