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The Most Beautiful Bride…

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This is a touching story…and I hope it helps all of you put things into perspective when planning your wedding.  This is a true story, about unconditional love.

 “Katie Kirkpatrick, 21, held off cancer to celebrate the happiest day of her life. Katie had chased cancer, once only to have it return-to clog her lungs and grab hold of her heart. Breathing was difficult now, she had to use oxygen. The pain in her back was so intense it broke through the morphine that was supposed to act as a shield. Her organs were shutting down but it would not stop her from marrying Nick Godwin, 23, who was in love with Katie since 11th grade.  Five days after the wedding, Kate died.” – Bride Diva.

  Read the entire story HERE.


God Bless Katie, Nick, and their families.

No matter the flowers, the venue, the food, the dress…what really matters is your love.  As long as you have love at your wedding, it will be a very special, beautiful and wonderful day.    Want to see more pictures?  Go HERE now.



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