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Here They Go Again!

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current .58 ounce stampcurrent .41 stamp
What is the USPS thinking when they schedule a postal rate increase right in the middle of prime spring wedding season?  Well, if you’re planning a late May or early June wedding, it’s definitely something you’ll need to think about!

Consider this late May bride’s situation.  Her invitations will deliver in early April and easily beat the increase.  But her replies won’t.  Her RSVP date is May 15th, just days after the change.  What to do?!

forever stamp

Stock up now on some ‘Forever’ stamps.  You’ll pay the current .41 rate, but they’re good ‘forever’ (kinda like your marriage)!  And according to the website, they will have ‘5 billion Forever Stamps in stock to meet increased demand before the price change’.

Did you have your heart set on using wedding postage stamps?  You’ll need to either move your RSVP date up to before the 12th, or include an extra .01 stamp.

So keep the post office in mind when planning your invitations.
To recap: Postal Rate Increase : May 12, 2008
2 oz stamps (generally used for invitations) increase from .58 to .59
1 oz stamps (generally used for replies) increase from .41 to .42


Here is some general advice that applies whenever you mail out invitations – take a sample to the post office and have them weight it before you send them out!  Even if you don’t have a final printed set, your designer can usually put together a ‘comp’ for you to use.  I will assemble all the components (they can be blank, we’re just concerned about weight) in the actual paper and envelopes.  You don’t want to be a blushing bride because your invitations arrived with postage due!

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