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Ok…Inspiration Block, So Let’s Laugh!

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You know this girl has her days where the inspiration just isn’t flowing (I think that means I need to step back and take a little break, and let life inspire me).  So what’s a girl to do?  LAUGH!  Come on…you know you need a good laugh.  Or at least a smile…so let’s smile and laugh together…

First, I bring you one of my favorite bands…”Last Fast Action“, from Chicago.  Here, they teach you how to have pearly whites for your wedding day.  But that’s not why I love them.  I love them because they’re a great band.  Wanna hear their music?  Go HERE!   

But first, watch this video they created…I wonder how long it took them to get it right?! lol It’s hilarious.  Enjoy!

Next I provide you with these saucy little lizards from the SoBe “Life Water” commercial.  Apparently I missed this during the Super Bowl this year.  Oops.  Learn more about this yummy thirstification (yes, that’s a word from the Jaime Dictionary) HERE.


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