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Bring It Back…

Have you ever looked through your parent’s or grandparent’s wedding photos

I’ve noticed that back then, weddings were always showcasing true love…whether it was a small ceremony with a backyard wedding, or a big sha-bang, weddings back then always had a sense of romance…no matter the color scheme, no matter the style, no matter where it was held. 

It was a different time back then…couples married younger, and started families right away.  How they did it I’ll never know, as I can’t imagine it was easy.  But when you look back at their pictures, you find your answer.

They did it out of true unconditional, devoted love.

I think we can all get inspired by our elder’s weddings…back when people not only planned their weddings, they planned their marriages.  Not saying people don’t do that today, but you notice the divorce rate being so high and you’ve gotta wonder why some couples marry to begin with.  Communication, sacrifice, compromise, love, trust…so so so important

To see more pictures of this “retro wedding”, go HERE!


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