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Forget Your “Something Blue”. Go With “Something Green”!

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“Green” weddings seem to be the latest trend, as well they should be!  We can each help save our planet by doing “little” things.  If more people did “little” things, it would turn into big things! 

If you really want a “green” wedding, figure out what is REALLY eco-friendly.  Make yourself a list of ideas.  But before you do anything, stop listening to pretend eco-friendly advice, and read THIS informative article from Add Pizzazz’s Blog!  It teaches you how “hiring a decorator and renting makes environmental sense”.  Here is a sneak-peak…

“What Can You Do To Go Eco-Friendly At Your Wedding?”

 Serve organic food, use less waste, hire only local vendors, think of transportation options, use seasonal choices, wear your mother’s wedding dress, rent as much as you can, ask for donations to an environmental cause instead of registerring for gifts, etc.  The list goes on!

Happy eco-friendly planning!


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