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Come On Out, Stubborn Little One!


No, darlings, I’m not having a baby…but my best friend is!!! 

 I just got the call – she thinks her water just broke.  She’s past her due date, so she might very well have her baby tonight! 

Say some prayers with me for a safe delivery and healthy baby! 

Adorable baby pictures soon to come…


UPDATE: Nope.  Still no baby!!!  False alarm, which I guess is common.  Hey, better to be safe than sorry, right?  She still thinks it might happen this weekend, though!  We shall see…

LATEST UPDATE: YAY!  She had her baby today, 2/11/08!  6lbs, 15oz, 21″ long.  Little Zachary.  He’s just sooo adorable!  Mother and baby are doing well.   He’s a sweetie…here’s a picture of him just a few hours old!

Welcome to the world, little one!


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